Does Target Have A Limit On Returns Without A Receipt (Well-Explained!)

Does Target Have A Limit On Returns Without A Receipt

Yes! At Target, you can return items without a receipt and get back in most situations; however, you can only return up to $100 worth of merchandise for the 1st year of operation without a receipt. If you find the receipt, then go ahead and return other items or merchandise to Target unless the items are over $100.

Since 1962, Target has been making shopping for everyone simple and affordable. They believe that everyone deserves style without paying a fortune and are proud to be one of the most popular destinations for affordable prices as well as great style in its retail stores throughout some of America’s favorite cities. 

When you purchase an item from their retail store, they will donate 5 percent of your purchase to their charitable partner. When you utilize their various discounts both in-store and online when ordering new products, they will donate 1 percent of your total purchase price off to several national charities listed on their website.

Target is located throughout the United States and allows shoppers to return most items within a two-week period if they have their original purchase receipt. What happens if you don’t have your receipt, but still want to head to Target for an exchange because you no longer need or want the product? Here’s everything we’ve discovered about Target’s return policy if you lose the receipt!

Target Return Policy Without Receipt

Target Return Policy Without Receipt

Target’s return policy is changing in August to allow US shoppers to return an item even if they no longer have the receipt. The store will refund items up to $100 without a receipt, but only if a shopper brings back the original credit or debit card used to buy it. All other items can only be exchanged for their purchase price in-store and over the phone – including whatever you bought with the cash you paid in, though you must call all of that information up to a week later. 

If you do not have any proof of purchase but still want returns, Target will accept your old receipt stapled into a new one or a picture submitted via text message sent from your mobile phone. Both receipts must show the same address as what’s on your ID though! And only certain things are accepted by this alternative method, which include most electronics, baby products and diapers, digital games and movies (IF purchased from Target directly), home goods, toys and some gift cards.

How Do You Return Items To Target Without A Receipt?

You can return Target items to a nearby location without the original receipt if you have the product’s manufacturer’s proof of purchase and your own Target photo ID.

If you made the purchase via any of the  payment methods below, then Target employees will be able to look up your order. 

  • Target RedCard
  • Target Visa Card
  • Credit cards, including American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa
  • Debit card
  • Personal check (you will need a blank check from the same checking account)
  • Target Debit Card
  • Target gift card (you will need to bring in the physical card)

After making your way to the Returns & Exchanges desk, you will be asked to scan the special return barcode that was previously scanned. Then, you will be asked to verify your barcode by showing a valid form of government-issued photo ID.

How Long Do You Have To Return Items To Target Without A Receipt?

Target is famous for their giant red bull’s-eye logo, and they have now established a Return Policy that has separate rules than those of the national chain competitors like Walmart. Within 90 days and without a receipt, you can generally return merchandise to Target, but electronics need to be returned within 30 days with the original receipt or an alternative proof of purchase. Extensions are available for RedCard holders at Target and other loyal customers who previously returned items during the previous 12 months—anyone can access an extra 30 days within the base time frames!

Does Target Limit The Number Of Returns You Can Make Without A Receipt?

Target’s return policy allows customers to make returns without a receipt in a period of 1 year. They do have a fraud prevention program where associates watch for returns that happen frequently within a short timeframe and are done with little or no accompanying receipt. Once you reach the $150 limit for the year, you will not be able to make more returns without a receipt until that 12-month period is up.

How Long Can Target Look Up Your Receipts For Old Purchases?

Target also gives you options to both look into your own orders and view purchases if you have purchased it within the past year. If you are an avid Target store-goer, this is one option that will benefit you immensely. This way, you don’t need to drive back to the store. Instead, it could be done right from your home! In order to view your purchase history, start by heading on over to Look for the “View Purchases” option under “My Account.” From there, you can see all of your past gift card and cash transactions – with just a few clicks!  Plus you can also track any returns or exchanges that happen directly through Target eGift Cards, which will give you the amount owed from each transaction along the way as well!

What Can You Use Instead Of A Receipt For Target Returns?

Acceptable forms of proof of purchase at Target include: receipts, return barcodes, and packing slips. If you have a return barcode or packing slip for the item to be returned and you’re able to scan it on the cashier’s mobile device then a receipt isn’t necessarily necessary – but remember: It’s always smart to bring the method of payment with you anyways as this will help employees look up your name in their system if they need to do so.

What Type Of Refund Does Target Give You Without A Receipt?

Target can issue your refund onto a debit or credit card even if the product is returned without a receipt. If you used a gift card originally to make the purchase, it might be possible to instead receive cashback in the form of another gift card. But if there’s no proof of purchase at all, Target will only be able to supply you with store credit in the form of a merchandise return card that can only be used within Target’s stores!

What Can You Do If Target Does Not Accept Your Return Without A Receipt?

If Target doesn’t accept your return without a receipt, there are several other options. Resell it online, give it to a friend or family member as a gift, or simply keep it. This is only if you require the original receipt back. Sometimes Target may not accept returns without receipts but there are exceptions such as in the case of exchanges on certain items that may be required at short notice (like accessories for example).

In the event that you want to exchange something for another product, for instance an accessory – and can’t find your sales receipt – then you can quickly come and show them the invoice from your purchase!

Also, you should understand that it is generally their policy at Target not to issue store credit for any items returned without a receipt unless the item was purchased with a gift card. That way we are able to reduce our risks by having one singular transaction from which to back out of the sale and refund your money if necessary.


Most items can be taken back within 90 days at the store location to which they were purchased and you will need to bring along your method of payment in order to be issued a merchandise return barcode. If customers have bought something on account, and if a refund is needed – it will be issued using whatever original method of payment was used. If a refund was made with cash, you will need the receipt for that transaction in order for a cash-refund transaction to occur.


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