What Is Management By Design?

Management By Design

“Management by Design” challenges leaders to think about their organizations and their missions in new ways. Instead of looking purely at functional processes, it helps to apply aesthetic principles such as balance, simplicity, and integrity to the workplace. Often, the strategy is executed at corporate and project levels.

Key Takeaways

  • Management by design is the procedure of management style and practice of managing by creating things
  • Management By Design includes design jobs, team cultures, performance expectations, measurements, processes, checklists, communications, etc.
  • Management by design is a diverse management style with some managers focusing on the design of quantitative tools

Management by design is a diverse management style with some managers focusing on the design of quantitative tools and may be used when directors create a company vision and determine process and content areas.

The world of tomorrow needs managers who understand design since design has developed over the last few years to a method to solve the increasingly complex and often contradictory problems in the globalized economy.

The definitions of Management by Design have been given to us by the noted graphic designer, Milton Glaser: “One definition is that design is the intervention in the flow of events to produce the desired effect. Another is that design is the introduction of intention in human affairs. A third rather elegant description is that design moves things from an existing condition to a preferred one. This last one reduces the complexity of the idea, but I like all three definitions. The design doesn’t have to have a visual component. Ultimately, anything purposeful can be called an act of design.”

To clarify this we need one more definition: Design is the creation of a form that is elegant, collaborative, and productive in ways that add true value for both the employer and the worker. Everything that a manager deals with and know-how sensitive people are and how radically different their productivity is when they feel good versus bad.


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