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The use of marketing can be a far-reaching effect. It led to a national television campaign to grow and maintain a key insurance company. And, the business effects can be as localized as business cards and fliers used by a local insurance agent. Marketing has a vital role to play within the insurance industry. It is applied to increase sales and maintain marketplace positions for major companies. Marketing in insurance aspects helps smaller companies to build and grow their businesses. 

Key Takeaways

  • Insurance companies use various software to identify customers by the type of insurance policy they hold, name, address, age, ZIP code, and other information
  • Companies use CRM data to assist in their sales and marketing strategy efforts
  • Insurance companies weigh in on opportunities and plan their marketing efforts according to the business growth opportunities
  • As an insurance marketer, you must dig deeper to find ways that separate yourself from your competition


Insurance companies take advantage of software applications. And, they developed a database of current customers. This database identifies the customers by the type of insurance policy they hold, name, address, age, ZIP code, and other information. 

Companies make use of this information. This information is referred to as customer relationship management data. This information allows customers to gain an understanding of what types of policies are leading in sales 

And, this information identifies growth opportunities to expand and increase sales.

The CRM data is relevant to sales and marketing team members to assist in their sales and marketing strategy efforts.



Companies persistently evaluate and keep track of the marketing efforts of competitors. They conduct competitive analysis efforts for keeping track of their competitors’ efforts. Their efforts include identifying what other companies are doing in terms of pricing, product offerings, target consumers, advertising creative works, and brand positioning. 

The information is separated into manageable bits. This segmented information allows companies to compare services based on geography and types of consumers. Types of customers include complete information on such as homeowners, car owners, city or urban dwellers, and online insurance purchasers. 

The results of the competitive analysis are used in many ways. Such ways involve identifying and assisting in sales efforts to grow and build customers.


Marketing can help produce new products. As marketing identifies opportunities, marketing managers utilize such opportunities to develop new insurance products and advertising positions. 

For example, an insurance company that works with homeowners insurance would study markets where the purchasing of condominiums is on the rise. 

The information would then be utilized to identify market insurance for owners, real estate agents, and condominium property managers.



Accidents caused by man or nature wield an immediate and direct impact. And, insurance companies and their marketing efforts are subject to such impact. 

For example, if a hurricane hits in Florida, insurance companies depend on a first responder marketing approach, and authorize and place representatives on-site to manage claims by insured customers.

This is done to convince customer service responsibilities as well as to put a stop to any potential for adverse or negative publicity. The publicity may place the insurance company and their responsiveness to the needs of insured customers after a disaster or crisis.


Insurance companies weigh in on opportunities and plan their marketing efforts. For example, an auto insurance provider looks at cities that have a high incidence of traffic accidents. This information helps the insurance provider to identify business growth opportunities. 

The companies accumulate statistics on the amount of insured and non-insured drivers. And, the derived results are then used to control opportunities. The opportunities help the companies achieve additional new customers and corresponding costs. 

The costs allow the companies to grow new customers through executing advertising, incentives, and promotions.

Major companies even emphasize purchasing real estate. They even name rights for venues to leverage their marketplace opportunities. 

For example, the Nationwide Arena functions on the anchor of the arena district in Columbus, Ohio. The arena facilitates a major entertainment hub for sports, dining, and hotels in the city. As a result, it is home to the corporate headquarters for Nationwide Insurance Co.



The insurance market is becoming a powerful and lucrative industry. But, like every other industry, this one is too faced with a variety of challenges unique to selling financial products to consumers. 

While the marketing tactics and outlets used will remain standard, there are factors that determine the course of marketing action. The factors include social media, press releases, commercials, and brochures, the manner.

These factors, in turn, fix the ways you go about creating the advertisements, and specifically, the copy which is highly specialized and specific.


In marketing, every organization wants to set itself apart from its competition. This is challenging in the facet of the insurance industry because the financial products from the company to the company follow essentially the same standard. 

As an insurance marketer, you must dig deeper to find ways. The ways may involve separating yourself from your competition.

It is a good practice relaying positive aspects about your company’s reputation. The success of your products and the testimonials of satisfied customers boost your company’s reputation. And, they pave the ways to give your financial products an edge in the marketplace.


The use of marketing has a far-reaching impact on our everyday life. Insurance companies can utilize marketing to identify scopes and target consumers in their respective fields. Appropriate marketing campaigns can allow companies to deliver insurance services for their home, life, health needs. 



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