How Do I Set Up A 2 Step Account For Walmart? (Explained!)

Set Up A 2 Step Account For Walmart

You can easily setup 2 step account for Walmart from your Walmart account. Walmart 2 step verification refers to the extra procedures that go into protecting your Walmart account. The idea here is to have a unique 6-digit code that change always whenever you want to log into your Walmart account. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you setup the Walmart 2 step account then you can get the 6-digit code through SMS, calls, or through the Walmart app
  • Setting up a 2 step account for Walmart comes in as a differentiator for two accounts
  • If you set up a 2 step account for Walmart then it will provide added security to your account
  • The 2-step verification will protect your user data from the scammers

How To Set Up A Walmart 2 Step Account 

How To Set Up A Walmart 2 Step Account 

Whenever we advocate that people should set up a Walmart 2 step account, we see that they hesitate to do it. From observation, we have noticed that many people feel it is difficult or stressful to set up this account, and we can all agree that no one likes stress. 

However, allow us to tell you that setting up a Walmart 2 step account is not stressful. Thus, we will be letting you know how to step a 2 step account for Walmart as you read further this article. 

Step 1: The first step to setting up a 2 step account for Walmart is by logging on to

Step 2:  You will need to enter your ASDA PC User ID and password to log in. You will typically see your name at the top of the page to signify that you have successfully logged in. Thus, it is best to always know your ID and password. 

Step 3: Then, you need to pick the option you prefer to use and receive the unique 6-digit code. These options include text, voice call, and voice app. 

Some of the options are: 

1. Through Text: It should be common knowledge that you will need to input your phone number if you want to be receiving the code through text. Thus, one of the first things to do would be to choose the correct country code and input your number. Once you have put in the correct phone number, you should get the code on your phone. After getting the code, you will put it into the available space and click on submit. It is only when you have submitted the code that you can successfully register your number, and you will continue using that registered number to get the code whenever you want to go into your Walmart account. 

2. Through Voice Call: We often see some people say that they will prefer to get the code through channels that differ from the text. And, we are happy to tell you that you can get such an option. Thus, you can get your code through a voice call, showing that the process supports different preferences. The process is almost similar to setting up through text as you would need to choose a country code and input your phone number. However, we see that there are two spaces for phone numbers. So, you will need to input the number twice. Once you have correctly filled these into the spaces, you will get a call containing the code. 

3. Through Voice App: It is best to keep in mind that you will need to download the VIP access app before you can set up a 2 step account for Walmart through this method. So, you need to go to your app store and download the VIP access app. The app store you will visit is dependent on the device you are using. Once you have downloaded this app, you will need to input your User ID and security code. Then, the app will send you the security code and you click on submit to finish the process. 

As you can see, it is not difficult to set up a 2 step account for Walmart.

Importance Of Setting Up A 2 Step Account For Walmart 

2 Step Account For Walmart 

We would not be surprised if you are wondering about the importance of setting up a 2 step account for Walmart, and we will discuss them below. 

Some of the importance of setting up a 2 step account for Walmart includes: 

For Uniqueness: It is common knowledge that many people may share the same passwords, knowingly or unknowingly. Thus, setting up a 2 step account for Walmart comes in as a differentiator. If you have ever tried to set up a password for anything before, you will sometimes notice that the platform might give you some suggested passwords. It is because they understand that some people may have the same passwords in mind, and they want to ensure that no one else can get into your account. So, imagine if two siblings have a Walmart account and they have a pattern of always using the same password for everything. Therefore, sibling A can easily gain access into the Walmart account of sibling B and vice-versa. But if they both set up a 2 step account for Walmart, they won’t have access to each other’s account even if they used the same password. So, it is important to have a 2 step account for Walmart. 

It Gives Peace Of Mind: Do you have suspicions that someone knows your password? In such a case, you would think to result in changing your password. But, how many times would you always change your password? One would agree that the process of changing your password can get tiring, and you will begin to lose track of the different passwords with time. It might even get to a situation where you have forgotten the new password and it becomes a problem. Therefore, people are looking for a way to stick to using one password but still have peace of mind with that password. So, we suggest that you set up a 2 step account for Walmart as it gives you that extra protection that you desire. When you have a 2 step account set up, you do not need to worry about anyone having your password as they still cannot log in to your account without getting the unique 6-digit code. 

It Protects User’s Data: As a Walmart user, we can be sure that your details are saved on your Walmart account. After all, we know that you do not want to go through the stress of always inputting information like your delivery address and more whenever you want to place an order. We see that frequent shoppers prefer it when their details are saved as it makes it easier for them the next time they want to shop. However, if such information gets into the wrong hands, it can put them in compromising positions. For example, if someone knows your address, full name, number, and more, they can use it to scam people and implicate you in things that you had no idea about. Therefore, it is always important to protect your Walmart account so that random people will not have access to such data. Walmart always wishes to protect its users, and they know that a 2  step verification is necessary.

It Protects Your Card Information From Third Party: We have already established that people usually save their personal details on their Walmart account. Thus, it is not out of place that people will have their card information saved on the account for easy payment. For example, you are out without your card and you want to get something from the Walmart online store. It could be that you want to use Walmart Pickup so you can get the things on your way back home. Thus, it would come in handy if your card details are already saved on your Walmart account as you do not need to wait until you get home before shopping. However, your card details can get compromised if there isn’t adequate protection. You can even see that some of your relatives might have your password and use it to pay for their things without your consent. And yes, these relatives will classify as a third party. Therefore, Walmart is concerned about protecting your card information as they do not want heartbreaking cases which led to the idea of users setting up a 2 step account for their Walmart account. 


Since there are sometimes hesitations about setting up a 2 step account for Walmart, people usually have lots of questions. 

Some of the frequently asked questions include:

Can I Access Walmart Wire From Home?

First, allow us to tell you that Walmart wire is a platform for all Walmart workers, helping them with certain work necessities.

However, you cannot access your Walmart wire except you are at a physical Walmart store. But you can always access OneWalmart from home. 

What Is Your User ID For Walmart?

As a Walmart employee, your user ID is your official working email address. It is the email address that you use to log into your Walmart account. 

Can I Delete My Walmart Account?

Of course, Walmart would not want to lose any of its customers. Therefore, there is no option for deleting your Walmart account as you can always use it in whatever year that you desire. 

But if there is a pressing reason why you might need to delete your Walmart account, you would need to contact their customer care. 


It is essential for every Walmart user to set up a 2 step account for Walmart for protection reasons. Once you have set up a 2 step account for Walmart, we are sure that you will not have any complaints. 


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