Do You Need An Appointment For A Tire Change Or Oil Change At Walmart Supercenter? (Explained!)

Tire Change Or Oil Change At Walmart Supercenter

Getting a tire or oil change at a Walmart supercenter is as easy as going there to get the service done as you do not need to make an appointment. They would typically attend to you on a first-come basis.

Key Takeaways

  • It is not mandatory to take an appointment before going to a Walmart Supercenter
  • The Walmart Supercenter remains open from 6 am – 11 pm
  • The Walmart Supercenter offers a basic service of changing regular vehicle oil at an affordable price
  • The Tire change service of Walmart Supercenter includes tire rotation, flat tire repair, lifetime balance and rotation, tire mounting, etc.

What Time Can I Go There?

Yes, you might not need to make an appointment before they attend to you at a Walmart Supercenter. However, you can also decide to make an appointment on the OneWalmart website if you do not want any delays.

Recall that we earlier mentioned that they attend to people on a first-come basis. Thus, if you go there and many people are there, you need to wait until it gets to your turn for an oil or tire change.

However, if you made an appointment, they would clear their schedule at the stipulated time and have someone attend to you.

You can access Walmart’s supercenter between 6 am – 11 pm.

Oil Services 

Oil service has many sub-services that you can get at a Walmart supercenter. So, if you are aiming to get an oil change at a Walmart supercenter, some of the services may include:

1. Standard Oil Change: It is the commonest form of oil service you can get at a Walmart supercenter. It involves getting services that ensure basic engine-level protection. In addition, you also get everything in pit services, including vacuuming. The goal of this service is to meet industry performance standards. Yes, it is a basic service of changing regular vehicle oil, but they ensure to deliver it effectively.

2. Semi-synthetic Oil: It is a service that gives better protection than standard oil change as it goes beyond basic. Here, it ensures to meet Dexos and new car specifications. The oil used for this service isn’t the conventional oil used for a standard oil change. Therefore, you can get higher assurance when you opt for this service. Interestingly, it isn’t as expensive as one might think.

3. Synthetic Oil: If you are familiar with automobiles, you will agree that synthetic oil provides the highest level of engine protection, and you can get such service at the Walmart supercenter. Here, they help you put synthetic oil into your vehicle, and this oil has special additives that help it do its work. You can also get all the services under pit services when you opt for the synthetic oil change option at Walmart supercenter.

4. High Mileage Oil: Not everyone goes for this service, only for specific cars. So, you would see that people who desire this service own cars of over 75,000 miles. The oil change here helps protect the engine life of the vehicle while fighting against burn off and leaks. And you can also get additional pit services.

5. Pit Crew Oil Change: This service is one of the basic services you can get from the Walmart supercenter. If you are not looking for a high-charge oil service, you can opt for this option. It allows you to get a new oil filter, up to 5 quarts of conventional oil, battery performance and tire check, and more. Interestingly, they offer this service for one of the best prices you can get in the automobile servicing market. 

6. Power And Performance Oil Change: We cannot say that this would be a cheap service as you get synthetic oil when you choose this oil service at Walmart supercenter. You can enjoy up to 5 quarts of synthetic oil from this service, plus all the pit crew services. It is used when people look for an automobile servicing option that can last for a while.

Tire Change Services 

Tire Change Services 

Tire change services work similarly to oil change services at Walmart supercenter as they both have various types of services.

Some of the tire change services you can get include:

1. Tire Rotation: It is one of the cheapest tire services you can get at Walmart supercenter. It entails changing the position of a tire on a vehicle. For example, you want your current front tire to be at the back for whatever reason. Thus, you can go to the supercenter for them to help you get it done. And it is also one of the quickest tire services.

2. Flat Tire Repair: Almost no car owner has never had a flat tire before. Everyone who has a vehicle will always need a flat tire repair when the tire is deflated. The repair is a process of adding air to the tire to get it back to its original state, as that is the only way you can drive with it.

3. Lifetime Balance And Rotation: A well-balanced tire gives you hope and assurance while driving. So, we can say that anyone would be joyous to have an option that lets them have a lifetime balanced tire. We love that you can get such service at the supercenter at an affordable price. And, it is not surprising that the supercenter always has lots of customers.

4. Basic Tire Installation Package: The basic tire installation package offers a lot, even if it does not seem like it. You can enjoy tire mounting, lifetime balancing, valve stems, and more with this offer. However, it is important to note that they can also offer some additional options, but it will come at a cost, especially if you did not purchase the tires from Walmart.

5. Value Tire Installation Package: Allow us to tell you that this package is more expensive than the basic tire installation package. Here, you can also enjoy all the benefits of the basic tire installation package. But in addition, you will also get a 50-mile lug retorque and road hazard protection warranty. But that will apply if you purchased the tires from Walmart. 

6. Tire Mounting (carry-in): We can say that the benefits that come with this package are limited. But that is to be expected as this package is estimated at $10. With this package, you will only get a service that mounts the tire on a rim. If you are not looking for an extravagant package, you can choose this tire service. We also love that it doesn’t take time.

Other Services At Walmart Supercenter 

Other Services At Walmart Supercenter 

Some other services at Walmart supercenter include: 

1. Battery Services: It would be impossible to move a vehicle with a car battery. Therefore, you can tell that it is an important vehicle component and its services are also essential. Walmart supercenter provides various battery services. You could get a free battery installation when you go there if you got the battery from Walmart. But you will pay a fee if you didn’t get it from Walmart. Other battery services include battery corrosion treatment that treats your battery terminals and battery terminal end replacement that changes spoiled battery terminals. We love that the supercenter has expert hands that carry out these services and ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Engine Air Filter Replacement: Did you know that the engine comes with an air filter? Those who are familiar with automobiles would know this fact. The air filter protects dirt and other unwanted items from getting into the engine area. However, you would need to clean it or even replace it regularly. And, it is one of the services you can get at Walmart supercenter. Interestingly, we see that you can get this service for free if you bought the engine air filter from Walmart, and it comes in handy for many people. But if you had the engine air filter already, you would need to pay a fee though it won’t be expensive.

3. Windshield Wiper Replacement: Everyone would agree that driving under certain weather conditions gets difficult when you have a faulty wiper. So, you would always need a wiper replacement, and you can get such service at Walmart supercenter. They ensure to carry out a thorough service, ensuring that customers are pleased and satisfied with the work.

Below Is A Table Highlighting Some Of The Services You Can Get At A Walmart Supercenter And Their Prices.

Service Charge
Cabin air filter installation $10 each
Chassis lubrication $4.50
Fuel system service $20 
Standard oil change $29.88
Pit crew oil change $19.88
Basic tire installation package$15 per tire


Some of the frequently asked questions about Walmart supercenter are:

Does Walmart Do Walk In Tire Installation?

Yes, you don’t always need an appointment before you can get tire installment services at Walmart supercenter. It depends on your preference as you can decide to walk in or book an appointment.

How Does Walmart Oil Change Work?

Walmart’s oil change service depends on what you want to do. Your oil need determines the option or packages you will pick and the payable amount.

Is Tire Installation Free At Walmart?

The only way you can sometimes get a free tire installation at Walmart is if you got the tires from them. 


Walmart supercenter does not always need appointments or bookings as you can walk in there and get any of their services. However, they attend to people on a first-come basis.


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