What Makes a Good Hotel Manager?

What make a good hotel manager

The secret of a large, luxurious, and successful hotel lies in its manager! Hotel managers work often tirelessly to solve problems and sustain smooth-running establishments and keep their customers coming back. According to WeAreHoteliers, it may take up to twenty years to become a successful hotel Manager. A good manager has a vision for moving his flexibility forward and a good idea about how to go about it. Being successful as a hotel manager, however, isn’t always an easy feat.

A good hotel manager should possess a high level of organizational skills, have a clear understanding of what it takes to keep up with the competition in their industry, and must be able to manage multiple duties. They also require strong communication skills because they need to be able to communicate with employees as well as other managers.

So, let’s check out what fundamental qualities should you look for in a hotel manager to make your establishment shine?

List of the major qualities of a good hotel manager

Make decisions quickly

Successful leaders are expert decision makers. It’s a great quality hotel manager possesses is the power to make decisions within whatever deadline is presented. A hotel manager’s day is filled around the clock along with a lot of responsibilities, meetings and communicating with staff, guests, vendors, and go beyond the call of duty to satisfy and delight customers.

Motivate employees

Only a great manager can smile through the worst calamity and still manage to bring it all together when needed. It’s a must have quality for any manager to maintain a good relationship with staff, guests, vendors, suppliers and new recruits, etc. And their order is respected at all times because of their ability to motivate, encourage and inspire.

Ability to share and educate

The good managers recognize talent easily when they take a look at it and know the way to develop it. They are wise at sharing worthy knowledge, have great communication skill that everyone can realize and sharing the core efficiency and values of the hospitality industry.

Communicating at every level         

A successful manager needs to communicate effectively with all levels and with a wide variety of people. Possessing the skills to communicate at all levels makes managers an efficient and valuable member of the hotel industry. Every interaction is considerable and should be seen as a scope for prosperity and enhanced customer service.

Measure and reward performance

An analysis said that a lack of praise and recognition is the main reason that employees are unhappy at their jobs. Managers know that the point of a motivational program is change behavior and improve employee performance. Measure and reward system will help to achieve company goals and, potentially, motivate others to become more engaged.

Implement the right technologies

The importance of using the right technology and strategy is the key to running a hotel in this modern day and age, from managing a guest’s experience to property management, even to employee training. A good manager knows how to guide employees and selecting the right technology for the right set.

Take Responsibility

Good managers know when to accept that faults have been made and take it upon themselves to fix them. As manager are busy with the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep the hotel running, it is not easy to allow himself to become chained to your desk but great leader knows how to attend to the matter, learn from the situation and then move on.

Love your job

Being a successful hotel manager is all about the ability to serve others, meet the new challenges and overcome it. They have a vision, always seeking a better way to do something or a more appealing approach. They have an incentive for change, interest about what’s happening in the hospitality world, and the power to keep alongside breaking industry news.

This is a great list of what makes a good hotel manager and consider must have the quality to find a hotel manager with the x factor. If you have any suggestion then feel free to share your experience with us!

List of 6 Skills To Build To Be a Good Hotel Manager (Secret hospitality skills)

According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, hotels and motels are one of the fastest-growing industries in America. In fact, hotels and motels account for nearly one-third of all businesses in the country.

The hospitality industry is a rapidly evolving environment, and it’s critical for hotel managers to have a deep understanding of customer service standards, business management principles, and management best practices.

This list provides 6 skills that every good hotel manager should have:

1) Setting Priorities: It’s important to understand that not every issue or concern can be resolved and that a good manager is able to prioritize what is most important.

2) Establishing Policies: Hotel managers need a strong understanding of how their organization operates so they can establish policies around rules for guests

3) Knowing Value: Know the value of your personal brand and develop a global outlook

4) Caring People: Care about your employees, their careers, and their growth potential

5) Taking risks: (not everything will work!) but learn from them and move forward quickly when something does go wrong or doesn’t go as expected

6) Stay true to his/herself in the process: Don’t let fear of public opinion stop him/her from doing what s/he knows is best for the hotel’s success.

How to become a hotel manager?

Hospitality management is a broad term that encompasses the job of maintaining and running a hotel or similar establishment.

The requirements for this career vary based on the type of hotel, the country, and the size you are looking to manage. There are no specific skills required for this profession. However, you will need to have good communication skills and an ability to deal with people.

In order to become a hospitality manager there are several ways:-

1) Get a hospitality management degree.

2) You can join as an assistant or intern at a hotel in order to gain experience before applying for open positions.

3) You can work your way up from being a room attendant in one of these hotels or other related industries like cleaning or guest services.

4) You can also find work as a salesperson or marketing manager in a hotel.


What are the hotel manager responsibilities?

The responsibilities of a hotel manager include:

  • Hiring and training staff to meet the hotel’s needs,
  • Managing the daily operations,
  • Maintaining a good relationship with guests and guests’ families,
  • Managing other aspects of the business.

If you’re interested in becoming a hotel manager, you should be ready for both long hours and high-stress levels. You’ll have to keep an eye on your staff and be constantly on call for emergencies.

What is a lodging manager and how its related to a hotelier?

A lodging manager is a person who manages the daily operations of a hotel or motel. This includes hiring, training, and scheduling housekeepers, cleaning maids, and other maintenance staff.

The hotel industry is quite diverse with many different types of businesses that operate differently in their own unique way. A hotelier is a person who manages an establishment that offers to lodge to guests. A clerk at a travel agency may also be referred to as a “hotelier.”

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