What Is The Routing Number Of Bank Of America For California?

Routing Number Of Bank Of America For California

The bank of America branch in California has a routing number, it is 121000358. It is also the same as the ACH routing number. 121000358 is the number for both. The bank of America also has a wire transfer routing number for transactions or transfers that are made within the country. This number is 026009593. The SWIFT code for wire transfers done outside the country is BOFAUS3N. 

Key Takeaways

  • The wire transfer routing number Of Bank Of America for California is 026009593
  • The routing number for Bank Of America ACH transactions is the same as the normal routing number 121000358
  • You can easily find the routing number on every monthly bank statement or on your cheque
  • The bank of America California’s nine-digit routing number is the same for everyone

The Routing Number For The Bank Of America California Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are the best ways to transfer your money and move them very fast through electronic means. This is also a very safe method. Wire transfers from any location to the next don’t have specific timing because it could take one day or more, or even a few minutes to get to the next location. These transactions are done through banks with different routing numbers to help make these transactions move quickly and work better. 

Just like we have mentioned above, the wire transfer routing number is 026009593, these are for transactions done in the US. The transactions that involve other countries are done with a SWIFT code. We brought this up just to explain that these numbers(Swift code and routing numbers) are very important for transactions. 

Routing Number For Bank Of America ACH Transactions 

An Automated Clearing House(ACH) transaction to a bank of America account would require an ACH routing number to go through successfully. Most times the ACH routing numbers are useful for withdrawals made through the ATM and different transactions between different financial institutions. For bank of America in California, the number is the same as the normal routing number 121000358.

Digit Of The Bank Of America California Routing Number

The bank of America California routing number possesses nine digits, these nine-digit number is for customers that had their accounts opened in California. The nine-digit number remains 121000358. 

The bank of America in California has a routing number of nine digits, not just the one in California. Every bank of America has a routing number of nine digits. You can always call customer care service to ask about your routing number if you doubt it. The website could also help you confirm the routing number, which is an option and is also legal. 

How Do I Get My Hands On This Routing Number?

Your bank of America routing number isn’t something to be stressed about, it is written on every monthly statement that you have ever received. It is also written on the corner of your check. Let us say you don’t have a checkbook, and you can’t find your monthly statements, all you need do is call the customer care service, and then you would have your routing number for free as there is no charge for this. The website also has it, and the mobile app does too. A bank routing number is not something that should cause you much stress to get, we have the bank of America routing number written above, so definitely it is on many other websites.

Does The Bank Of America California Routing Number Vary Amongst Individuals?

No! The bank of America California’s nine-digit routing number is the same for everyone, it is one state per routing number. Everyone who opened their bank account in California would expectedly share one routing number because all the accounts are owned by one state. 

The city in California doesn’t matter, the bank of America in California is used by everyone who has a bank of America account there. Everybody’s routing number in that state would be the same thing, the city or neighborhood doesn’t change a thing here. 

Leaving California doesn’t give your routing number the right to change, as long as the place of creation for that account is California, every transaction you make would be processed by the bank of America in California, which means that the routing number is stuck with you for as long as you have that account.

Does Every Bank Of America Share One Routing Number?

Every bank of America does not share one routing number, the routing number changes with respect to what state the bank account was opened. An account opened in California and an account opened in Florida cannot share one routing number because they are both in different states. 

A person opened an account in California and moved to Florida, that routing number would remain the same but not when they are opened in the different states. One person can have two bank accounts in the same bank but they were both opened in different states, both accounts would have different routing numbers. The town doesn’t change the routing number, neither does the individual, the state is what changes the routing number. 

A Table Showing Different States And Their Different Routing Numbers For The Bank Of America 

Banks And RegionsRouting Number
Bank of America Alabama051000017
Bank of America Arkansas082000073
Bank of America Alaska051000018
Bank of America Arizona122101706
Bank of America California 121000358
Bank of America Colorado123103716
Bank of America Connecticut011900254
Bank of America Delaware031202084
Bank of America District of Columbia054001204
Bank of America Florida063000047
Bank of America Florida West063100277
Bank of America Georgia061000052
Bank of America Hawaii051000017
Bank of America Idaho123103716
Bank of America Illinois 081904808
Bank of America, Illinois north071000505
Bank of America Illinois, Chicago metro0071103619
Bank of America Indiana071214579
Bank of America Iowa073000176
Bank of America Kansas101100045
Bank of America Kentucky 051000017
Bank of America Louisiana 051000017
Bank of America Maine011200365
Bank of America Maryland 052001633
Bank of America, Massachusetts 011000138
Bank of America Michigan 072000805
Bank of America Minnesota 071214579
Bank of America Mississippi 051000017
Bank of America Missouri East101000035
Bank of America Missouri West081000033
Bank of America Montana051000017
Bank of America Nebraska051000017
Bank of America Nevada122400724
Bank of America New Hemisphere 011400495
Bank of America New Jersey 021200339
Bank of America New Mexico107000327
Bank of America New York021000322
Bank of America North Carolina 053000196
Bank of America, North Dakota051000017
Bank of America Ohio051000017
Bank of America Oklahoma103000017
Bank of America Oregon323070380
Bank of America Pennsylvania 031202084
Bank of America, Rhode Island011500010
Bank of America South Carolina 053904483
Bank of America South Dakota 051000017
Bank of America Tennessee 064000020
Bank of America Texas North111000025
Bank of America Texas113000023
Bank of America Utah051000017
Bank Of America Vermont 051000017
Bank of America Virginia 051000017
Bank of America Vermont 051000017
BS k of America Virginia 051000017
Bank of America Washington, D.C. 125000024
Bank of America West Virginia051000017
Bank of America Wyoming051000017

Final Words 

The article suggests that there are factors that determine the routing number for your account. The exact location where the account was opened is a big factor, and as we have said before, the accounts opened in California use this routing number, 121000358. The routing number mentioned in this context is only used for deposits, wire transfers, checkbooks, and money transfers. 

Don’t think that leaving California and making transactions in other states would now change the account routing number. That is a misinterpretation of information because your routing number would be the same no matter what. That routing number given to you by the bank of America would definitely be the same even when you move to another state. This article must have taught you a lot about routing numbers. 


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