Top 12 Responsibilities Of An Event Planner (& Duties & Job Description List)

Event Planner

What are the responsibilities of an event planner?

What should an event planner perform?

Event planners handle a multitude of tasks with one goal in mind: to make the event successful. An event planner is tasked with handling all aspects of professional events and meetings. Besides choosing meeting venues, arranging transportation, there are other responsibilities.

In this article, I listed the top 10 responsibilities of an event planner:

Event Planner

1. Work closely with their client, and manage all aspects related to the event planning process that could include:

a. Collaborating with subcontractors

b. Identifying venue

c. Developing menu

d. Printing and designing of materials

e. Tracking budget

2. Work under the budget parameters set by the client. Solicits bids from caterers and local venues. Then, he/she hires the skilled ones in conjunction with the budget.

3. Contract for transporting and lodging services for guests. Offer additional information on accommodation facilities in case of an event lasting for several days.

4. Work closely with the client to determine the venue. After creating a list of potential venues, inspect the venues to make sure they meet the client’s demands.

5. Communicate with on-site staff and develop a network that could make each community event a successful and easy one.

6. Confer with managers of several departments within the company. Collaborate with local community groups.

7. During the event, supervise the setup for the event. Manage the use of equipment such as video screens and sound systems. Arrange means to keep the host and guests satisfied and entertained.

8. Select featured speakers for seminars if required. Send invitations several days prior to the event. Confirm and announce their presence. Make sure the event progresses as planned and stays on schedule. Prepare and cue the featured performers and speakers.

9. Have excellent communication competence in both written and verbal form and communicate fluently with everyone involved.

10. Have marketing skills to encourage guests to attend the event. Be knowledgeable about the product being launched or business grand openings. Attend community functions to build a network, identify potential opportunities, and capitalize on those opportunities.

Event Planner Job Description (Top 12 Duties)

Event Planner Job Description

The Event Planner is responsible for overseeing the planning, coordination, and execution of events. This includes developing an event strategy and timeline in close collaboration with the client, creating a detailed event plan with timelines and budgets, managing day-to-day logistics for the event, and overseeing the execution of the event.


1. Develop a detailed event plan with timelines and budgets

2. Manage day-to-day logistics for the event

3. Oversee execution of the event

4. Ensure that all vendors are on time and have what they need to execute their roles in the production of the event

5. Work closely with the client to ensure that all needs are met

6. Coordinate and manage events in the company or client’s space

7. Coordinate with vendors and clients to ensure all needs are met for events

8. Oversee event logistics including catering, entertainment, venue selection, set up, staffing, etc.

9. Develop budgets for events and oversee budgets during the event process

10. Manage event planners or contracted employees in order to achieve goals

11. Plan each event by determining the guest list, meeting room layout, food choices, entertainment options, etc.

12. Execute the plan by ensuring all needs are met at the event location on time


Responsibilities Of An Event Planner

1. Minimum of N years experience as an Event Planner or Catering Manager

2. Strong organizational skills with attention to detail


The responsibilities section of an event planner is involved with coordinating all aspects of professional events and meetings. What does an event planner do? Learn his/her responsibilities and duties from this article.


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