Can You Apply For Andhra Bank Account Online Without Visiting The Bank?

Apply For Andhra Bank Account Online

Andhra Bank, presently known as Union Bank of India and it is a medium-sized public sector bank of India. It is a very popular and renowned bank of India and it allows people to open Andhra Bank Savings accounts both online and offline. If you want to open an Andhra Bank account offline then you have to visit the branch physically. However, you can also open a savings account online, and below you will find all the information regarding how you can open Andhra Bank Account online. Let’s check them out!

If you want to open an Andhra bank account online then you have to visit the official website of the bank. There, you have to apply for a savings account and provide the required information. You have to provide personal information like Name, Contact number, Date of Birth, Address, etc. You have to submit documents like PAN and Aadhar or any other document to validate the provided information. Finally, the bank will review your application and approve your bank account.

Types Of Andhra Bank Savings Account

Types Of Andhra Bank Savings Account

Andhra Bank offers 13 different types of savings bank accounts to meet the various requirements of the customers. You can open these savings account with the bank online or by visiting any of their branches. Let’s check out all the 13 savings account of Andhra Bank – 

1. AB Diamond Savings Bank Account

This savings bank account is created especially for well-paid salaried employees of reputed corporate, central, and state governments. So, this account is best for individuals with a high net worth. 

2. AB Platinum Savings Bank Account

This savings account is also a good choice for high-net-worth individuals and well-paid salaried customers from reputed organizations. This bank account offers various facilities like priority locker allotment and unlimited cheque book facility. 

3. AB Kiddy Bank

It is a special account for minors in the age group of 10 to 18 years. The minimum balance requirement for this account is Rs.100 and you can deposit money from any branch of Andhra Bank.  

4. AB Abhaya Plus

This savings account provides an accidental insurance facility for a premium of Rs.18. This insurance will offer coverage of up to Rs.50,000 and will protect against death, partial or permanent disability.

5. AB Easy Savings No Frills Account

This is an elementary type no-frills account and it comes with no extra service charges and no restrictions on the number of withdrawals in the account. It is only required to have Rs.5 to maintain this account.

6. Abhaya SB Account

This is a special type of savings account and it offers personal accident insurance cover against death or permanent/partial disability for up to Rs.50,000 per person. You can run this account jointly or singly. 

7. Abhaya Gold SB Account

This account offers insurance coverage worth Rs.1 lakh per person and it also covers death or permanent/partial disability. This premium is fixed in this account and it is Rs.45 per person.   

8. AB Jeevan Abhaya Scheme

This scheme is launched in partnership with IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Limited and it offers accidental death benefit and group insurance coverage for the account holder. However, this scheme is only available for people between 18 to 55 years.  

9. AB Super Salary SB Account

This is zero-balance savings account for salaried employees of a reputed company/organization. This bank account also offers free internet banking, free ATM, debit, and credit card facilities.  

10. Abhaya First Wealth Pack

This is an exclusive account from Andhra bank and it combines the benefits of four products – 

1. Life insurance coverage

2. Unit linked plan

3. Recurring deposit 

4. Savings bank account 

11. AB Jeevan Abhaya Double Plus

This savings bank account offers life insurance coverage of Rs.5 lakhs and it covers accidents and death due to natural causes. The premium of this scheme is nominal and you don’t have to take the medical examination for this scheme.   

12. AB Jeevan Abhaya Triple Plus

This savings account offers a one-year renewable group term insurance scheme and the coverage includes death due to natural causes and accidents at a nominal premium amount. People within 18 to 55 years can apply for this scheme.    

13. AB Little Stars And AB Teens

This savings account is for minors and it provides an exclusive savings passbook and specially crafted withdrawal booklet. Moreover, this bank account also offers RuPay cards, internet, and a mobile banking facility which is very convenient.

How To Open Andhra Bank Savings Account Online

Opening an Andhra Bank savings account online is very easy. Simply follow the below steps – 

1. First, visit the official website of Andhra Bank

2. Now from the available options, click on the Savings Account option and next click the “Apply Now” button

3. Then fill the form with required details: Name, Contact number, Date of Birth, Address, etc. and then clicks on “Submit”

4. Next, verify the details with the documents like PAN and Aadhar

5. After that, Andhra Bank’s executive will verify all the submitted documents

6. Once the verification is successful, the Andhra bank will share the welcome kit containing debit cum ATM Card, PIN, and checkbook with you

7. When your account is registered with the bank, you will be able to add your mobile number as well as use the debit card and checkbook for banking services

Documents Required For Opening Andhra Bank Savings Account

You have to submit some documents for the proof of address as well as identity. Documents that are accepted as valid documents for Address proof are – 

