What Are The Best Books On Business Case Studies?

Best Books On Business Case Studies

Some best-selling business case study books are Management Cases, Good to Great, The Case Study Handbook, Case in Point, Case Study Methodology in Business Research, From Worst to First, Think and Grow Rich, Before You Startup, Reinvent Your Business Model,  etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The “Management Cases” book has 15 completely new cases and 35 revised and updated business case studies
  • “Good To Great” is a best-selling book on management and to date, more than 4 million copies of this book are sold
  • Case Study Methodology In Business Research book contains various templates for the case study protocol
  • “Think And Grow Rich” is a  best-selling business case studies book and to date, more than 15 million copies of this book are sold
  • “Before You Startup” is one of the best case studies book for a startup

What is a Business Case Study?

A business case study is a content or a document published by a company that summarizes the business scenarios of that company, its success, and how they handle clients and build a reputation as a business. Moreover, a business case study demonstrates the business theory and teaches us how to implement the theory in real-life situations.

List Of Best Books On Business Case Studies

Best Books On Business Case Studies

1. Management Cases

2. Good to Great

3. Case Study Methodology in Business Research

4. From Worst to First

5. Think and Grow Rich

6. Before You Startup

7. Case studies in business, society, and ethics

8. Business Case Analysis: Examples, Concepts & Techniques

1. Management Cases

This is an excellent business case study book and it was originally published in 1977. Peter F. Drucker is the author of this book. The revised and updated version of this book contains all the latest case studies that will tell information on the business step by step. This book has fifteen completely new cases written especially for this edition as well as thirty-five revised and updated case studies. This book will provide comprehensive coverage of the most important management dilemmas and the most timeless leadership wisdom of the current time. The author of this book was an American Management consultant and he has written many other books on business, management, etc. Some other popular and famous books of Peter F. Drucker are “The Effective Executive”, “Innovation And Entrepreneurship”, “Management challenges for the 21st century”, “Daily Drucker” etc. This book will be a very important resource for business students and working professionals because it will increase management skills.

2. Good To Great

James C. Collins is the author of this book and he has been co-author of six books that are sold over million prints around the world. This book contains business case studies and various theories as well as provides information about big companies. This book was originally published on October 16, 2001. This is a management book that describes how a good company becomes a great company. This is a best-selling book and over four million copies are sold. According to this book if you want to grow your business like the big companies then you have to know all the strategies methods and standards of the present market. This book is a great help for businesses that don’t have any godfathers in the corporate sector. In this book, the author clarifies competence, ability and determination are everything to become successful in the business industry.          

3. Case Study Methodology In Business Research

This book was first published on September 20, 2007, and Tony Hak, Jan Dul is the author of this book. This book is about how to design and conduct different types of case studies research. So the students and the researchers will get everything that they need to complete a project. Moreover, this book identifies the differences between practice-oriented and theory-oriented research as well as theory-testing and theory-building. The authors of this book give more importance to theory testing relative to theory building. This book also provides information on the role of replication in all theory-testing research regardless of which research strategy is chosen for a specific test. It also contains templates for case study protocol and how to report a case study. So this book will be a great help for business study students as well as professionals who are doing different types of research.

4. From Worst To First

Gordon Bethune is the author of this book is a retired US Airline Executive. He is Chairman and CEO of Continental Airlines. This book was first published on May 12, 1998, and in this book, you will find various case studies of successful entrepreneurs. This book also contains real-life examples of his life and what type of case studies he has done to make his business successful. You will get to know different types of strategies, innovative ideas, case studies that will help you run your business successfully. Some interesting quotes from this book are:

“You can’t afford to run out of cash. All your accounting procedures should distil your numbers in a way that tells you, simply: How much money do you have? Where is it? How does that relate to how much you had yesterday or last week?”

“Under the old style of management, as symbolized by that authoritarian annual, employees were limited on every side. A passenger with an unusual situation was a dangerous character to be avoided, not a challenge to be resolved.”

5. Think And Grow Rich

Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill is a motivational author and in this book, you will see lots of motivational quotes stories, and theories about the successful businessman. This book was first published in 1937 and it has 238 pages. This is a best-selling business case studies book and it is sold more than 15 million copies around the world. For more than twenty years, the author has studied many individuals who have become successful and amassed personal fortunes and finally combined the research into “The Law of Success.” He drew a few points that will help a professional reach his goals and become successful. Here are a few Principles listed in the book:

1. Thoughts are things

2. Desire

3. Faith

4. Autosuggestion

5. Specialized Knowledge

6. Imagination

7. Organized Planning

8. Decision

9. Persistence

10. Power of the Master Mind

11. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

12. The Subconscious Mind

13. The Brain

14. The Sixth Sense

6. Before You Startup

This book is about preparing for the life of an entrepreneur. This is the debut book of author Pankaj Goyal and it was first published on October 2, 2017. Some other popular and famous of this author are “Regulation of Nuclear import of Lim-Kinase 2 in Endothelial Cells”, “Food Microbiology”, “Pharmaceutical Biotechnology”, “Nutrients Fruit tree” etc. From this book, you will get insights about having a business idea, evaluating the idea, the financial hurdle, and other hardheaded steps of launching a business. In fact, this book is considered the best business case studies book for a startup. So if you have doubts about your business plan and about your skills then you should read this book. It will give you a clear idea of whether you shroud start your own start-up business or not.

7. Case Studies In Business, Society, And Ethics

Tom Beauchamp is the author of this book and he is a very popular and famous writer who writes many other famous books like “Indian Nitrogen”, “The Second Ray of Affection” etc. This book was first published in 1983. This book contains a collection of 36 original and reprinted contemporary cases. All these cases focus on ethical and social issues related to a business. You will also find some live examples that will help your business a lot. In this book, the author discusses different situations of a business that requires moral reflection, judgment, and proper decision-making. Some important topics discussed in this business are the workplace, customers, clients, consultants, stakeholder interests, government interests, competitive markets, different business laws, etc. If you are a business professional or interested in business ethics and policies then this is the right book for you.

8. Business Case Analysis: Examples, Concepts & Techniques

Business Case Analysis

This book was originally published in 2004 and James W. Brannock is the author of this book. James W. Brannock is the author and co-author of over 20 books about business case studies. Business case analysis is a very commonly used report by modern businesses so this book will be a great help for business professionals. This book is a “how-to guide” for business and economic decisions and the comprehensive and easy-to-learn examples make this book a very simple guide to basic analysis of business situations. In this book, you will find lots of hands-on practical examples of economic and management science techniques. All these techniques illustrate the basic theory for a successful business. Once you finish reading this book you will be able to analyze and develop a simple business plan conveniently.


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