If You Have A TBA Tracking Number, How Do You Track Your Amazon TBA Package? (All You Need To Know!)

TBA Tracking Number

Tracking for packages that are in transit from Amazon can only be achieved by either entering a special tracking link they email to you immediately after your package arrives in the Amazon warehouse or entering a special tracking ID live into their UPS Shipping Manager Pro software. 

Key Takeaways

  • TBA stands for Transport by Amazon and it is an internal delivery system with its own drivers that serve Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, Amazon Restaurants, etc.
  • In order to track an Amazon TBA package, you have to visit https://track.amazon.com/tracking/ and then enter the tracking number into the box
  • When an Amazon seller sends the package, he/she will provide you with a tracking code to be used at a resource such as TrackCode to know the current status of the package 

How To Track My Amazon Logistics TBA Package

Track  Amazon Logistics TBA Package

Tracking an Amazon package couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is enter your tracking number into the box above and they will take care of finding your package for you! Amazon Logistic tracking system works with every major shipping carrier, so whether you’re having something shipped from your neighbor down the street or all the way across the globe, their tool here at Ordertracker will help you make sure that you know where it is in its journey as quickly and easily as possible.

Amazon Logistics TBA Tracking From The USA, Canada, And The UK

Logistic services such as Amazon Logistics provide for the shipping of packages around the globe. When a package is sent, the sender will provide you with a tracking code to be used at a resource such as TrackCode to find out where your mail or package is located and what time it should arrive at you in order from when it was shipped from any country that uses this service.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver Amazon TBA Package?

Amazon ships its products to consumers globally using multiple carriers and delivery partners. Most sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to send their product through Amazon’s network of fulfillment centers to local post offices around the world, and over the next few days, we will bring you an overview of all carriers that are present on our platform! The delivery times are as follows, except in case of specific conditions of the seller:

1. Standard USA option: from about 4 to 14 business days after shipment, can take up to 21 days

2. Expedited United States option: roughly 2 to 6 business days after shipment

3. Option Two days United States: about 2 working days after shipment

4. One Day option United States: 1 business day after shipment

5. International Standard option: from about 3 to 6 weeks after shipment, this option can take up to 12 weeks (if customs delay or other cause of delay)

6. International Expedited option: 3 to 7 business days

The delivery time indicated may vary depending on your destination. Note that customs, public holidays, and variable weather conditions may cause delays in the speed at which your package arrives. As such, we advise checking with the seller if additional delays are to be expected when ordering large packages or delivery in rural areas.

Amazon delivers seven days a week from 8 am to 8 p.m. Amazon guarantees delivery the next day even on Monday and Sunday. The customer can choose via the account on the site in the tab “Preference of shipping” the preferred shipping method and select next-day delivery at no extra cost by indicating that he wants his package delivered overnight during the weekend. If you are absent when your parcel is delivered, Amazon will deliver it to a neighbor, doorman, concierge, or safe place if it’s small enough (i.e., has smaller dimensions compared to other parcels) or leave it in your mailbox if appropriate!

When a customer places an order, Amazon leaves a note in their mailbox indicating at which location they can collect their purchase. Should the customer not be home to sign for it, the delivery person will leave another notification should they pass by again. If at 72 hours since the first attempt there has been no word from the customer and the product is still left unattended by the mailbox, then we will hold on to it until you let us know you’ve retrieved it.

What Is Amazon TBA Delivery Cost? 

Amazon TBA Delivery Cost

Delivery costs depend on several factors such as the size, weight, and also shipping option. However, Amazon always tries to offer some shipping promotions that cover these costs. These are listed in the delivery options of each product page. The general delivery rates are as follows:

1. Standard Expedition International (if the option is available): delivery is between about 9 and 12 days and it costs about $9.69 per shipment + $2.89 per unit

2. Prioritaire Expedition World (if the option is available): delivery is between 2 and 4 days and amounts to the rate of 18. Costs about bout $49 per shipment + 6. $99 per unit

We offer a flat rate shipping fee to most lower 48 states in the Contiguous United States. For remote territories such as the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, the Marshall Islands, Samoa, the United States Virgin Islands, or the Federated States of Micronesia additional fees may be permissible.

Amazon is like a store full of everything you could ever imagine. They also have items representing countries from all around the world. This means that people from a variety of different countries have access to the same Amazon products as everyone else around the world. 

Does Amazon TBA Deliver Packages Worldwide? 

Delivery options can be available for those customers who live within the United States and even for people who are located in certain countries. These countries include China, the United Kingdom, the European Union (France, Germany, Spain, Italy …), Canada, Australia, India, Mexico. As well as more and more Asian and African countries that have been added to Amazon as it continues to grow.

Just like we said earlier, Amazon is the largest online retailer with a worldwide presence and ships its products to over 100 countries. Some restrictions may apply: Amazon doesn’t deliver to Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Myanmar – sorted by alphabetical order top-down. Amazon offers services like FREE shipping (international) on orders over $49 or FREE two-day delivery if you have Amazon Prime. Available products, shipping costs, and delivery charges may vary according to the region and product type.

It is noted that some products may be sold in bulk or heavy items, such as furniture and building supplies when ordering with suppliers such as CEVA Logistics if the product is deemed unsuitable for regular shipping. 

At times, items may be delivered several days earlier or later than originally anticipated due to unforeseeable variables including but not limited to adverse weather conditions. When ordering goods from other countries, it should be noted that goods from abroad may be subject to inspection upon arrival in Australia which can include delays both in transit and at customs.

Final Words 

Tracking for shipments that are in transit to you can be done by either clicking on the tracking number we emailed to you or inputting your unique identifier into our UPS Shipping Manager Pro software.



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