Can You Make Fake Bank Statements In The USA?

Fake Bank Statements In The USA

You cannot make a fake bank statement in the USA, as it is an illegal act. We do not know anyone who would willingly want to get on the wrong side of the authorities, so we advise that you do not get involved in such an act. 

A bank statement is a record of your bank, showing your account balance and giving a history of transactions that have gone on in the account. Typically, you can easily get your bank statement from your bank. 

We see that some banks send it to their account holders monthly. Other times, the account holder would have to request the bank statement. In whatever way you can get it, what is important is that you should not make a fake bank statement in the USA. 

Now, you may be wondering why anyone would want to make a fake bank statement since they can easily get it from their banks. However, allow us to tell you that the reason differs. For some people, it could be that they want to use it for shopping purposes, while others may want to use it for educational purposes. 

The idea here is that they want to fake a bank statement to show that their bank balance has up to or more than the required amount to access the platform. But, there are usually dire consequences when it is discovered that you faked a bank statement. 

Understandably, we know that some shopping sites will only let you buy on credit from their website when you can provide a bank statement showing a steady inflow of money to the account. But, when you fake a bank statement, it is important to keep in mind that they will have to verify your claims. Therefore, they are bound to find out that you are presenting a fake bank statement. 

In such a case, you will begin to wish that you had the patience to wait until you got the money to pay the item than to present a fake bank statement. 

Are there legal consequences to faking a bank statement? Yes, there are legal consequences, and we will highlight them. But first, take a look at some banking terms in the table below:

Banking terms Definition 
Affiliate An affiliate refers to when a business has some ownership, shares, or control with another business. So, both businesses are called affiliate partners.
Bank float It is the period between the date on a check and when it is charged to the drawer.
Debt A debt is an amount owed, and the person who owes the money is called a debtor.
Interest Interest is the money you get to pay when you borrow funds asides from the borrowed money. The interest is the extra money you pay to cover the span of the loan.

Consequences Of Making A Fake Bank Statement In The USA

Consequences Of Making A Fake Bank Statement In The USA

Here are some of the consequences that come with faking a bank statement in the USA:

Prison Sentence: It should not be surprising that you can serve jail terms for faking a bank statement in the USA. Yes, faking a bank statement is seen as criminal activity as they would take it that you are trying to be fraudulent. So, you might serve a prison sentence. But if you are lucky, you can get away with serving community service alone. Some persons are in prison for faking a bank statement, which is not peculiar to the USA alone. Worldwide, anything that has to do with banks and faking is seen as fraudulent. It is why it is always advocated that people should live a simple and transparent life. Typically, we have seen that people tend to fake bank statements when trying to live above their means. If you cannot afford to purchase something at the moment, you can always leave it on your wish list and look for a non-fraudulent way to get it. It is always best to keep in mind that it is best to get the desired item late than fraudulently and end up in prison. After all, you won’t be able to use that item in prison, which becomes a case of wasted effort.

Deportation: We have seen cases where foreigners are trying to get into the USA, and they present fake bank statements to the embassy and other places that require submission of a bank statement. It is unwise to engage in such an act as the embassy is an organized structure. Therefore, you can be sure that they will carry out a background check to verify the bank statement. Even if you can able to get into the USA by some miracle of luck, these agencies will still be carrying out verifications. Once they find out that you presented a fake bank statement, the next action will be deportation if you are not sent to prison. Now, imagine going through all the stress that entails faking a bank statement, only to end up being sent back to your home country. Of course, the stress will not be worth it. It is why foreigners are always advised to present the correct documents to avoid embarrassment and deportation. And, we know that no one likes to face embarrassment, so why fake a bank statement? At the moment, it may seem like you are doing a smart thing but always think twice about it. 

Withdrawal From School: Another consequence of faking a bank statement can be withdrawal from school, and we will explain how it works. We see that some schools request proof of funds before they can give admission to a student. And, we see that it especially affects international students. Sadly, when students are desperate to study in that particular school, they go the long mile and fake a bank statement even when they do not have the school’s stipend. Sometimes, they are successful and get an offer letter. But, that joy will be short-lived as the school will find out in one way or the other about the fake bank statement, and it leads to consequences like school withdrawal. You are back to square one, facing embarrassment that you could have avoided. Again, allow us to repeat that you cannot fake a bank statement in the USA as it is an illegal activity, and you will be treated as a fraudulent person. When you are withdrawn from the school, what happens next? Of course, there will be a kind of denylist on you, and other schools will be skeptical of accepting you. It is why no one should fake a bank statement.

Affects Your Career: Now, suppose that you are an employer, and you hear that one of your employees was involved in a fraudulent act that entailed faking a bank statement. How will you feel about it? Would you want to continue working with such a person? Of course, you would not be happy with the situation, and you would start having reservations about the said person. In addition, you will begin to have trust issues and start feeling that the person could run a scam on you. Therefore, you will sack the employee. Yes, this situation plays out when a person presents a fake bank statement for any purpose. So, we can say that it ruins careers. Once the information gets to their employers, it is the end of their jobs, and no one likes to associate with anyone who has a criminal record. In addition, other employers will also not want to employ such a person, and the person becomes jobless for a long period. It is always best to remember that news, especially bad news, spread like wildfire. Thus, if you want to have a work-life, it is best never to present a fake bank statement. 

General Stigma: Recall how we stated that news, especially bad news spreads like wildfire. Yes, once the news gets out that you were involved in a fraudulent practice like faking a bank statement, people become wary about you, and a general stigma sets. Imagine being in a public place, and whispers are going round about you. The worst part is that people may even include what you did not do to make it juicier. Such stigma isn’t something that anyone wants to experience. Therefore, ensure not to fake a bank statement in the USA.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions about faking a bank statement in the USA:

Can You Go To Jail For Making A Fake Bank Statement?

Yes, you can go to jail for presenting a fake bank statement as it is an illegal act, especially when applying for loans and much more. 

Can Fake Bank Statements Be Verified?

Of course, organizations usually have systems in place to verify bank statements. It is how they catch people who present fake bank statements. 

Can You A Fake Bank Statement For Visa?

If you present a fake bank statement for a visa, you can face deportation later. Also, you are at the risk of being banned from ever getting into that country again.


It is an illegal act to fake a bank statement in the USA. So, desist from such an act, or you will face dire consequences. 



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