1. Aadhaar card

2. Voter ID

3. Ration card

4. Passport

5. Driving license

6. Utility bill like electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill

7. Bank account statement

8. Passbook of the bank

9. A letter stamped/signed/recognized from a gazetted officer to verify the address details of the applicant      

Documents that are accepted as valid documents for identity proof are – 

1. PAN card

2. Passport

3. Voter ID

4. Employee ID

5. Driving license

6. Aadhaar card

7. NREGA job card

Any photo ID card issued by the Central/State government

Andhra Bank Savings Account Eligibility

Savings Account NameEligibility
AB Diamond SavingsHigh net worth individuals, well-paid salaried applicants of reputed companies/organizations Societies, educational institutions, and charitable trusts
AB Platinum SavingsHigh net worth individuals, well-paid salaried applicants of reputed companies/organizations Societies, educational institutions, and charitable trusts
AB Kiddy BankChildren under the age of 18 (minors)
AB Abhaya PlusN/A
AB Easy SavingsAs per KYC Norms
Abhaya SB AccountThe applicant’s age should be 5 to 70 years
AB Jeevan AbhayaThe applicant’s age should be 5 to 70 years
AB Super SalaryCustomers aged between 18 to 55 years
Abhaya First Wealth PackSalaried applicants
AB Jeevan Abhaya Double PlusThe applicant’s age should be between 18 to 59 years
AB Jeevan Abhaya Triple PlusThe age group of 18 to 55 years
AB Little Stars and AB TeensCustomers between 10 to 15 years and customers between 15 to 18 years

Andhra Bank Savings Account Minimum Balance Requirement And Features

Savings Account NameMinimum Balance RequirementsFeatures
AB Diamond SavingsAverage Quarterly Balance of Rs.3 lakhsWaiver of SMS charges and annual ATM, Debit card maintenance chargesFree insurance cover worth Rs.5 lakhsunlimited personalized checkbook
AB Platinum SavingsAverage Quarterly Balance of Rs.5 lakhsPriority Locker allotmentFree accidental coverage of Rs.10 lakhsFree life insurance cover of Rs.2 lakhs
AB Kiddy BankRs.100Free doll with every savings account
The interest of 4% per annumDeposits can be made at any Andhra Bank branch
AB Abhaya PlusN/AAccidental insurance facilityMaximum insurance cover worth Rs.50,000
AB Easy Savings No Frills Rs.5No charges on minimum balance non-maintenance
Relaxed KYC norms
No restrictions on the number of withdrawals
Abhaya SB AccountN/AInsurance cover worth Rs.50,000The premium for insurance at Rs.15 only
International debit card and checkbook facilities
Abhaya Gold SB AccountN/AInsurance cover worth Rs.1 lakh per person
Premium at Rs.45 per annum onlyAny branch banking facility
AB Jeevan AbhayaN/ASun assured of Rs.1 lakhNo medical checkup needed for insurance
AB Super SalaryAverage Minimum Balance of Rs.5000 to be maintainedNo ledger transaction chargesZero Balance AccountFree debit card, credit card, and demit account
Abhaya First Wealth PackN/ACombines the benefits of four productsThe term is 10 years with annual installments.Three variants in different denominations
AB Jeevan Abhaya Double PlusN/AThe nominal premium amount for life insurance coverage of Rs.5 lakhsTax benefits
Personalized checkbooks and RTGS, NEFT facilities
AB Jeevan Abhaya Triple PlusN/ALife insurance coverage of Rs.10 lakhsNominal premium rates
SMS, internet, and mobile banking facilities
AB Little Stars and AB TeensRs.500 in urban and metro areas and Rs.250 in rural and semi-urban areasRuPay ATM cards
Internet and mobile banking facilities
Exclusive passbook and withdrawal booklet

FAQs About Can you Apply For Andhra Bank Account Online without Visiting The Bank

Can We Open An Andhra Bank Account Online?

Yes, you can open an Andhra bank account online. Andhra bank allows people to open a bank account online. Moreover, you can also a bank account by physically visiting the nearest Andhra bank branch.

What Is The Minimum Balance In Andhra Bank Saving Account?

The minimum balance in the Andhra Bank saving account is Rs. 150. If you want to keep your bank account active then you have to keep a balance of at least Rs. 150 in your Andhra bank savings account.

Can I Open An Online Bank Account Without A PAN Card?

Yes, you can open a bank account online without a PAN card. A PAN card is not mandatory for opening a bank account. You will need Aadhaar Card or Form 60 to open a bank account in India.

Which Banks Are Giving Zero Balance Account?

Below is a list of banks that are offering zero balance account – 

1. Kotak Mahindra Bank
2. Standard Chartered Bank
3. HDFC Bank 
4. Axis Bank, etc.   



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