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Communication involves the process of sending information one to another by any means. Communication takes place at various levels like intrapersonal level, interpersonal level, group level, and mass level.

Of all these communication levels, mass communication is further branched into two forms; one is media communication, and another one is interpersonal communication.

Forms of Communication

In terms of contexts, channel means, and participants, communication is divided among multiple forms. There are five major forms of communication.

The Five Majors Forms of Communication

  • Intrapersonal Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication – Two Way
  • Small Group Communication
  • Public Communication
  • Mass Communication

The brief discussion on the five major forms is given below:

Intrapersonal Communication

Intrapersonal Communication is a form of communication that takes place within oneself. Since the communication is established within one person – the source and receiver of message transmission is only one.

You tend to establish intrapersonal communication through thinking, pain, emotion, and feelings, etc.

Key Takeaway: Intrapersonal Communication occurs within our heads.

Interpersonal Communication – Two-Way Communication

Interpersonal Communication takes place between people mutually interact with each other. Interpersonal communication builds, maintains, and breaks relationships. People spend more time in interpersonal communication than any other form of communication.

Interpersonal Communication is also known as Two-Way Communication

Key Takeaway: Interpersonal Communication is more structured and goal-oriented than intrapersonal communication. It is the most common form of communication.

Group Communication – Small Group  Communication

Group Communication takes place among three or more people working to achieve a common goal. The basic example of group communication is students working in groups to partake in a project or sports. Group Communication can be frustrating at first.

However, they can introduce groups to professional settings with useful experience and preparation. Group Communication is important from an Organization’s viewpoint as it can achieve faster progress with group-based models.

Key Takeaway: Group Communication is important for achieving a shared goal. Group Communication can make the organization more effective.

Public Communication

Public Communication involves a person conveying information to an audience. It is a sender-focused form of communication. Many fear public speaking or at least don’t enjoy taking part in public speaking. Public Communication is different from Interpersonal or Group Communication as there are mutual feedbacks in this form of communication. This form of communication involves a single person sending information to a large audience.

Public Speaking plays an important part of our professional, daily and social lives just like Group Communication.

Key Takeaway: Public Communication is more goal-oriented, formal and intentional form of communication.

Mass Communication

Mass Communication is rather a larger form of public communication. Public Communication becomes Mass Communication when messages of public communication transmit through electronic or print media.

Newspapers and magazines are an important form of Mass Communication. These forms of mass communication are currently on the decline due to the rise of electronic media.

Key Takeaway: the digital revolution, TV, and printing press have transformed Mass Communication.

Grapevine Communication

Grapevine Communication isn’t a major form of communication. It refers to an informal channel made in business communication. Employees of a business opt for grapevine communication when they cannot use the formal channel of communication.

Bottom Line

Communication forms vary in terms of participants, channel means, and contexts. I discussed the forms of communication in this article.

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