How To Turn Off Business Account On Instagram | Detailed Guidelines

Turn Off Business Account On Instagram

It is possible to turn off the business account on Instagram and switch back to a personal Instagram account. You can easily turn off the business account from the “Settings” option of the profile menu.

Key Takeaways

  • By turning off your business account on Instagram, you will be able to deactivate the profile until it is useful
  • By turning off your business account, you can permanently delete the account
  • If you permanently delete your business account then you won’t be able to reopen the account again

Business Profile – Overview

Business Profile Overview

As we might all know, Facebook and Instagram are like two peas in a pod, they work hand in hand, this gives Facebook the right to allow people to post on their Instagram pages through Facebook. Although Facebook also functions well in the business aspect because they also help businesses to grow and gain more customers. 

Three Reasons Why People Decide To Turn Off Their Instagram Business Profile

1. Maybe the business crumbled

2. Some issues like the giveaway and cyber attacks 

3. Personal issues, maybe you just want to have a little time for yourself.

Three Things That Could Be Done To Remove A Business Account From Instagram

1. Changing your business account to a personal account

2. Deactivating the profile until it is useful

3. Permanently deleting the account 

A Table Showing The Things That Could Be Done On Instagram And What They Entail. 

ActionsAbout These Actions
Changing your business account to a personal accountThis method is best when you won’t know if canceling your account would be best for you, some advantages follow this particular action. 
Deactivating the profile until it is usefulAlso, this action would help you decide if you are not completely sure about the permanent deactivation of the profile. This feature is only allowed on desktops. 
Permanently deleting the accountThis action should take place only when you are sure about leaving Instagram forever. The process cannot be achieved on the app, a browser would help a lot, also, a computer. 

Although those two are reversible and at some point, you might even forget that you did something like that. Don’t just take any of these decisions in haste because you might regret your actions. Keep trying to push the business to its limits so it would try to get to wherever you have pictured it. 

Different Ways To Terminate A Business Account And Their Steps

Different Ways To Terminate A Business Account And Their Steps

Whatever reason you have for wanting to close your business account, here are the steps to follow when you decide what way you want the account to go out. 

1. Change To Personal Account

If for some reason you believe that your business on Instagram has come to a stage of no revival. Now, you just want to put everything on hold and just chill on the whole business thing for a while, you can just switch your business account to a personal account. This option leaves you with having your account active and enjoying everything there is to enjoy on Instagram while you take a break. 

Here are the steps to follow when changing your business account to a personal account:

Step 1: Login To Your Instagram Account

You should understand this step because you can’t do anything on your Instagram account without being logged into the account.

Step 2: Go Straight To Your Profile

As soon as you are logged in, tap the button that takes you to your profile page. 

Step 3: Go To The Account Settings 

While on your profile page, a button that is drawn as three lines is there to pull out a menu where you can now select to check the settings.

Step 4: Select Account

Your settings page is open here, all you need do is select the option that takes you to your account settings. It is written right there as account settings. 

Step 5: This Is Where You Switch The Type Of Account You Are Using

A menu that pops up after you click on account settings, an option there says switch account type, this is what you have to press and then select the option that says personal account.

2. Deactivate Your Account 

Just like we said before, maybe business isn’t going well as planned, you want to just relax and regroup then come back with a lot of force, you could deactivate your account for some time. 

Here are the steps to do this:

Step 1: Open Up Your Instagram Account

Use your smartphone, laptop, or MacBook to log in. It doesn’t even matter

Step 2: Head Straight To Your Profile Page

After logging in, you are taken straight to the home page, where you can direct yourself to the profile page by clicking on your picture placed at the downright of your screen. 

Step 3: Tap The Button To Edit Your Profile

This button is placed right at the top of the profile page, it is near your picture and name. 

Step 4: Disable The Business Account

This process comes right after you have clicked on edit profile, a page where you can change your information will pop up. An option to disable your account is just placed on the screen. 

Step 5: The Disable Procedures 

After clicking the disable option, a new screen would pop up so you can fill in some information. Of course, Instagram would have to ask you for a particular reason why you think disabling your account would be a good choice. After going through all these processes, just click on the disable button and that is all. 

3. Permanently Deleting Your Account

This is when you decide that Instagram is no longer a place for you, this is an option that would make you lose your followers and posts. 

Here is how it is done: 

Step 1: Find Your Way To The Delete Your Account Page.

This cannot be done through your Instagram app, go through a browser or computer. 

Step 2: Fill The Form On The Page

This is just the normal question, Instagram would want to know why you are deleting your account.

Step 3: Enter Your Password Again

After that process, entering your Instagram password is mandatory again.

Step 4: Permanently Delete Your Account

After the whole process, click the option that says delete my account permanently. 

Which Is Better, Personal Or Business Account?

They both have almost the same features, but a business account helps you to connect with a lot of people so you can get clients easily. 

Is It Wrong To Switch A Personal Account to A Business Account?

Yeah, just make sure that you have a business that you want to run. 


Instagram is a great place to meet people and talk to others. If you have a business and you want the world to know about it, Instagram should be the best place to do that. 



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