Where Can I Find A List Of Businesses By City?

Businesses By City

Business owners need to keep an eye on the potential competitors and it is a very important local marketing strategy. There are many ways you can find a list of businesses by city. You can use the business directory lists or check the local chamber of commerce to find the local business list. You can also manually build a list using Google maps, Yellow pages, or LinkedIn.

6 Ways To Find List Of Businesses By City

Local Chamber Of Commerce

Every state has a chamber of commerce and businesses need to be a member of this local chamber of commerce. So, when there is a new business in the town it must become a member of the chamber of commerce.  Many chambers of commerce post the news of new businesses on their website so you can easily find the information online. In other situations, you might have to send an email and the local chamber of commerce will provide you a list of businesses by city. But you have to be a member of the local chamber of commerce to get the business list. So, if you are already not a member then you should join the chamber of commerce. Moreover, the local chamber of commerce offers various services which might help you to grow the network, market your business as well as explore new business opportunities.

Secretary Of State

In every state, small businesses are required to register with the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State’s office. Most states have online directories where you can easily find a new business. Some states allow their members to generate a list of all registered companies sorted by date. So you can easily find new businesses with the help of the secretary of state. However, not many states offer a date-sorting capability so you might not find an online option to find a business. In this type of situation, you have to contact the Corporations Division directly and request them to send you the list of businesses.

Local Media

If you are living in a small town then local media is a great source to find the list of businesses. Usually, small-town newspapers cover the news of newly opened or about-to-open businesses in the local area. So you should check the local newspapers daily to stay on top of new businesses. Moreover, large newspapers also have a local business section where you can find information about various businesses.

Search Online

There are many search engines available like Google, Bing, where you can search for new businesses in your area. Open your browser and enter a geographical term like the city name, town name along with the term “new business.” You can also try other terms or mix up your search terms to gather information about other businesses. Some terms that you can try are “newly opened,” “just opened,” “plans to open,” “soft opening,” etc. You can also use social media and these terms to find out information about local businesses.

Local Library

You will find many local libraries like university libraries as well as public libraries which provide free online access to business databases. You will find lists of new businesses as well as old businesses. For example “Reference USA” is a very popular library with a database that offers a list of new businesses. You can also check various commercial services to find a list of businesses by city.    

Directory Websites

You can also find the information of various businesses of a city from the local directory websites. There are many directory websites available that allow users to search by specific search terms like service, location, or various categories. So when you are looking for information about various businesses make sure you provide accurate details and choose the appropriate categories. This way you will be able to find the businesses conveniently. Moreover, many directory websites allow the customer to leave a review about the business. You can also collect vital information about these businesses because customers usually leave remarks about their real-life experience of a business.

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