What Is A Good Business Development Title?

Good Business Development Title

There are lots of business development titles available. Some good business development titles are Business Development Manager, Chief Business Development Officer, Business Development Specialist, Global Business Development Director, Senior Business Development Consultant, International Business Development Consultant, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • A career in business development is diversified therefore you will see lots of business development titles in the job market
  • A chief business development officer (CBDO) is the highest job title in the business development sector
  • The business development representative is the lowest job title in the business development sector

The Top Business Development Job Titles Are:

1. Chief Business Development Officer

2. Global Head of Business Development

3. President- Business Development

4. Senior Vice President- Business Development

5. Global Business Development Director

6. Senior Business Development Consultant

7. International Business Development Consultant

Chief Business Development Officer

The Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) is a high-ranking position alongside the CEO of a company. A chief business development officer must have proper knowledge of all matters related to the business. Moreover, he/she has to increase the business growth as well as develop new products for the business. You will need to have a master’s degree (Ph.D. preferred) in Business Administration, Industrial Management, Finance, Economics, or any other related business field to get a job for this position. Moreover, you must have experience working in a senior business development position within a fast-paced and dynamic company. The key roles of a CBDO are –

1. Create business development plans, design, and implement processes to support business growth, through customer and market definition

2. Facilitate business growth by working together with clients as well as business partners like suppliers, subcontractors, JV partners, technology providers, etc.

3. Build and maintain high-level contacts with current and prospective customers and other business and project partners

4. Drive prospects through to contract award (including identifying new customers and markets, developing approaches to the market, identifying prospects, proposal preparation, etc.)

5. Develop marketing strategy; manage proposal teams and client account managers

6. Develop Applications and other Systems

State-wise Salary of Chief Business Development Officer in the USA


Name of the StateAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Rhode Island
New York
North Dakota
New Mexico
New Hampshire
South Dakota
New Jersey
South Carolina
West Virginia
North Carolina

Global Head Of Business Development

As a global head of business development, you have to shape and deliver on the vision and strategy of the global business development team. You will be responsible for building and leading the team. Your main role will be to create and implement new strategies, develop new relationships, and execute a plan to accelerate the growth of a business in the global market, increase the business demand, capture new customers, and many more. You must have a master’s degree to apply for this position. Moreover, you must have 7-10 years of experience working in a business development team along with sales experience, experience as an SDR manager, experience in hiring, training, and many more. As a global head of business development, you have to play quite a few key roles. They are –

1. Set a clear vision for the team so that the team can achieve its mission of igniting opportunity

2. Use inclusive leadership skills to build and grow a globally distributed team of professionals

3. Develop a strategic plan that identifies and prioritizes the key markets, verticals, and opportunities

4. Execute top partnership opportunities by working with key internal stakeholders, including Product, Engineering, Operations, etc.

5. Identify specific partners to create senior relationships and communicate with potential partnership opportunities

6. Handle a high volume of engagements and dive into the details to identify points of deals

7. Anticipate challenges, remove blockers, and create the set of conditions necessary for the success of the team

President- Business Development

One of the major roles of a business development president is to develop and execute company sales and marketing plans as well as implement new ideas and tools for the company. The business development president provides direction for the company and oversees the workings of the company. He/she also leads to sales and client-relationship management, recommends new products and services, and guides long-term objectives to meet business goals. You will need a Master’s Degree and a minimum of 7-10 years of experience to apply for this post.

Senior Vice President- Business Development

The senior vice president of business development is responsible for developing strategic business partnerships and identifying new revenue sources. The daily role of a senior vice president of business development largely depends on the size of the company and the desired goals. A senior vice president usually reports to a VP of Sales, CMO, CEO, or the founder of the company. To apply for this post you will require a minimum Bachelor’s Degree with 8+ years of experience working in a reputed company.   

Global Business Development Director

A global business development director helps a company remain competitive globally and increase the business opportunity of the company around the world. A global business development director develops, coordinate, and implement plans to improve the existing business as well as create new business opportunities. He/she has to be aware of organizational growth advantages related to global markets and have to target the customer segments. Global business development directors have to compile proposals in response to requests for proposals (RFPs) from different companies. Some additional roles a global business development director has to play are delivering presentations, conducting seminars, participating in meetings with clients, etc. In most cases, you will require a bachelor’s degree along with a number of years of experience to apply for this post. Though, many companies prefer candidates with a master’s degree.

Senior Business Development Consultant

A senior business development consultant is responsible for identifying business problems, challenges, weaknesses, solutions, and business opportunities. So it is quite clear that a business development consultant plays a very important role in the growth and success of the company. Below are some other important responsibilities and duties of a senior business development consultant –

1. Analyze the market condition for the business and identify the new opportunities

2. Develop and implement strategies for small, medium, and large companies for stable profit

3. Monitor the strategies for marketing, sales, advertising, and other aspects of the business

4. Prepare proposals for new and existing clients

5. Develop products, services, and tools for the company                       

International Business Development Consultant

An international business development consultant plays a very important role in the development of the business globally. He/she provides aid to a business as well as advice and information so that the company can do business in other countries. Moreover, international business consultants also conduct research of the global markets and identify the opportunities where the company can do business and make a profit. They also develop proposals and make recommendations. You must be a post-graduate to apply for this position. A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or international business is required to apply for this post. Moreover, you will require 2-5  years of experience in this sector.       


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