What Is The Hardest College To Get Into USA?

Hardest College To Get Into USA

Some of the hardest colleges to get into the USA are Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, Tufts University, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Los Angeles, etc.

List Of 100 Hardest Colleges To Get Into USA

SchoolStudent to Faculty RationGraduation RateRetention RateAcceptance RateEnrollment RateInstitutional Aid Rate
Harvard University7 to 198%98%6%4%44%
Yale University6 to 197%99%7%5%52%
University of Pennsylvania6 to 195%98%10%7%54%
Johns Hopkins University10 to 194%97%14%5%51%
Cornell University9 to 193%97%15%8%55%
Tufts University9 to 193%97%16%7%43%
University of California-Berkeley17 to 192%96%17%7%61%
University of California-Los Angeles16 to 191%96%17%6%61%
Georgetown University11 to 194%96%17%8%42%
Washington University in St Louis8 to 193%96%17%6%49%
University of Notre Dame10 to 197%98%20%11%63%
Liberty University18 to 147%75%22%10%84%
Emory University8 to 189%94%24%7%54%
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology12 to 149%75%24%21%73%
Piedmont International University7 to 141%74%24%19%68%
Carnegie Mellon University10 to 188%98%24%48%54%
California Institute of the Arts7 to 156%87%25%9%55%
Maine College of Health Professions5 to 1100%100%25%25%59%
Babson College14 to 189%96%26%7%48%
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor12 to 190%97%26%12%51%
Northeastern University14 to 184%97%28%6%65%
Southwestern Assemblies of God University14 to 141%74%28%20%87%
Berklee College of Music11 to 156%87%29%12%53%
Boston College14 to 192%95%29%7%45%
Wake Forest University10 to 188%93%29%10%50%
Tulane University of Louisiana Lehigh University9 to 183%91%30%7%70%
Lehigh University10 to 188%95%30%10%51%
University of Virginia-Main Campus15 to 193%97%30%12%40%
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo22 to 176%93%31%11%55%
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill14 to 190%97%31%13%53%
Corban University15 to 159%80%31%9%94%
University of Richmond8 to 188%93%31%8%69%
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus19 to 185%97%32%11%63%
CUNY Bernard M Baruch College17 to 170%91%32%7%56%
New York University10 to 174%93%32%10%57%
University of California-Santa Barbara17 to 181%93%33%6%66%
Boston University12 to 185%93%34%7%49%
California State University-Long Beach24 to 167%89%34%8%72%
Hope International University14 to 142%91%34%12%82%
San Diego State University28 to 168%89%34%9%59%
Brandeis University10 to 186%92%34%8%58%
Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health12 to 173%81%34%19%72%
University of Rochester10 to 188%96%34%8%78%
Columbia International University14 to 162%73%34%17%91%
College of William and Mary12 to 190%95%35%10%44%
American University12 to 181%88%35%11%63%
Emmaus Bible College9 to 175%83%36%14%95%
Skidmore College8 to 186%94%37%8%48%
Laguna College of Art and Design12 to 166%84%37%21%100%
Maharishi University of Management11 to 146%90%37%25%68%
CUNY Brooklyn College15 to 154%82%38%7%60%
University of California-Davis18 to 185%93%38%8%72%
Colorado School of Mines16 to 177%94%38%9%68%
University of Miami12 to 182%92%39%6%70%
California State Polytechnic University-Pomona27 to 163%89%39%8%67%
University of California-Irvine19 to 188%93%39%8%73%
Andrews University9 to 154%80%39%12%84%
CUNY Hunter College11 to 154%83%39%8%56%
The University of Texas at Austin18 to 180%95%40%18%45%
Park University17 to 143%59%40%11%37%
CUNY Queens College14 to 158%85%40%8%53%
Western Carolina University16 to 157%80%40%9%65%
University of Memphis14 to 145%77%41%13%76%
Spring Hill College14 to 153%81%41%6%99%
Fashion Institute of Technology17 to 175%90%41%27%41%
Stony Brook University17 to 168%90%41%8%57%
SUNY at Purchase College15 to 158%81%42%10%59%
California State University-Fullerton14to 162%88%42%11%65%
The University of West Florida13 to 147%72%42%19%63%
New York School of Interior Design10 to 150%80%42%8%29%
SUNY at Binghamton20 to 181%91%42%9%51%
State University of New York at New Paltz15 to 173%89%42%7%53%
Dallas Baptist University13 to 158%72%43%17%86%
Texas Christian University13 to 176%90%44%11%66%
Stevens Institute of Technology10 to 182%94%44%10%92%
King University16 to 145%73%45%17%71%
Florida Southern College13 to 157%80%45%11%93%
University of South Florida-Main Campus24 to 168%88%45%14%72%
Toccoa Falls College13 to 147%66%45%20%93%
University of Maryland-College Park17 to 186%95%45%14%52%
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities17 to 177%93%45%13%50%
Marist College16 to 178%91%45%13%75%
Monroe College18 to 153%78%45%28%92%
Wilson College10 to 139%73%45%10%71%
LeTourneau University12 to 157%69%46%14%66%
George Washington University13 to 183%94%46%13%64%
Southeastern University20 to 139%67%46%26%77%
Midway University15 to 156%78%46%18%86%
St Lawrence University11 to 187%89%46%12%93%
Bryan College-Dayton14 to 157%65%46%24%60%
Bristol University15 to 189%60%47%26%35%
University of La Verne17 to 164%85%47%9%73%
Pfeiffer University12 to 143%69%47%10%75%
Texas A & M University-Commerce20 to 142%73%48%15%73%
Chapman University14 to 179%90%48%10%79%
University of Florida20 to 187%96%48%24%88%
Graceland University-Lamoni16 to 152%62%48%13%82%
Fordham University14 to 181%91%48%5%80%
Syracuse University16 to 181%91%48%10%70%
Muhlenberg College11 to 185%93%48%12%82%

Final Thoughts

Most of the colleges in the above list are Ivy League Schools and well-known technical colleges. Usually, selective and prestigious colleges have a long and successful alumni list that can boost your career. In fact, it is a great advantage of reputed educational institutes. So, work hard and try to get into any of the above colleges!   


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