Top 10 Qualities of a Successful Event Manager

Are you an aspiring event manager?

Do you think you have what it takes to lead an event successfully?

Event planning can even push the most confident person over the edge. No wonder in 2016, “event coordinator” was ranked 5th in the list of most stressful jobs. The only people who were ahead of event coordinators are enlisted military personnel, firefighters, airline pilots and police officers.

Despite such stress, good event managers possess certain qualities that allow them to run an event successfully, be it a wedding ceremony or a fundraiser event. This article highlights such qualities.

Successful Event Manager

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  • Top 10 Qualities A Good Event Manager Must Have
  • Effective Tips on Making an Event a Successful One

Event Planning Skills and Qualities

If event coordinating comes with a lot of stress, there are ways you can deal with it.

No doubt avant-garde devices, the intuitive software can help you extraordinarily. But, there is still a wide range of skills and qualities required to run an event successfully — the skills that no apps can imbue you with.

With such qualities, you can deliver a successful event. But, without them, you’ll have everything at sixes and sevens. And, you’ll eventually lose your contract with the client.

So, do you have what it takes to be a successful event manager?

Don’t worry! In this article, I discussed the qualities that a good event manager should have. I discussed some of the key management skills too.

Top 10 Qualities of the Successful Event Manager

Some event managers are born with such qualities, but others are made. If you have those qualities, then props to you. If you don’t, then it’s high time to build up those qualities. Let’s find out what the qualities and skills are:

  1. Interpersonal/People Skills – the #1 quality a successful event manager should have is people skills. An event manager has to meet and deal with people. You need to be a habitual cultivator of interpersonal skills. Because you’ll connect and meet with high-ranking executives, vendors, officials, co-workers, customers, sponsor reps, staff, suppliers and event attendees.

Coordinating with such gamut of people requires the ability to build lasting relationship skills with them. You have to be a pleasant negotiator who can motivate, and work together to achieve the desired goal.

#Pro Tip: you should be someone who resolves conflict, tries to have fun while working. Maintain an adequate dose of sense of humor and respond to people in a clear and friendly manner.

#Remember: you can’t do everything all by yourself. You’ll need all the help you can get. So, building relationship is the key.

  1. Flexibility – if required, you will even have to work double as a janitor or fireman. Yes, you may find it absurd. Actually, nothing is fixed when organizing events. Cleaning up the mess and extinguishing a fire or at least directing the professionals is part of your job.

Anything can change in the blink of an eye. But, you’ll have to adapt to the situation and make appropriate decisions to get the event going. A good event manager is someone who’s always flexible at taking changes in strides.

  1. Creativity – of course, you’ll set up an event according to your client’s instructions. Although your client knows what kind of event he/she wants to organize, he/she doesn’t know how to organize the event in a creative manner. That’s when your creativity should come into play.

Any client wants their event to get the maximum exposure in the media. But, it’s the event manager’s task to design striking, appealing, practical and budget-friendly ideas to attain that goal.

#To create an impactful event, an event manager should coordinate among media professionals, marketing, and advertising activities. Also, make sure you have a strong network of public relations.

#If you’re someone who always likes thinking out of the box, then you’re likely to become a successful event manager.  

  1. Tech Savvy – event management has gotten a facelift with the advent of technology. Now a multitude of useful software applications available both for phones and desktops that can get your tasks done faster.

An event manager’s job is a hectic one. You’ll have to juggle many tasks. And, technology will keep you ahead and make you more skilled and productive as an event manager. Those software applications can help you send invitations, track RSVPs and follow up. A good event manager is someone who’s well-versed with event management software.

#Recommended Tools: Trello, Google Drive, BaseCamp and Slack are some of the tools that can help you handle management tasks efficiently.

  1. Excellent Time Management – your multitasking abilities indicate that you’re destined to be a successful event manager. You have to recognize things that need to be done early. This allows you to be more productive.

You can achieve better outcomes within a limited time period. You should not only be able to coordinate yourself, but also schedule the entire team helping the event. Time management skill is all about scheduling, planning and re-planning.

#Pro Tip: make sure your team is always on their toes to finish the task. Ditch the ones who hold you back. You can’t afford to fall behind schedule.

  1. Communication – share your ideas about the event with your team and ask them for their opinion. Communicate with your team members in a way that’s respectful to everyone. Do not make anyone feel less important, regardless of their role. Listen to everyone’s ideas carefully and examine them. Value everyone’s opinion.

“Never let them see you sweat! Always remain cool, calm & collected when dealing with other people, while you may be a bundle of nerves on the inside.” ~Greg Ruby, CASE CEM CMP – Experienced Event Management Specialist

#Remember, everyone has a role to play in making an event successful. Everyone’s active cooperation can ultimately lead to your success. Accept criticism and communicate respectfully and clearly. And, be open to new ideas.

  1. Strong Will and Determination – you can’t stop until you achieved your vision. Take whatever it needs to carry out your vision. Sometimes it may need to crack the whip to get things done. Don’t be afraid to do it then.

Stay determined to achieve the desired goal. Try to resolve conflict and issues quickly if they stand in your way. When something doesn’t go as your wish, you should stand calmly at the eleventh hour. Your team will look up to you for guidance. The last thing they will need is a nervous leader.

#Don’t make any rash decisions when something doesn’t go your way.

  1. Passion and Enthusiasm – when all seems to be falling apart, your passion will be the most trusted weapon. Without passion, you won’t overtake the bumps in any phase of life. Passion is an inherent quality that many are born with. However, to constantly push boundaries to succeed will infuse you with the quality. Your passion for moving forward will allow you to be productive and overcome bumps in the road.

#Sure an event manager’s job is a stressful one, but you really have to love what you do. Genuine passion will help you overcome obstacles.

  1. Organizing Skills – you will handle a multitude of tasks and coordinate a number of responsibilities. Moreover, sometimes you’ll be required to manage many teams simultaneously. So, in any event, you’ll juggle about 99 things at once.

And, the organizing skill is required to ensure that the event goes as planned. Flawless execution of an event needs multitasking ability. A good manager always has foolproof systems, useful tech tools and step-by-step checklist.

#Organizing skills can be difficult to master. But, with your superior organizational skills, you can ensure smooth execution of each step of the event.

  1. Leadership Skills – great event managers are great leaders. They possess impressive leadership skills. You’ll lead a team of both competent and incompetent members. It’s your responsibility to bring out the best from them. A strong leader is someone who knows what talent lies latent in a person and how to utilize it.

A good event manager’s leadership skills are vital to the success of the entire team. A leader imbues his/her team members with passion. A leader inspires them when all seems lost. And, only a good leader can guide a team towards the end goal and success. Your leadership skill is a strong indicator that you’re a born event manager.

Bottom Line – sometimes an event manager’s job is a thankless one. Event coordinating job needs to be about more than just financial gain for you. The event manager who has all those qualities listed above doesn’t always go after the paycheck. He/she constantly explores the ways to make the event a roaring success. If you want to be a successful event manager, there are certain qualities you must have. In this article, I discussed such qualities. Make sure you develop them.

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