Difference between Business Management and Business Administration


Are you considering a business degree?

Are you confused whether you should continue with Business Management or Business Administration?

Administration and management sound similar to many of us. If you are to produce a differentiating factor between the two, you may have a hard time coming up with it. The differential factor may even be so subtle that it may not be counted as a differential factor.

Then, why is there two degrees offered namely Business Management and Business Administration?

In a conversation with your colleagues or friends, administration and management may mean the same thing. However, when you are planning to achieve a Business degree, you have to learn the difference between the two.

In this article, I am going to settle the difference between Business Management and Business Administration once and for all.

Business Management and Business Administration Difference

When intending to pursue a college degree, you are likely to have noticed that some colleges offering Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), while others offering Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

In short, a degree in Business Administration concerns a broad business spectrum, with emphasis on a specialized area of business, whereas a business management degree concerns planning and organization aspects of a business.

Now, let’s learn what they are all about in detail:

Business Administration

By pursuing a degree in Business Administration, a student will gain exposure to a variety of core business concepts, such as marketing management, ethics, economics, finance, and accounting. As you can see, Business Administration is all about covering core business concepts.

Students cover these courses with an emphasis on other various subject areas. They may opt for entrepreneurship, management, business computer applications, finance, and marketing as areas of specialization.

Students may have to complete additional coursework programs relevant to this area of study. With the emphasis on a variety of courses and topics, students can develop a higher level of expertise.

Business Management

In contrast to Business Administration, Business Management focuses more on human resource management and personal operation aspects of the business. Students who pursue a degree in Business Management are likely to take many of the core business courses as Business Administration students.

Besides many of the similar core business courses, students of Business Management may also have to take courses in other subjects, such as logistics, communications, and administrative practices.

Additionally, there could be coursework programs focusing on personal development, recruiting, conflict resolution, retention strategies, organizational behavior, and performance management.

How Does Business Management and Business Administration Work to the Real World?

The difference between Business Management and Business Administration may not matter much in the aspect of a small business. However, the difference will be obvious with larger companies that function on larger numbers of managers and administrators.

Business Manager Vs Business Administrator

Once you completed your degree in Business Management or Business Administrator, you will be tasked differently to perform certain actions.

The job responsibilities of managers and administrators may differ according to the structure and hierarchy of a company. Below are the key aspects that differentiate the roles and responsibilities of a manager and an administrator:

Difference between Business Manager and Business Administrator

                                                                           Manager                                               Administrator
Nature of Work A manager makes sure that all employees understand the policies set by the business company. An administrator has to determine the policies and regulations of the business company.
Goals A manager may set the short- and long-term goals of the company and take actions to implement them. He/she has to maintain close contact with administrator and senior management to produce such goals. An administrator is responsible for setting up the goal of the company and oversees whether the company is run as per the goals.
Team Management A manager keeps close contact with other employees, and may even decide how new employees can be recruited. An administrator doesn’t participate in the employment process. He/she may set the goals as to how new recruits may be employed or the guidelines the administration needs to follow in terms of employment.
Authority A manger has limited authority over how the business company is run when compared to that of an administrator. He/she may have a little control over other employees though. An administrator enjoys more authority than a manager does. He/she has to projects how the company should be run.


Bottom Line

Regardless of the degree you wish to pursue, with a solid foundation on Business Studies, you can open yourself up to an array of opportunities and choices. By understanding the differences and similarities between Business Management and Business Administration, you can choose the education path that matches your skills and is suitable for your career goals.

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