How Do I Check My Dave And Buster’s Power Card Balance?

Dave And Busters Power Card

Dave and busters are a renowned American restaurant and entertainment business established in 1982. It is one of the largest restaurant chains in the USA with 141 locations in the United States and two in Canada. In Dave & Buster’s you can eat, drink, play, and watch sports in one place. Recently, Dave and Buster’s have introduced a power card that allows the customers to activate any game in the midway arcade! With the power card, you will get unlimited access to wings and video games along with watching football for a reasonable price. If you have Dave and Buster’s Power Card and don’t know how to check the balance then check the below information.

There are quite a few easy ways available to check the balance of Dave and Buster’s Power Card. You can check the balance from your mobile phone using the PowerStation app. Moreover, you can also know the balance directly from the front desk of the Dave and Buster’s outlet near you. Additionally, the kiosks near the game area are also a good way to check the balance.

How To Check Dave And Buster’s Power Card Balance

The simplest way to check Dave and Buster’s Power Card Balance is to call the customer care of Dave and Buster’s at (888) 300-1515 and ask the customer agent to tell the balance of your card. You have to provide your card number then the agent will be able to tell your card balance. You can also check the balance from the PowerStation app. Simply install the app on your mobile and then add the card to the app. Once you add the app, you will be able to easily check the balance of the card. You can also take the card to the front desk of the nearest Dave and Buster’s and ask them to check the balance for you. The representative will tell what you have and can even write the balance down if you ask them. Finally, you can also check the balance of the card from the kiosks near the game area. Checking the card on kiosks will also tell you your swipe history and how much point was taken from each game. It’s a great way to keep track of your Dave and Buster’s Power Card points.

How Can I Get A Dave And Busters Power Card?

You can easily buy Dave and Busters Power Card with a credit card, Dave & Buster’s gift card, or cash from authorized Dave & Buster’s employees. Moreover, you can also buy Dave and Busters Power Card from Servers, Bartenders, Managers, and Front Desk employees of Dave & Buster’s as well as from a kiosk at Participating Locations. To activate a power card, you have to pay a $3 activation fee but you will also get 15 chips. Apart from the activations fees, the card will cost as much as you want to spend. This is because Dave & Buster’s allows its customers to put any number of chips on them. When you buy chips, they will be loaded to a Power Card or Power Tap. Chips will be deducted each time you swipe or tap the card or device. Moreover, you can also buy a Power Tap (wristband, lanyard, or power wand) and it will cost you $10 for each. The best part of power Tap is it comes activated and you will get 25 chips with it.

How Many Chips/Points Do Games Cost At Dave & Buster’s?

Almost all the games at Dave & Buster’s cost between 3 and 10 chips but the majority of games are in the 5-7 range. Some games are higher than 10, but it’s fairly rare. On the other hand, a virtual reality experience can cost 20+ and the price can vary depending on the time you visit. Usually, a game of 6.8 chips will cost you 90¢ – $1.36 at Dave & Buster’s. The cost per chip is between 13¢ – 20¢. The more you buy the chip the cheaper it will be. Pricing can change at any time and this was the last price update – 

1. 60 chips = $12 (20¢ per chip)

2. 125 chips = $23 (18.4¢ per chip)

3. 170 chips = $29 (17.1¢ per chip)

4. 250 chips = $40 (16¢ per chip)

5. 375 chips = $56 (14.9¢ per chip)

6. 550 chips = $75 (13.6¢ per chip)

7. 750 chips = $100 (13.3¢ per chip)                        

FAQs About How Do I Check My Dave And Buster’s Power Card Balance

Do Dave & Buster’s Game Cards Or Points Expire Or Have A Maintenance Fee?

No, Dave & Buster’s game cards or points don’t expire and these cards don’t have a maintenance fee. So, you can keep the card and points as long as you want.

Can You Combine Cards & Chips At Dave & Busters?

Yes, you can combine cards and chips at Dave & Busters. If you have chips on different cards then you can easily combine various cards into one. Just go to the front desk and ask the representative to combine the cards.

How Much Are Prizes At Dave & Buster’s?

Dave & Buster’s have a large prize area. You can redeem your tickets for prizes ranging from 25 – 100,000+ points. If you short some points then you can add 100 points for $1.

Is Dave And Busters 21+?

You must be at least 18 years old to enter the Dave & Buster’s. Persons under the age of 18 can only enter the Dave & Buster’s with a guardian who is at least 25 years of age.

Can You Use Your Phone As A Card At Dave And Buster’s?

Yes, you can use your phone as a card at Dave and Buster’s. However, to do so, you have to install the mobile app on your phone. If you have the app installed then you can play video games and other attractions in its arcades with a smartphone tap instead of swiping a plastic card.         



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