business law

Introduction to Business Law

INTRODUCTION   Business law is the collection of laws that govern the dealings between people and commercial matters. Business law is referred to as mercantile law or commercial law. The business law concerns two distinct areas of businesses. One of two areas is regulation of commercial entities; the regulation is done through laws of partnership, … Read more

human skills and nature

Foundation of Human Skills│Understanding Human Nature

INTRODUCTION Human skill refers to the ability to cooperate with other people. A person with good human skills is capable of expressing good self-awareness. He/she also has a high degree of capacity for understanding the feeling of others. People who have good human skills interact well with others. They engage in productive communications, settle disagreements … Read more

what is business communication

What Is Business Communication? [Updated For 2018]

Business Communication plays an important role for the function of any enterprise. A member of an organization should be able to express himself or herself in an effective manner, and share their ideas toward a company-related topic. What Is Business Communication? Business Communication involves the sharing of information within an enterprise. The sharing of ideas … Read more

business letter

Types of Business Letters in Business Communication

To preserve the communication between business parties, business letters are written, typed, and sent. Business letters are sent to recipients outside an organization in an envelope. Business people (manager, employes, entrepreneurs, directors) need to write and send business letters to carry out certain business objectives. Business Letters Business letters are a formal way to preserve … Read more