866-712-7753 – Why Is This Number Showing Up On Credit Card Bill?

866-712-7753 Why Is This Number Showing Up On Credit Card Bill

Over the years the number of credit card users has increased a lot and so does the number of credit card scams. Frauds are using various scamming methods to take away money from credit cards. If you are an iPhone user and your credit card is connected with your iTunes account then you must check your credit card bills for the Apple scum that looks like “APL*ITUNES.CON/BILL 866-712-7753 CA” or something similar.

If the number “866-712-7753” is showing up on your credit card then you are a victim of the Apple iTunes credit card scam. This is a fake number and it’s not the legitimate number of Apple iTunes. If you are completely sure you or any of your family members don’t register this card with Apple or iTunes account then contact the card issuer bank or institute. They will send you a new credit card.         

The Apple iTunes 866-712-7753 Scam

The Apple iTunes 866-712-7753 Scam

If you are a new credit card user then you might think that it is a new credit card scam, but it’s not. This is an old scam and this number is associated with fraudulent charges since 2014. So if you see this number on your credit card bill then don’t be panic. Apple is not charging you from your credit card. Here, some fraud is actually making fraudulent charges using your card number and misleading you by somehow showing the charge is coming from “866-712-7753” or “APL*ITUNES.CON/BILL 866-712-7753 CA.” So, if this happens to you then your card is compromised.

How Does This Fraud Activity Works?

How Does This Fraud Activity Works

Over the years many people have become the victim of this credit card scam. Many victims claimed that they were only charged $0.99 to $1 – $2 while others claimed that they were charged several hundred dollars. Usually, the smallest amount is likely a test by the fraud to check if the credit card is working or not. Moreover, they also do this to see if the charge is noticed, reported, and subsequently rejected. If the incident is not noticed by the cardholder then the frauds conduct another test and this time the amount is usually under $5.00. If the amount is also not noticed by the victim then the frauds take several hundreds of dollars from the victim’s account.

What You Should Do If You Become A Victim Of This Scam?

What Should Do If Become A Victim Of This Scam

This is a very old and common scam and Apple is aware of this scam. As a credit cardholder, you should check your monthly credit report and credit balance to identify this type of scam. If you see this type of suspicious activities then you should contact iTunes customer service about it and they may refund the amount. If you fail to contact the iTunes customer service then you should contact the issuer of your credit card. Then, report the fraudulent charges and close the card. Next, apply for a new credit card with a new card number. If you can report the fraudulent activity within 30 days then the card issuer company will remove the fraudulent charges from your account.

FAQs About Apple “866-712-7753” Number Scam

1. What Is This Phone Number 866-712-7753?

The phone number “866-712-7753” is used by scammers to scam credit card users. Scammers use this number as the Apple iTunes number to make fraudulent purchases.

2. Why Do I Get Billed For iTunes?

Usually, you get billed for iTunes if you buy an app, music, movie, or other content from Apple. Moreover, Apple bills also appear if your subscription is renewed or if a family member buys apps or content from Apple.

3. How Do I Find Out What’s Apple Charging Me?

If you have an iTunes account then you can easily find out what you are charged for by Apple. The process is very simple. Here are the details – 

1. First, open a browser on your computer
2. Now visit reportaproblem.apple.com              
3. Sign in with your Apple ID
4. Then you will see the list of your purchases
5. If you want to see the full details including tax then click the date
6. Multiple purchases and subscriptions might be grouped onto one charge

4. Why Is Apple Charging Me $0.99 A Month?

If Apple is charging you $0.99 per month then it is most likely the charge/subscription fee for Apple iCloud storage. If you don’t need the storage space then you can unsubscribe it and downgrade to the 5 GB free storage.

5. What’s This Mysterious Charge On My Credit Card?

If you see a mysterious charge on your credit card statement then it might be a mistake made by the merchant. If you find that a purchase is showing a different amount from the money receipt then you should immediately contact the merchant. You should show the receipt as proof so that the merchant can quickly solve the problem.


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