What Is Marketing Education?

Marketing education is a degree program option that exposes students to how to move products from concept to consumer. Marketing education is a broad concept that requires a full-length syllabus and education. 

The well-known and extremely quotable 20th-century management guru Peter Drucker established breaking down the business of how business works. The business is broken down into deceptively straightforward sound bites. 

He posited that the reason for business is to create customers, so the two basic functions of an enterprise are marketing and innovation. As he noted,

“Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

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Innovation is a somewhat self-explanatory if complex process: it’s the thinking and tinkering that goes into the conception, engineering, and ultimate creation of a company’s products and services. The marketing side of Drucker’s equation can be more difficult to pin down. 

In practice, marketing includes a wide and varied range of challenges, from surveying and decisive demand for a product or service to developing covering concepts and marketing campaigns, from tactical branding and targeted promotions to the everyday imperatives of communal relations. It is, indeed, a unique and versatile function of the business.

There’s no license essential to enter the field of marketing. But, marketing does require a broad base of knowledge, including thinly honed communications skills, a firm clutch of consumer psychology, a familiarity with data analysis methodologies, and a gut-level nature for what does and doesn’t work in the world of business.

There are internships and primary-level jobs open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree in business and management, media studies and communications, the behavioral sciences, and related fields, however, other marketing positions need a graduate degree.

Preparation for a master’s degree in marketing can begin as an undergraduate when specific areas of study can start you on a path toward a career in marketing. It all depends on the particular area of marketing you intend to pursue. 

For example, coursework in journalism and new media communications, coupled with strong writing skills, can find some groundwork for the marketing side of selling, as can classes in art history, studio arts, and photography. 

On the other hand, a backdrop in economics, computer science, statistics, and business law could be more appropriate for those aiming at management roles in marketing.

Whatever the course of study, knowledge is always a good thing. Internships and entry-level work can be chiefly supportive in influencing an area of focus. In addition, online master’s degree programs in marketing are generally designed to hearten and contain students who have already begun working in the field.



As the world of advertising has gone ever more practical, so to have the options for earning a master’s in the field. Online programs are now obtainable that allow the busy qualified the opportunity to chase their higher degree in a way that offers flexibility where it concerns time and assignments.

The process of discovering the correct school to be present at, even almost, can be a dizzying process thanks to these various options. Below, we’ve composed a list of the schools that have ranked at the top for their master’s in advertising degree offerings. 


Using our own line of attack, we looked at hundreds of schools and how they stack up against one another to carry the very best to possible master’s students and take the guesswork out of finding the right program.


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