What To Do If eBay Suspends Your Account?

What to do if eBay suspends your account

Actually, selling products on eBay can be a hobby or a full-time business for many people. If you really depend on eBay for income, it can be an upsetting drive to have your account suspended. That is why, it is much essential to educate yourself and also understand entire eBay’s policies, so you will not be suspended in a primary place. In such an event, your eBay account is placed on hold, restricted, or suspended. But, there are certain steps you have to take to attempt to have it restored.

Actually, not all the suspensions from eBay are equal. Small issues such as late payments or improper ways of payment will affect your account and it makes you on hold also your account can be restored as soon as you need to revise your payment mode or resolve you’re not paid bill.

The restrictions are more severe than holds and maybe put in place, for instance, if you do not meet the minimum performance values as a seller. For something like that, eBay may also restrict you from selling the specific items or lesser your position in the search outcomes. However, the only way to lift that restriction is to meet eBay’s standards.

Normally, the restrictions only occur in the most egregious cases. For instance, selling the illegitimate stock or appealing in hatred communication is likely to obtain a seller suspended for an indefinite period.

Remain Peaceful And Get The Essentials

The initial step in trying to be restored on eBay is to simply find the issue. If you are a new user, lack of knowledge is your great protection. You might not even have to know that using stocking pictures is not allowed or that you are not permitted to utilize the word Velcro in your label.

When you obtain a notification mail, you just remain peaceful and also read the message very carefully. Typically, eBay explains why the account has been suspended and expected the following reasons:

1. Payment method is out of date

2. Not paying fees on time

3. Recalled items

4. Nasty material or items including hatred speech

5. Drug and drugs paraphernalia

6. Alcohol

7. Listing an item that is not allowed such as a fake handbag

8. Infringement of a policy such as Vero that involves the logical property privileges

9. Dangerous materials such as explosives or homemade weapons

10. Using photos that are not allowed

Call eBay And Discuss


If you do not view any certain instructions on how to have your eBay account restored, you do not even make a new account. Instead, you just call at toll-free number 1-866-540-3229 and then discuss it. You also explain that you obtained a suspension mail and are very troubled too. It may take speaking to many people to get into a perfect individual who can assist you. Before you make a call, you collect facts such as eBay user ID, email date, an email linked with your eBay account, and a reference number.


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