Yu-Gi-Oh Card Value And Price Guide: How Much Are Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Worth

Yu Gi Oh Card

The Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards have huge demand and they are also valuable. You can check the current price of Yu-Gi-Oh cards at www.yugiohprices.com. Usually, the price of the cards is calculated by gathering other Yu-Gi-Oh! merchants’ website data, the best results, and consolidating the card listings into prices.

Key Takeaways

  • There are quite a few factors available that determine the value of Yu-Gi-Oh cards like the rarity, condition, and scarcity of the card
  • The rare your Yu-Gi-Oh card is, the higher the value of the card will be
  • There are 10 types of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards available

Price List Of Yu-Gi-Oh Playing Cards

Card NamePrice
Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder$28.99
The End of Anubis$9.95
Dark Necrofear$4.40
Elemental HERO Chaos Neos$19.99
Guardian Eatos$44.26
Book of Moon$4.26
Monster Reborn$5.98
The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales$13.50
Rainbow Neos$40.00
Destiny HERO – Dreadmaster$4.95
Dark Armed Dragon$85.00
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus$4.99
Wind-Up Rabbit$4.89
Red-Eyes Black Dragon$19.20
Solemn Judgment$9.73
Nadir Servant$34.45
Buster Blader$7.66
Elemental HERO Plasma Vice$5.00
Thunder End Dragon$7.54
Elemental HERO Tempest$17.00
Wind-Up Zenmaines$7.40
Marincess Coral Anemone$10.00
Legendary Magician of Dark$35.95
Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade$6.00
Blackwing Armor Master$6.62
Lich Lord, King of the Underworld$17.00
Bingo Machine, Go!!!$15.00
Ice Dragon’s Prison$9.09
Animadorned Archosaur$11.40
Pot of Desires$26.70
Madolche Queen Tiaramisu$6.21
Vampire Dragon$4.72
Destiny End Dragoon$4.72
Orient Dragon$5.21
Number 46: Dragluon$8.53
Volcanic Rocket$51.56
Pot of Duality$4.05
Slifer the Sky Dragon$14.04
Obelisk the Tormentor$22.45
Thunder Dragon Colossus$16.00
Cosmic Fortress Gol’gar$9.50
Alien Kid$7.50
Evil★Twin Lil-la$13.36
Spirit of the Pharaoh$5.99
Archlord Zerato$6.00
Gate Guardian$15.97
Elemental HERO Phoenix Enforcer$22.60
Dark Paladin$19.98
Skill Drain$13.80
Ring of Destruction$13.25
Exodia Necross$18.80
The Winged Dragon of Ra$7.39
Vampire Lord$9.99
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames$6.00
Crystron Halqifibrax$56.82
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier$85.98
Gaia The Fierce Knight$9.82
Mask of Restrict$6.50
Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech$11.74
Legendary Knight Timaeus$6.26
Magic Cylinder$9.00
Rank-Up-Magic Soul Shave Force$5.95
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit$48.00
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon$64.99
Cyber Eternity Dragon$5.99
Toon Bookmark$21.00
Raidraptor – Force Strix$8.57
Luster Dragon$10.00
Lord of the Heavenly Prison$30.00
Number 39: Utopia Double$11.99
Blowback Dragon$6.99
The Phantom Knights of Break Sword$9.70
Prometheus, King of the Shadows$14.95
Blue-Eyes White Dragon$5.99
Fog King$10.62
Elemental HERO Shining Phoenix Enforcer$9.76
Majestic Star Dragon$7.00
Number 100: Numeron Dragon$13.20
Foolish Burial Goods$8.57
Borreload Savage Dragon$27.62
Goblin Zombie$14.87
Steelswarm Roach$10.00
Sky Cavalry Centaurea$26.10
Elemental HERO Rampart Blaster$5.94

What Makes A Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Valuable?

There are quite a few factors available that determine the value of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The three main factors are Rarity, Condition, Scarcity. In fact, the Rarity of the card is the most important thing to consider. The rarer your card the more valuable it is. Moreover, the condition of the card also plays a very important role in the price. Usually, the older card has more demand and if the old card is in good condition, then its price will be high. Scarcity also plays a very important role in the price tag of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. For example, a Beckett (BGS) 4.5 of the 1st Edition “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” from the 2002 Legend of Blue Eyes set sold in May of 2021 for $5500.         

How To Find The Value Of Your Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Finding the value of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards is very easy. Follow the below steps to find your card’s approximate value – 

Step 1: First look at the name of the card on the very top, you should remember that many cards have the same name.

Step 2: Now find the set where your card belongs to, usually the set has a 3-4 letter abbreviation followed typically by letters and/or numbers. For example, LOB-000 or DLCS-EN137

Step 3: Now find out if the card is 1st edition or limited edition, if there is no 1st Edition or Limited Edition on the card then your card is from an unlimited version

The above steps will help you figure out exactly which cards you have then you can search on eBay by card name and then filter the results by “sold items.” This way you will have a clear idea of what similar cards have recently sold for.

Types Of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

There are 10 types of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards available. They are – 

1. Common: These are basic cards from the trading card game. Anyone can get their hands on it.

2. Rare: This type of card has a silver foil name. Though the card’s name is rare but rare cards aren’t deemed rare by collectors.

3. Super Rare: These types of cards don’t have foil on their name. Instead, they feature a holographic finish on their art image.

4. Ultra-Rare: This type of card is a combination of rare and super rare cards’ style, it has a gold foil on its name and a holographic finish on the art image.  

5. Ultimate Rare: This type of card has a gold foil on its name as well as foil accents throughout.

6. Secret Rare: This type of card has a rainbow-colored foil on their name and a holographic finish on their art image.

7. Ghost Rare: It is similar to secret rare cards but has a name featuring a rainbow-colored foil. It also has a 3D hologram as an art image. 

8. Starfoil Rare: These types of cards feature a starburst-like pattern throughout

9. Mosaic Rare: These cards feature a mosaic-like foiling on them

10. Duelist League: They are promotional cards and feature different styles. You can only get this type of card when you participate in different Duelist League tournaments.

FAQs About Yu-Gi-Oh Card Value And Price Guide

Which Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Are Worth Money?

Below is a list of the 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards – 

1. Tournament Black Luster Soldier – $2,000,000

2. 2002 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition PSA 10 – $85,100

3. 2002 LOB 1st Edition Exodia The Forbidden One PSA 10 – $35,000

4. 2004 Shonen Jump Championship Cyber-Stein PSA 10 – $30,100

5. 1999 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth No Red DDS Promo PSA 10 – $29,999.99

6. 2002 LOB Blue Eyes Black Dragon 1st Edition PSA 10 – $29,000 

7. 2002 Dark Duel Stories Blue-Eyes White Dragon PSA 10 – $20,000 (2/21/21)

8. 2002 Morphing Jar Tournament Pack 2 PSA 10 – $15,000

9. 2002 Tournament Pack 1 MECHANICALCHASER PSA 10 – $14,999

10. 2003 Dark Magician Girl Magic Force 1st Edition PSA 10 – $14,400       

Are Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Worth Anything?

Yes, Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh cards can be expensive and can worth thousands of dollars. Usually, the price of the card depends on the condition, rarity, and scarcity.

Where Can I Sell My Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh Cards?

There are many online websites and online shops available where you can sell Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh cards. They are – 

1. eBay

2. Heart Of The Cards

3. Card Market

4. Troll and Toad

5. TCG Player

6. Sell2BBNovelties

7. Dave & Adam’s

8. Facebook, etc.     


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