How Long Does Walmart Pickup Take? (Explained!)

Walmart Pickup

People are often busy and looking for the best and quickest way to carry out their shopping experience. Therefore Walmart pickup always comes in handy as you can get the times you desire within 2 hours to 4 hours. 

The idea of Walmart pickup entails that one does not waste time while shopping, and we will discuss it further in this article. Since Walmart usually gets a high inflow of customers, they are always looking for the best way to satisfy their customers, and Walmart pickup is one of such initiatives. 

As you read this article further, you will understand the concept of Walmart pickup and its benefits. 

What Is Walmart Pickup, And How Does It Work?

What Is Walmart Pickup

Walmart Pickup is the process of placing an order for Walmart items online and picking them up at an allocated time. Typically, people find it hard to shop due to their busy schedules. So, Walmart pickup comes in as a convenient shopping option. 

All you need to do is pick items online and add them to your cart. Then, you will choose your desired pickup time. It is best to note that Walmart pickup is usually available between 8 am – 8 pm. Thus, you can pick a suitable time that falls under that time range to go and pick up your items. 

Typically, you will get assigned a parking lot space or the number for the pickup. So, you work according to instructions and park in the instructed area when you get to the store. Then, a Walmart attendant brings out your items and loads them into your boot. Yes, you do not even need to step down from your car when you decide to use Walmart pickup. 

Many people have commended that these items are usually ready for pickup on time, as you would get a text from Walmart. And it doesn’t take more than 4 hours before you get the text alerting you that your items are ready for pickup. 

Types Of Walmart Pickup 

Types Of Walmart Pickup 

Walmart pickup could be in two ways. They are:

1. Store Pickup: It regularly works as Walmart pickup as all you need to do is place your order online, and Walmart will have it prepared before you arrive. However, keep in mind that you would have to enter the designated store to pick up the item. So, as you select your items online, you would also have to pick a store, and you will head to this store once your items are ready. In addition, you would need to show them a means of identification or the Walmart text you got before you can get the items. 

2. Curbside Pickup: It is the commonest form of Walmart pickup that comes to mind when we talk about Walmart pickup. In this case, you will need to drive down to the designated car park, and a Walmart employee will load the things into your car. In such a case, you would not need to step down from your car, and many people prefer this option as it is less stressful. Of course, it is common knowledge that this type of Walmart pickup only works for those who have cars. In addition, it is best to keep in mind that you cannot get your items if you go to the wrong car park. 

Benefits Of Walmart Pickup 

Since many people love the option of Walmart pickup, here are some of the benefits they enjoy:

1. It Saves Time: Without a doubt, one can agree that Walmart pickup saves time, and you can shop as much as you want. For example, you can add items to your cart and keep on adding them before the time for pickup elapses. However, such will not happen if you have to do in-store shopping. Suppose you went shopping at a physical store and forgot to get some items. When you remember when you are at home, there would be no time to go back and get these items. Thus, you would have to forfeit them or postpone the shopping to a later time. Even if you decide to head back to the store, it would be inconveniencing as it takes the time you could have used to do other things. In addition, you get to spend more time shopping when you go to a physical store and have to browse through various items. However, you will notice that shopping online with Walmart pickup is easier as the items have various categories that you can easily click and get. Also, you can even be doing other things while pressing your gadget to shop. Therefore, you will be saving much time when you use Walmart pickup.  

2. Pickup Is Free: Many people love to use Walmart pickup as it comes at a free cost. Yes, you do not need to pay for pickup when using this shopping option. Sadly, many people are unaware that this feature is free, and we see them hesitating to try it out. With how Walmart pickup works, all you need to do is pick and pay for the items. Then, you head to the store or car park to pick up the items. As you can see, you are the person going to pick up these items, so there is no need to pay a delivery fee. However, if you were to engage in regular online shopping where the items need to be delivered to your location, you can be sure to pay a delivery fee. In addition, the delivery time may even belong as you might need to wait for some days before you would get the items, depending on what you are getting. However, you can eliminate all these when you decide to use Walmart pick up as there are no extra charges for delivery. Instead, you would get to pick up your items without any hassle. It is one feature that endears people to this concept. 

3. You Can Order From Anywhere: There are no limits to where you can order from when using Walmart pay, especially if there is a Walmart store close to that location. And, you can be sure to see a Walmart store as Walmart has branches in all the states. Therefore, you do not have any issues or worries when using Walmart pay. Even if you are at a party, you can place an order for your items, and you can be sure to get them by the time you are done with your party. The convenience of this feature is why many people opt for you, and we can assure you that you will not regret using it. We often see workers using this feature, and it works perfectly for them as they can get the items once they close from work. Therefore, it would not be inappropriate to say that Walmart pickup is one of the best shopping concepts and options for busy people.  

3. Walmart Saves Your Shopping History: When using Walmart pickup, you will notice that it saves your shopping history to ensure convenience the next time you shop using the platform. The idea here is to ensure that you do not go through the hassle of searching for items if you want to order the same thing. Of course, there is the argument that you would not want to get the same items always. However, Walmart has also observed the buying behavior of its consumers, and they have seen that some people tend always to get the same things. Therefore, they decide to stay safe side and save people’s shopping history to ensure ease. So, if you are ever getting the same thing, you can be sure that it would be a stress-free experience. But, even if you decide to switch the items you are getting, you will also not encounter challenges as Walmart ensures to give its customers a smooth online shopping experience. 

Cons Of Walmart Pickup 

People often say that anything that has advantages will also have disadvantages, and we would say that Walmart pickup isn’t an exception. 

Some of its cons are:

You Do Not Get To Pick The Items: It becomes a problem when shopping for perishable food items. In such a case, people are always careful to select these items to ensure that they do not get anything spoilt. However, you are leaving such a task to Walmart employees when you shop using Walmart pickup, and you cannot be sure if they were careful in the selection process. 


Some of the frequently asked questions about Walmart pickup are:

How Long Does It Take Walmart Pickup To Refund Money? 

You have a seven-day window if you do not pick up your order. So, you can initiate a refund during the period. In addition, the platform promises that you will get the money in your account within three to five business days.

How Long Does It Take For Walmart Pickup To Be Ready?

You can get your order within our hours, and we often see that it doesn’t have to take that long to be ready. Sometimes, you can even get your items within two hours. 


Walmart pickup does not take long, and you can get it within four hours. 


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