What Is CarMax Return Policy? (All Details Included!)

What Is CarMax Return Policy

CarMax has an excellent return policy. It has improved its 7-day money-back guarantee. Now customers have 7 days to decide if a vehicle is the right fit, allowing them to return the car for any reason up to 1,500 miles. This offering is unmatched in the industry and one that CarMax’s competitors will have trouble topping.

Key Takeaways

  • CarMax offers customers the option to personalize their purchases for both online and in-store shopping
  • CarMax offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so it means if you are not happy with any vehicle at CarMax then you can simply return it within seven days
  • You can also return a car after 7 days and get a full return but in that case, the car should not be driven more than 1,500 miles
  • The best part of CarMax’s return policy is, it will remove any restocking fees and shipping costs associated with the return of your vehicle

CarMax Return Policy 

CarMax Return Policy 

At CarMax, they make the process of finding a vehicle and getting it home quick and easy! With over 1000 different cars from which to choose in their inventory and nearly half a million customers that have come through our doors, we can easily be your trusted choice for great deals on used vehicles. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with every aspect of your car purchase, so consider our 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy with any vehicle including any used car at CarMax simply return it within seven days or 1,500 miles for a full refund. With that said, we promise you an enjoyable ownership experience.

CarMax Refunds – Method And Timelines

CarMax will process your refund if you choose to return the car (within 72 hours from the purchase). CarMax will reimburse you for any time used under the contract (months or days left depending on whether or not you terminated your contract) and apply all returned payments back to the original credit, debit, or check card. CarMax will also remove any restocking fees and shipping costs associated with the return of your vehicle. The time it takes for a refund to appear in your account may vary.

After 30 Days or Over 1,500 Miles

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may be able to return it to CarMax within 7 days of the date of original delivery or within 1,500 miles of any car’s initial delivery to you. Any vehicle purchased from CarMax must be free from mechanical or structural defects. Provided your vehicle meets this criteria, you may be able to sell the car back to us within five days of an exchange or a cancellation. See our related research for details on the process of selling your car back in order to recoup some costs in exchange for one that more closely reflects your needs and preferences.

If you feel the car is perfect for you, then you’ll be blessed with the fact that CarMax still offers a 90-day or 4,000-mile limited warranty on all vehicles. If a covered part fails to work well in your vehicle during this time, you may be able to get a repair. Optional MaxCare extended service plans also offer repair coverage for an additional 144 months or up to around 150,000 miles (240,000 km).

How To Return CarMax Cars

Since CarMax only operate store mode of return, you can only return the car by visiting the store from where you bought the car.

Return CarMax In A Store

If you need to return your merchandise, visit our store within seven days of purchasing it. The easiest way to get back in touch with the team if you have any questions is by emailing them at [email protected] Also be sure to handle all returns in-person, and remember to bring the required documents. Follow the following steps to return your car to the nearest CarMax store; 

Step 1: Firstly, you need to check eligibility of the return by checking CarMax store return policy.

Step 2: Locate a nearby store before proceeding for the return

Step 3: Get the invoice and visit your nearby store after locating the store. 

Step 4: Make sure you have a return receipt for the order before going to the store. 

Step 5: Go to customer care desk in the store and submit the items return receipt or purchase confirmation mail to store official. After which they will help you in processing your return.

Step 6: You’ll get your refund as soon as possible in the same mode you used to buy.

CarMax Return Policy For Different Products

Customer satisfaction is important for CarMax, which helps explain why it offers a flexible return policy. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, no problem – simply take the car back to your local CarMax store and you’ll walk away with a full refund. All you have to remember is to make sure the product has not sustained any obvious physical damage on its own and that it be returned within 7 days of the initial transaction (with all original accessories still included). In addition, check out our easy-to-use online tool for help finding new cars as well!

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All kind of carsThe car that you wish to return should be in original condition without any physical damageEasy 7 days return policy

CarMax Exchange Policy

CarMax Exchange Policy

If you want to change a car you already have for another one of your choice, first find out the reason behind exchanging your car. If it is because you bought a second-hand car and want to exchange it for another new or used car, then you will need to meet up with the people at that company and tell them about the situation.

CarMax Return Policy For Used Cars

Step 1: Determine your eligibility

CarMax know that buying a used car can be daunting and confusing. That’s why they offer you the option to return your used car to them in the event that you change your mind within 5 business days following your purchase. In addition, CarMax requires its salespeople not to push potential buyers towards purchasing cars beyond their initial choice when they make the decision to return an automobile purchased previously.

Step 2: Inspect your car

When assessing the condition of your used car, look for inconsistencies that weren’t there when you initially bought it. The new car company will only offer to take back the vehicle and give you a full refund if it has not been altered in any way since you bought it. In other words, if you backed into a pole or any kind of stationary object when testing out your new wheels within two days of purchasing it, the money-back guarantee does not apply.

Step 3: Return your car to CarMax 

You can get a full refund of your car purchase up to 90 days after the date or purchase, according to CarMax, so there are no mileage restrictions on returning your vehicle. If a second person’s name appears on the sales agreement, then it is mandatory that they come with you when you return the vehicle for a refund because CarMax only issues checks in the name of whoever took delivery of the car. The person who bought the car is issued a check which means any other individuals will have to go through another company if they desire a cash payment!

Final Words

CarMax has better promises for the future! Most companies only provide a five-day return policy, placing CarMax at a disadvantage in comparison. However, CarMax is now known for having one of the best 7-day return guarantees, allowing drivers to receive a refund up to 1,500 miles after purchase. The program is unmatched by competitors and should offer some relief from other brands that have failed to keep up with demands placed on both customers and business partners alike.



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