Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card At Amazon And What Other Places To Go With A Walmart Card? (Explained!)

Use A Walmart Gift Card At Amazon

No! You cannot use a Walmart gift card at Amazon or any alternative retailer. Walmart aims to discourage customers from using their gift cards at Amazon which is a direct competitor. Not only at Amazon, but Walmart gift cards also are not usable at any alternative retailer. The places you can go with a Walmart gift card include all Walmart stores,, and Walmart-owned retailers such as Sam’s Club stores and Murphy United States fuel stations. 

Key Takeaways

  • With the Walmart gift cards, you’ll get a great variety of merchandise, including products from desirable brands at any Walmart store
  • With the regular Walmart gift cards, you’ll be able to make purchases of firearms, alcohol, and tobacco
  • Walmart allows customers to pay part of the transaction with a gift card and balance up with another payment method which is very convenient
  • If you have a digital Walmart gift card then you will need the 16-digit code and 4-digit PIN to make the payment

Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card To Buy Anything In-Store And Online?

Yes! Unless it was stated otherwise, customers can use Walmart gift cards to buy anything in-store and online. With the regular Walmart gift cards, you’ll be able to make purchases of firearms, alcohol, and tobacco. However, you won’t be able to do this with selected gift cards. By the way, particular gift cards involve buying specific items like the sole purchase of chicken during festive or seasonal periods.  

How Do You Use Walmart Gift Cards?

Using a gift card is quite easy, even for kids! After picking your desired goods and products, Walmart store associates will scan your gift cards at the point of payment. For online buyers, just type in the unique 16-digit code and 4-digit PIN when asked for payment. Furthermore, Walmart allows customers to pay part of the transaction with a gift card and balance up with another payment method. 

Where Can I Find Walmart Gift Cards?

You might not be able to get Walmart gift cards at retail stores that are not affiliated with Walmart. But the good thing is that getting a Walmart gift card wouldn’t be a problem since there are over 4,700 Walmart stores located in America with plenty of Walmart gift cards available. If you don’t want to go to the physical store, then you can go to the website There, you’ll see a full catalog of digital and plastic gift cards. 

Can You Use Amazon Gift Card Anywhere?

Amazon Gift Card

No! Just like the Walmart gift card, you can’t use Amazon gift cards anywhere. These cards can only be used on the Amazon website for online purchases. Besides, customers can convert the gift card to money, but Amazon won’t be blamed if something terrible happens. Meanwhile, Amazon gift cards can be sold to someone else in need of it. We suggest you keep your cards if you’re a retail lover. It does come with a lot of benefits. 

Most Popular Gift Cards

People give out gift cards mostly during special occasions and ceremonies in the United States. These cards offer convenience and are the best substitute for money when making purchases. For you to know which to pick when giving out gifts to your loved ones, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best and most popular gift cards.

1. Walmart Gift Card

The Walmart gift cards come in different designs. They are customizable to any perfect style like those of its direct competitor, Amazon. Walmart doesn’t have cards that are suitable gifts for the occasion at hand, like a birthday or wedding. If you want to get a Walmart gift card today, then go to the official Wal-Mart website. You get it there! Furthermore, one thing we love about Walmart gift cards is their availability of various options as E-Gift cards or corporate and bulk gift cards. 

2. Amazon Gift Card

Just like the Walmart gift cards, Amazon gift cards are designed for convenience and are the best substitute for money when making purchases at the store. The Amazon gift card is so prominent on the market because it has excellent features and different links with one of the best retailers in the world. Customers can get gift cards online from the Amazon website or the stores. 

3. iTunes Gift Card

The iTunes gift card is another popular gift card on the market. They are otherwise known as apple gift cards. iTunes gift cards are used to make various purchases in Apple stores. One good thing we love about iTunes gift cards is that they are easily redeemable. With these cards, you will be able to pay for iCloud, games, music, TV shows, products, and accessories.

4. Target Gift Card

Target gift cards are also popular cards like Amazon and Walmart gift cards. Customers are allowed to use these cards to purchase merchandise in stores. Besides, you can get it online at Once you’ve paid for it, it will be delivered via your email. By the way, target gift cards are customizable since they come in different designs. Through email, mail, or text, your loved ones will get these gift cards sent to them. 


We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These FAQs will help you understand everything you need to know about Walmart gift cards. Let’s check it out!

Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card To Purchase An Amazon Gift Card?

Not at all! Walmart gift cards are not redeemable at Amazon. You can only use these gift cards at Walmart-branded stores and other stores in the Walmart family like Sam’s Club. 

Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card Somewhere Else?

Of course! Walmart cards can be used somewhere apart from Walmart stores. Unless there are other restrictions, you can use your Walmart gift cards at Sam’s Club in the U.S./Puerto Rico, or online at,; or at specified Murphy USA Fuel Station. 

Why Can’t I Use My Walmart Gift Card Online?

You might not be able to use your Walmart gift card online if it doesn’t have a PIN. Look at the back of your gift card in the bottom right corner under the silver scratch-off area. You should be able to find the PIN there. If it’s not there, then consider it a physical gift card that can only be used at a store. Such cards will be useless for purchasing merchandise at

How Can I Get Cash For My Walmart Gift Card?

You might not be able to get cash for your Walmart gift card. Walmart makes gift cards in a way that people with the card will still have to spend the money at their stores. You can only sell your gift cards to someone in need of it at the exact amount on it. 

Can I Turn My Amazon Gift Card Into Cash?

No! Just like it is with Walmart gift cards, gift card owners can’t directly turn their gift cards into cash. You can only sell to people who need the most card or people who want to buy from Amazon. However, there’s another way that proves to be effective. You can order something from Amazon’s online store like phones, electronics, etc., and then sell it back to other stores. 

What Types Of Gift Cards Does Walmart sell?

Walmart sells different types of gift cards, and they include

1. AMC Theater Gift Cards.

2. American Express Prepaid Gift Cards.

3. Apple Gift Cards.

4. AT&T Airtime Cards & Gift Cards.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Cards.

6. PlayStation Gift Cards.

7. Walmart Gift Cards.

8. Xbox Gift Cards.

How Many Walmart Gift Cards Are There Per Order?

Walmart customers are allowed to use up to five gift cards at one time or a mixture of a gift card and a different payment method like Pay with Cash or credit/debit card. 

What Can You Not Buy With A Walmart Gift Card?

Unless stated otherwise, you can use your gift cards to buy anything from the store. Apart from selected gift cards that forbid the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, regular cards can be used to buy arguably anything. 

Closing Thoughts 

All customers can use their Walmart gift cards at all Walmart stores, online, at Sam’s Club, and at selected Murphy USA Fuel Stations. Unless stated otherwise, you are allowed to use your Walmart gift cards to purchase any products except for gift cards. Besides, you’re prohibited from buying merchandise at retailers that are not associated with Walmart. We’ve reached the final session of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know if you can use Walmart gift cards at Amazon. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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