Business Management Jobs in USA and the World – Scopes, Links and Where and How to Approach


Are you thinking of building your career in Business Management?

Are you looking for jobs in the Business Management Sector?

If you want to build you career in Business Management, a degree in Business Studies will lay a solid foundation for your career. A business degree, specifically a management degree will prepare you for the challenges you may face in the business sector.

The importance of earning a business and management studies degree is that you can land in on any sector or industry. Then, your options may be varied. Considering your areas of interest, you may want to gain relevant professional experience before trying to build your career.

Now, since you have to come to this content, you obviously are wondering how you can build a solid career on your Business Management background.

In this article, we will learn about all on how you can be a successful Business Manager.

What is a Business Manager?

A Business Manager plays an important role in managing a functional area of a business company. He/she has the diverse duties and job responsibilities to perform. Although the job description of a Business Manager will vary from organization to organization, the essential responsibility remains the same – to play an important role in running a company successfully.

The role of a Business Manager

Leading other employees is what a Business Manager usually does. A Business Manager is usually tasked with leading a group of employees. He/she is also responsible for maintaining leadership over a section of business work.

Some Business Managers play important roles in functions. If you find it difficult to discern among the positions, make sure you assign titles to positions appropriately.

For example, there could be titles, such as international sales development leader or international sales development manager.

Major Responsibilities in the Job Description of a Business Manager

By looking at the job ads posted for a Business Manager, we can determine the major responsibilities a Business Manager has to perform.

The major responsibilities could be:

  • Plan: a Business Manager may have to plan the function and operation of a particular area. He/she may be assigned to such responsibility by the seniors in a way that he/she can accomplish the goals. The Business Manager may be responsible for the function of a total organization.
  • Organize and Implement: a Business Manager organizes the production of the workforce, resources, and training necessary to further the end goals of a company. He/she formulates plans to accomplish the desired outcomes.
  • Direction: the Business Manager provides the employees with resources, directions, guidance, leadership, and directions to accomplish the company goals.
  • Monitor: the Business Manager follows up with the plan to ensure that it is properly carried out, and the workforce remained determined to accomplish the goals.
  • Evaluate: the Business Manager has to review and assess the business goals to make sure the company succeeds in the long run.
  • Multitask: the President, vice president and the chairman of a company may have some other tasks need to be carried out, and they may choose you to perform those tasks. For this reason, you may have to multitask.

Career in Business Management

Now many graduates of Business Management Studies are dubious where they will be most valued. This section of the article includes the scope a Business Management Studies degree offers.

Let’s find out about career opportunities Business Management Studies degree holders can have in the USA and the rest of the world:

Business management career scopes and jobs in the USA and World

  1. Sales representative

Projected job growth (2016 – 2026): 6% increase

2016 median annual salary: $60,530 (averaged earnings)

Job overview: Sales representatives build relationships with new customers, and maintain existing relationship with old customers. They explain product features and respond to any questions that customers may ask. Some sell directly to consumers by going to their doorsteps, and some to businesses and other organizations.

  1. Marketing manager

Projected job growth (2016 – 2026): 9% increase

2016 median annual salary: $127,560 (averaged earnings)

Job overview: Marketing managers evaluate the demand for products. They produce services as per the demand. They identify potential markets that could be most valued for the organization’s products and monitor a team for maximizing profits.

  1. Sales manager

Projected job growth (2016 – 2026): 7% increase

2016 median annual salary: $117,960 (averaged earnings)

Job overview: Sales managers formulate an organization’s sales goals. They analyze data and develop training programs for organizations’ new sales representatives.

  1. General and operations manager

Projected job growth (2016 – 2026): 8% increase

2016 median annual salary: $99,310* (averaged earnings)

Job overview: General and operations managers determine productivity or goal achievement and identify areas that may need budget reduction or program improvement. They analyze performance data to produce such reports.

Bottom Line

A Business Manager has an array of career paths to follow. Currently, a company’s success in the business world is largely depended on its business managers.

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