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The popularity of Minecraft is increasing day by day and so does its revenue. Statistics showed about 176 million copies of Minecraft have been sold worldwide and the number includes Bedrock and Java Editions. The Java edition has made over $600,000 profit. If you consider all platforms at an average price of $15 then the total revenue will be around 2.65 billion dollars. According to The Verge; Minecraft has reached the official sales of 200 million in 2020 and they have 126 million active players.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft is a very popular sandbox video game that was first released on November 18, 2011
  • In this game, you have to create and break various types of blocks in three-dimensional worlds
  • In 2014, Microsoft acquired Minecraft for $2.5 billion
  • In 2020, Mojang released Minecraft Dungeons for consoles and PC
  • Minecraft has generated $415 million revenue in 2020 and the mobile version has generated $110 million in revenue

Minecraft is a very popular sandbox video game that was developed by Mojang. This game was first released on November 18, 2011. In this game, players create and break various types of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. This game has two main modes: survival and creativity. In the survival, mode players have to find and manage their buildings and foods. On the other hand, in the creative mode players will be given food and supplies and they can break all kinds of blocks immediately. The main purpose of this game is to build, explore, and supply.

History Of Minecraft

History Of Minecraft

Initially, Minecraft was launched by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson in 2009 and it was before the official release of this game. When the game was launched it got lots of attention and it was available as the alpha and beta version for PC users. This was Mojang’s fine-tuning aspects of the game for official release. After the official launch in 2011, millions of people started to play this game. Moreover, Mojang continued to add new elements to the game to increase its popularity. In 2014, Microsoft acquired Minecraft for $2.5 billion. Mojang on the other hand continued to expand the Minecraft universe by launching several editions of Minecraft, such as a free Chinese edition and an education edition in 2016. Between 2016 and 2017; Minecraft: Story Mode was launched by Telltale Games and it was the first attempt to bring the experience beyond the sandbox. In 2020, Mojang released Minecraft Dungeons for consoles and PC.

Important Statistics Of Minecraft

Important Statistics Of Minecraft

According to Business of Apps – 

1. Minecraft has generated $415 million revenue in 2020 and the mobile version has generated $110 million in revenue

2. More than 130 million people have played Minecraft at least once a month in 2020

3. The Minecraft game was sold 200 million copies in all formats

4. The free version, Minecraft’s Chinese edition has been downloaded over 400 million

Overview Of Minecraft

Launch date17 May 2009 (PC alpha); 18 November 2011 (General release)
Headquarter Stockholm, Sweden
PeopleJonas Mårtensson (CEO), Vu Bui (COO), Jens Bergensten (CCO), Phil Spencer (Executive VP of Gaming, Microsoft)
Business typeSubsidiary
OwnerMicrosoft, through Xbox Game Studios
IndustryVideo games

Year-Wise Minecraft Revenue

2012$211 million
2013$326 million
2014$165 million
2015$350 million
2016$420 million
2017$370 million
2018$500 million
2019$375 million
2020$415 million

Year Wise Minecraft Mobile Revenue      

2012$21 million
2013$33 million
2014$45 million
2015$55 million
2016$85 million
2017$100 million
2018$110 million
2019$111 million
2020$142 million

Year-Wise Total Minecraft Users

YearMonthly Active Users
201640 million
201755 million
201875 million
201991 million
2020131 million

Year-Wise Minecraft Sales

YearTotal Sales
20114 million
20129 million
201333 million
201454 million
201572 million
2016100 million
2017122 million
2018154 million
2019176 million
2020200 million

Year Wise “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” Sales 

YearTotal Sales
20123 million
201314 million
201421 million
201530 million
201650 million
201763 million
201893 million

Year Wise Minecraft Chinese Edition Downloads

YearTotal Downloads
201775 million
2018150 million
2019300 million
2020400 million

FAQs About Minecraft

1. How Much Revenue Has Minecraft Made Since Its Launch?

Since the launch, Minecraft has generated more than 3 billion dollars as revenue.

2. What Percentage Of Minecraft Players Are On Mobile?

The edition of Minecraft mobile has increased the total number of Minecraft players. Recent statistics showed, approximately 40 percent of players play Minecraft on Mobile and the mobile version has generated more than 30 percent of all revenue.

3. In Which Region Minecraft Pocket Edition Is The Most Popular?

The Minecraft pocket edition is popular in North America, Asia, and South America (US Gamer).

4. How Much Is Minecraft Worth?

According to Forbes, as of November of 2020, Minecraft is worth $1.9 billion.

5. Who Is The Owner Of Minecraft?

Initially, Markus Persson was the owner of Minecraft before he sold the game to Microsoft for $2.5 billion in November 2014. Since then, Microsoft is the owner of Minecraft.

6. Is Minecraft Still Free?

Minecraft is not a free game but it has a free trial version available on Windows 10, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. So in the free trial version, you can play for a fixed amount of time.



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