What is Management Executive? Management Executive Salary in the USA

Management executive also known as Executive Management is considered as the highest level of management in a corporation. The main responsibility of the management executive is to plan and execute various rules for managerial improvement. The average salary of a management executive in the USA is $128,000 a year. The salary ranges from $42,300 – $211,000.

Key Takeaways

  • Management executive is the highest position that you can find in a business or organization
  • Usually, the management executive solves problems that are escalated to him by the Project Manager
  • The responsibilities of a management executive vary from one organization to another
  • A management executive could be a CEO, COO, CFO, etc.

What is Management Executive?

According to Law Insider:

“Management Executive means the senior management executive appointed by a party to this Agreement, who is responsible for the Project and whose role is to participate in executive status meetings and resolve any issues which are escalated to him/her by the Project Manager.”

What is Management Executive?

So, basically, management executives are leaders within a company structure who are appointed by the CEO. A management executive plays a very important role in the development of a business. The roles and responsibilities of management executives vary from one organization to another but one responsibility is common among all the management executives and that is to maintain the day-to-day management of the company. Moreover, the management executive is held responsible for implementing strategies and policies of the organization. A management executive could be a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), etc. 

Job Responsibilities of Management Executive

  • Administering a business’s various operations and actions
  • Study and research the existing policy of a business and implement various new policies
  • Improve the company’s compliance with policies
  • Create and implement various strategies and rules for the staff members
  • Link with managers of other departments and complete the project within the given time frame
  • Introduce the leadership practice within the company
  • Identifying goals and targets of the upcoming projects
  • Dividing the staff into small groups and assigning responsibilities
  • Develop the company management budgets
  • Tracking the performances of the managers

Skills Required for Management Executive

Integrity Leadership Communication Ability Handle complexity Interpersonal Skills Drive / Ambition Initiative Business Acumen DecisivenessMentor Administrative Ability International Experience Disciplinary knowledge Sales / Marketing ability Energy / Passion Analytical / reasoning skills Achievement orientation Self-Awareness Strategic Planning Emotional Intelligence Team player Conceptual skills Financial management Planning ability Entrepreneurial ability HR Management Project Management Technical competence

Average Salary for Specific Jobs in Management Executive

Job TitleAverage Salary
Account Coordinator
Administration Manager
Area Manager
Asset Protection Associate
Assistant Director
Assistant Manager
Assistant Operations Manager
Assistant Project Manager
Assistant Section Head
Assistant to CEO
Assistant Vice President
Associate Director
Bid Manager
Branch Manager
Business Development Manager
Business Operations Associate
Business Operations Lead
Campaign Manager
Chairman of The Board
Chairman Office Manager
Chief Corporate Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief of Staff
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Risk Officer
Client Services Manager
Commercial Project Manager
Commodity Broker
Corporate Affairs Executive
Corporate Compliance Director
Corporate Director
Corporate Officer
Corporate Partnerships Officer
Country Manager
Deputy Director
Director of Accreditation
Director of Catering Services
Director of Client Services
Director of Facilities Management
Director of Operations
Director of Process Simplification
Director of Project Management
Director of Revenue Management
Director of Training and Development
Distribution Manager
Division Manager
Duty Manager
Engagement Manager
Executive Director
Executive Manager
Franchise Manager
General Manager
Global Master Data Manager
Head of Middle Office
Head of Projects
Head of Sustainability
Housing Manager
HSE Manager
Key Account Manager
Knowledge Manager
Location Manager
Logistics Manager
Management Consultant
Management Executive
Managing Director
MIS Executive
Ocean Services Manager
Operations Assistant
Operations Director
Operations Executive
Operations Manager
Operations Supervisor
Policy Administration Executive
Private Sector Executive
Product Development Manager
Product Executive
Production Executive
Production Manager
Production Supervisor
Program Manager
Program Coordinator
Project Control Manager
Project Coordinator
Project Management Officer
Project Manager
Project Portfolio Manager
Quality Manager
R/D Director
Regional Director
Regional Manager
Relationship Manager
Retail District Manager
Revenue Manager
Risk and Capital Manager
Risk Officer
Safety Manager
Section Head
Service Manager
Shift Supervisor
Solutions Manager
Supply Chain Manager
Technical Manager
Territory Manager
Validation Manager
Vice President
Zone Manager
92,800 USD
104,000 USD
99,300 USD
119,000 USD
110,000 USD
118,000 USD
129,000 USD
109,000 USD
96,000 USD
99,500 USD
115,000 USD
112,000 USD
122,000 USD
121,000 USD
145,000 USD
118,000 USD
113,000 USD
127,000 USD
207,000 USD
140,000 USD
170,000 USD
218,000 USD
194,000 USD
101,000 USD
168,000 USD
142,000 USD
137,000 USD
122,000 USD
87,800 USD
125,000 USD
136,000 USD
147,000 USD
101,000 USD
104,000 USD
166,000 USD
157,000 USD
172,000 USD
137,000 USD
126,000 USD
136,000 USD
119,000 USD
144,000 USD
116,000 USD
146,000 USD
134,000 USD
134,000 USD
148,000 USD
127,000 USD
125,000 USD
157,000 USD
219,000 USD
181,000 USD
181,000 USD
161,000 USD
146,000 USD
134,000 USD
140,000 USD
120,000 USD
110,000 USD
116,000 USD
125,000 USD
144,000 USD
141,000 USD
106,000 USD
113,000 USD
159,000 USD
138,000 USD
176,000 USD
147,000 USD
154,000 USD
105,000 USD
158,000 USD
161,000 USD
159,000 USD
133,000 USD
118,000 USD
130,000 USD
149,000 USD
127,000 USD
142,000 USD
138,000 USD
118,000 USD
152,000 USD
107,000 USD
143,000 USD
86,100 USD
99,800 USD
108,000 USD
116,000 USD
120,000 USD
123,000 USD
190,000 USD
150,000 USD
142,000 USD
105,000 USD
117,000 USD
158,000 USD
109,000 USD
105,000 USD
105,000 USD
117,000 USD
89,500 USD
107,000 USD
90,600 USD
150,000 USD
103,000 USD
140,000 USD
139,000 USD
128,000 USD
183,000 USD
147,000 USD




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