Is “Thank You For Reaching Out To Me” Formal For Business Correspondence? 27 Good Alternatives Of This Phrase

Formal Business Correspondence

Yes, “Thank you for reaching out to me” is a formal phrase and you can use it for business correspondence. This phrase means “Thank you for contacting me.” You can use this phrase in business correspondence as well as part of an introductory phrase in thank-you notes and other kinds of formal letters. Basically, the intent of this phrase is to show gratification for the services and opportunities provided.

Key Takeaways

  • Business Correspondence is a very important part of business communication and it is used to exchange information in written format
  • You must use formal language while sending a business correspondence to another business
  • Business correspondence are available in 5 types: Internal, External, Sales, Personalized and Circulars
  • One very commonly used alternatives of “Thank you for Reaching Out to me” in business correspondence is “Thank you for getting in touch with me.”

What Is Business Correspondence?

What Is Business Correspondence

Businesses send and receive letters to complete various business-related works in a formal way. So, when two or more businesses exchanges letters then they are considered as business correspondences. Business correspondence can be written for another business or within an organization and they come under the same category. Some examples of business correspondence are a letter to a supplier, complaint letters, letter of inquiry, job application letters, etc. So, it is clear that business correspondence can be exchanged between organizations, within organizations, or between the customers and the organization. There are various types of Business correspondences available but 5 popular business correspondence types are – 

Internal Correspondence: This type of correspondence is exchanged between the employees, units, departments, and branches of the same organization. Internal Correspondence can be formal, less formal, or casual. Promotion letter, written reprimand, notice to explain, memorandum, formal requests for approval, and letter of approval or dismissal are also considered as Internal Correspondence. 

External Correspondence: This type of correspondence takes place between different organizations, or between an organization and their individual clients. Usually, businesses send this type of correspondence to vendors, creditors, suppliers, existing customers, prospective clients, financial institutions, government offices, law and accounting firms, business affiliates, etc.   

Sales Correspondence: Usually, sales-related communications are considered as sales correspondences. It includes all the activities related to sales as well as buying and selling. marketing letters, offer and discount letters, sales proposals, invoices, statements of accounts, sales reports, order confirmation, purchase orders, etc. are very common examples of sales correspondences.   

Personalized Correspondence: This type of correspondence is exchanged between two individuals and most of the time it contains personal and emotional factors. Sometimes this type of correspondence is also used for business purposes. Personalized Correspondence doesn’t need to have a very formal tone; you can use casual language and send it via email.     

Circulars: Circulars are a type of notice that is used to communicate with lots of people at a time. Most of the time, an organization uses circulars to announce office instructions or other important instructions like details about meetings with shareholders, instructions of various protocols, etc.

Is “Thank You For Reaching Out To Me” Formal

Is Thank You For Reaching Out To Me Formal

People use this phrase to reason to someone who has contacted the sender. Here, “reach out” indicates an extended contact. Like, someone contacted you before and now you are replaying to their contact. Sometimes, “reach out” also means to contact somebody. This phrase is used for both casual and formal communication as well as correspondences. You can also use this phrase more casually. For example, you can write “thank you for making contact” or “thank you for contacting me” or “thank you for reaching out.” Basically, when you are using this phrase you are conveying a message that you are thankful for reaching you out and you are eager to help the person who has contacted you.

27 Good Alternatives Of “Thank You For Reaching Out To Me” Phrase

Alternatives of “Thank you for Reaching Out to me” in Business Correspondence

1. “Thank you for contacting me.”

2. “Thank you for getting in touch with me.”

3. “Thank you for reaching out.”

4. “I appreciate you reaching out.”

5. “Thank you so much for reaching out to me.”

6. “Thank you for making contact.”

Alternatives of “Thank you for Reaching Out to me” in Professional or Formal Email

1. “Thank you for your touching words.”

2. “Please accept my sincere thanks for your beautiful gift.”

3. “I can’t express how grateful I am for your words of support.”

4. “I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and compassion.”

5. “Thank you for offering such kindness and sympathy.”

6. “Thank you for your kind condolences. I’m grateful to have you in my life.”

7. “Your kindness means the world to me.”        

Alternatives of “Thank you for Reaching Out to me” in Messages for a Friend or Family Member

1. “I’m so grateful to have friends like you.”

2. “Thank you so much for your thoughts. It hasn’t been easy.”

3. “It’s comforting to know I have you around.”

4. “I know this hasn’t been easy for you either.”

5. “You’re the best friend I could ever hope for. Thank you so much for your support.”

6. “It was so nice to hear from you, and I’m so appreciative of your kind words.”

7. “Your words lifted my spirits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Alternatives of “Thank you for Reaching Out to me” After You’ve experienced a Loss or Tragedy

1. “Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.”

2. “Thank you for your condolences for my beloved father. I know he loved you dearly, too.”

3. “Even though the grief, your words brought me so much happiness.”

4. “Your words show me just how much he was loved and cherished. Thank you.”

5. “I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gesture of support.”

6. “Our family wants to thank you for your kindness and condolences.”

7. “Thank you, everyone, for the amazing outpouring of support.”

Final Thoughts

When you reach out to a person or make the first contact, it is very important to show your gratitude and modesty. “Thank you for reaching out to me” is an excellent phrase that you can use both casually and formally in business correspondence. Using this phrase will make people feel like you truly care about them. Finally, I hope you have enjoyed the above information and gathered a clear idea about this phrase.



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