Do All Hotels Require a Deposit? Is it Possible to Get into a Hotel without a Deposit?

Do All Hotels Require a Deposit? Is it Possible to Get into a Hotel without a Deposit?

If you travel frequently or do business trips then you might be familiar with the hotel booking process. Depending on the hotel, you might need a deposit to book the hotel. However, there are lots of hotels available that won’t need a deposit while booking. Moreover, if a hotel requires a deposit then there are few ways available to waive that advance deposit. If you are wondering how then keep reading!

Is Advance Deposit Mandatory for Hotel Booking?

Most hotels have a reservation feature that allows guests to book a hotel room before their journey or event. Many people like to reserve a hotel room to avoid hassles during rush hours. In order to book a hotel room, you might have to make an advance deposit depending on the hotel’s policy. You have to make the payment using a credit card and in most cases, the advance deposit is equal to one night’s lodging fees. Whether an advance deposit is mandatory or not depends on a hotel’s policy.

In most cases, hotels ask for an advance deposit as the security money for the booking so that the guest won’t cancel the booking at the last minute. If you make an advance deposit and want to cancel the booking then the hotel will deduct some money from the advance as compensation for the loss. Therefore, if you want to book a hotel room with a deposit then you should check their cancelation policy before booking. You should find out whether the hotel authority will take compensation for the loss from the advance deposit.

Is Security Deposit Mandatory during Check-in?

Depending on the hotel, you might have to make a security deposit during the check-in. Security deposit is very common and almost every hotel requires a deposit to be paid at check-in. Hotels ask for a security deposit to cover various charges incurred during the stay like meals, gym, indoor games, and various paid extras. Not every hotel asks for a security deposit so, when you are at the hotel for check-in, you should ask the front desk officer about the security deposit and the hotel’s policy on the security deposit. Many hotels consider the security deposit as the advance deposit.

In most cases, the front desk officer asks for a credit card or a debit card during the checkout to put the security deposit. Therefore, you should ask how much the hotel will charge for the security deposit and whether the deposited amount will be adjusted during the check-out or not! You should keep in mind that if you use a credit card then the hotel will put a hold on the security deposit amount; on the other hand, if you use a debit card then the hotel authority will deduct the full security amount from the card. So, use your cards wisely while booking or checking in a hotel room.

How to Waive the Advance Deposit/Security Deposit of a Hotel?

An advance deposit or security deposit is refundable but it can be a burden when you are running with a tight budget. Most hotels require an advance deposit while booking a room but there are a few tricks that you can apply and try to waive it out. They are –

  • If you are planning well ahead of time, then you should contact the available hotels and find out which hotels require an advance deposit and which hotels don’t require an advance deposit during the booking. This way you can easily avoid the deposit required for hotel booking.
  • If you are at the hotel for check-in then you can ask the hotel representative or hotel manager to waive the deposit or adjust it with the hotel bill. Many hotels agree to waive the deposit during the check-in because the competition is huge in this industry and customers always come first!
  • Many hotels ask for a security deposit during the check-in so that the guest won’t leave the hotel without paying various service charges, bar charges, gym charges, etc. If you can convince the hotel manager that you won’t use any extra services from the hotel then the manager might waive the security deposit.
  • If you have travel insurance then you can use it to waive the advance deposit or security deposit. Many hotels accept travel insurance as a security deposit because this type of insurance ensures that the hotel authority will get compensation if there is any damage caused by you!

Payment Options Supported by Renowned Hotel Chains during Booking

Name of the HotelCredit CardDebit CardPrepaid CardsCashPersonal ChecksMoney Orders
Best WesternYesYesNoNoNoNo
Hampton By HiltonYesYesNoNoNoNo
Holiday Inn ExpressYesYesDepends on LocationNoNoNo
Super 8 By WYNDHAMYesYesDepends on LocationNoNoNo
Days Inn By WYNDHAMYesYesNoNoNoNo
Comfort InnYesYesDepends on LocationNoNoNo
Quality InnYesYesDepends on LocationNoNoNo
Courtyard By MarriottYesYesYesNoNoNo
Holiday InnYesYesDepends on LocationNoNoNo

FAQs about Do All Hotels Require a Deposit

Are advance deposit/security deposits at hotels refundable?

While booking a hotel room or checking in to a hotel you might have to pay an advance deposit or security deposit. The best part of this type of deposit is they are refundable and you will get the money back once you check out from the hotel.

How much money does a hotel charge for an advance deposit?

The answer to this question varies from one hotel to another. However, most hotels charge one night’s lodging fees as an advance deposit. However, the actual amount can be higher or lower depending on the hotel’s policy about the advance deposit.

Does the Hilton hotel chain require a deposit?

No, the Hilton hotel chain doesn’t charge an advance deposit for a normal reservation. You can easily book a Hilton hotel room online through their official website.

Does the hotel put a hold on the credit card?

If you use a credit card for advance payment or booking then the hotel will put a hold on the advance deposit amount. For example, if you use your credit card to make $200 for advance payment then the hotel will put a hold on the $200.


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