Management By Absence

What is Management By Absence?

Management By Absence (MBA) is a management style, the most captivating display of faith in employees’ capability to make decisions and fulfill their tasks efficiently. It aims to produce top-quality products that set a basic administration and allows teams to follow their own course. Actually, it’s a mission that attracts and holds top-notch talent.

For example, you are running an organization. You have got a team or need one. That team may be included of sellers, partners, trusted advisers, representative, subcontractors, employees or any combination. And the Management By Absence is connected with executive managers who are valued for their ideas, designs, ability to create outreach as opposite to ruling their ability and business activities.

According to Chouinard, “Hire the people you trust, people who are passionate about their job, passionate about what they’re doing. Just leave them alone, and they’ll get the job done.”

Some organizations have found a better way. “There are companies that stress continuous improvement and being way better than the competition but also make people feel comfortable,” says Stanford University professor Jeffrey Pfeffer.

The goal of MBA is to avoid micromanaging or managing through fear. It means no more meetings, presentations, pitching of ideas or justification of actions. Be sure to inspect what you expect, but do not hover over the project’s implementation. And it does require a clearly stated policy of trust and an acceptance of failure.

Management by absence is difficult because it takes considerable effort on the front end. You know modern technology offers managers the tools to monitor and oversee the business, even from a distance. Most of all, empowering any team, helps to build their confidence which makes them better able to serve our community. And in order to create community, you must share your knowledge with those around you.

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