10 Time Management Tips For Busy Bloggers


Perfect time management is necessary for everyone but when it is about a blogger then it’s more important to make a schedule for every single work because a blogger’s life is chaotic. It’s not about how hard work you are doing it’s about how smartly you are getting done your project. You do hard work but you don’t have the right schedule for them then it won’t be possible to finish them when it needed to be, the end of the day your hard work has no value.

A blogger thinks that if it would be possible that day won’t be finished at 24 hours. Because you have huge work to do in a day, right? Do the research, think, then write an article, publish the article then promote that, answer your reader by commenting, e-mails. You have a big plan but this will not give you any results if the plan does not arrive at the correct process. So you have to make a time schedule that when what you will do. This is the right way to make a project successfully done.

In this article, I will give you 10 time management tips to make your busy life a little bit easy.

1. Be Strict About Your Scheduled Time

Be Strict About Your Scheduled Time

Make a plan for your work. What do you have as a blogger? Such as research for writing an article, writing article, publishing articles, social media shares, etc. Fix a specific time for all these things, if you make a scheduled time to do those things, then you will finish the work by doing that fixed time, do not give any other thing priority in your fixed work time, and finish the work within that time.

2. Stay Motivated

As a blogger, you have a goal. Your goal needs to post such a place that you can always see and get the motive. At the beginning of blogging, there are many difficulties for which you can get demotivated, but to do so, will always remind you of your goal and save you from demonization. This way you will be staying motivated and you reach your goal one day

3. Give Value Of Time


 Be careful about the time, learn to value the time. Because time doesn’t come back once gone. If you do not value the time, you are not giving the right value of time then time will also do the same. If you give the value of time then time will also make you valuable.  When you will spend your time by doing a useless thing, ask yourself what are you doing now? Are you giving the right worth of time? If not then just jump to the work without delay. Always use the time the right way, it will help you to reach your goal.

4. Set Revenue


Set revenue that how much you want to earn in next month. Then you check that amount divided by 30 days this way you will know how much you want to earn in a single day, then divided that amount by 24 hours, now you know how much you want to earn in a single hour. Then ask yourself, are you working hard to earn this amount of money?

5. Need A Fresh Up Break

It is important to take a break from work. This way your mind will be refreshed and can better focus on work. Your brain will be ready to take work pressure. Finish your running task before breaking. Start working again after the break

6.  Make A New Plan For Unfinished Work

The old to-do work which you kept that I will do this later, put it on the list and finish it with a deadline now. You didn’t finish the work because there was no deadline for those works and if not yet, then the work will be left on the to-do list, so the work that is left to-do list makes a deadline for those. Finish those in that fixed time.

7. Save Your Idea

Save Your Idea

You may have set a time to discover a new idea, but suddenly you have a brilliant idea coming to your head, then you can think that it could be saved later, don’t do it because it could be you can’t remember that excellent idea later and will lose, so when you get an excellent idea, save it.

8. Another Way To Stay Motivated

Do not forget to celebrate when you got a project successfully done. Celebrate in that’s way what you like to do. It helps to stay motivated for your work.

9.  Focus On Your Running Task

I have said before that you have a lot of work as a blogger but if you are doing tension for another task when you are doing one, then you can’t finish the running task correctly in a fixed time. So focus on just what you are doing in your running task.

10. Take Care Of Your Health

Do not forget to give the right care to your health because health is wealth you know that. That’s why take care of your health too. And the food is very important for that. Take your food right time too beside of work.

So this was my little bit to try to help in your blogging life. I hope these all tips will help you to make perfect time management for your blogging life.


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