What Were the Different Approaches Used in Marketing Earlier?     

approaches used in marketing earlier

Marketing is about influencing people who might buy your product or service, using messaging that conveys value. We all know that products don’t sell themselves. Old school marketing used traditional channels such as broadcast and print to communicate with the target market. If you want to succeed, you better understand why old marketing approaches no longer work to attract targeted customers today. There were three marketing approaches used earlier:

Production orientation

An organization which focuses on Production Orientation is a marketing strategy chooses to ignore their customer’s needs and focus only on efficiently building a quality product. Production orientation is concentrating on more of a manufacturing concept. “If you build it, they will come” is the simple principle of organizations that stand by a philosophy of production orientation.

Product orientation

A product orientation is a marketing strategy when management is more concerned with product quality and on the efficiency, knowledge, and systems that support that product. Managers typically believe that their products are unique and provide exclusive benefits. The organization put in greatest effort on producing quality product and fixing them at the right price so that consumer differentiates the company’s products and purchase it.

Selling orientation

An organization which is using a sales orientation focuses mainly on the selling and promotion of a particular product. This marketing strategy focus on selling what the company makes, rather than customer needs and wants.

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