Top 10 Hotel Management Institute (Hotel Schools) In The World

Top ten hotel management institute in the world

Some of the best hotel management institutes or hotel schools are Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne (EHL), Les Roches International School Of Hotel Management, Switzerland, Glion Institute Of Higher Education, Glion & Bulle, Cornell University, USA, Hotel School The Hague, Netherlands, Hotel School Vatel, France, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Lausanne Hotel School is the world’s first hotel school and found in 1893
  • Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) offers admissions to 2,000 students from around 90 countries
  • Les Roches provides 6 academic programs and it ranked no 2 among all international hospitality management schools in the world
  • The Glion Institute of Higher Education was awarded as the best hospitality management institute for 2015 at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris
  • Hotelschool The Hague offers a bachelor’s as well as a master’s program in hospitality management

1. Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne (EHL)

Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne EHL

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) World’s first hotel school/Oldest hospitality institute founded in 1893. It has a longstanding history of partnering with the Swiss and mainstream hospitality industry. At present, this Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne School offers admissions to 2,000 students from around 90 countries. Provides internships. It has the option to choose the language (English or French). Excellent faculties with vast practical experience.

2. Les Roches International School Of Hotel Management, Switzerland

Les Roches provides 6 academic programs, which have been entrusted to the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE) of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. In a global survey, Les Roches is ranked no 2 among all international hospitality management schools. It’s always impressive how a small country like Switzerland can boast some of the best landmarks, attractions, and cultures. Its hotel industry has certainly done a bang-up job too.

3. Glion Institute Of Higher Education, Glion & Bulle

Glion Institute Of Higher Education, Glion & Bulle

The Glion Institute of Higher Education is familiar to be the first university-level (private) hotel management school in Switzerland founded in 1962. It is one of the best institutes, it started with only 15 students. It has 50 years of successful partnerships with major global companies. It has been awarded as the best hospitality management institute for 2015 at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris.

4. Cornell University, USA

Cornell University USA

School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University is regarded to be one of the first to offer a hospitality management program. 60 full-time faculty members. Cornell alumni are successful executives who have devoted themselves to providing outstanding service. With an incomparable name and one of the biggest employer pools, a lot believe it to be one of the top hospitality management schools in the world.

5. Hotel School The Hague, Netherlands

Hotel School The Hague Netherlands

Hotelschool The Hague is one of the last independent single sector Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands founded in 1929. This HM institute offers a bachelor’s as well as a master’s program in hospitality management. It provides a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management. Professional trainers guide the students. It also provides a quicker International Fast Track Programme. As it says, at the heart of Hospitality and is also known to be a leading research center.

6. Hotel School Vatel, France

Hotel School Vatel has around 31 years of experience in providing programs and is considered to be the first worldwide business school group in hospitality and tourism management. Vatel implements the strong concept of education which is flourished on academic theory & professional experience. Even though Hotel School Vatel is relatively younger than some of the other schools on the list and received an award for “Best Innovation in Teaching”.

7. Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Oxford School of Hospitality Management is the leading hospitality management school in the UK and has been recognized the world over which is founded in 1865. One of the leading institutes with an excellent research record. Impressive International reputation. The University has hundreds of courses. The courses inculcate an understanding of successful management & leadership practice in relation to the hospitality context. Hotel management courses at Oxford Brookes are highly rated and thus it finds a position in our list of Top 10 Hospitality Management institutes of the world.

8. Cesar Ritz Colleges, Switzerland

Cesar Ritz Colleges is a leading hospitality educational institute that gives the opportunity to students to undertake real-life consultancy projects and has three campuses all located in Switzerland. Students have flexible study options. Admissions are offered to 250 students at the Le Bouveret campus, 200 on the Lucerne campus, and 350 at the Brig campus. You know Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and thus the best place to understand hospitality and tourism.

9. Ecole Hoteliere de Geneve, Switzerland

Ecole Hoteliere de Geneve hospitality school which was established in 1914 has won many praises for its unwavering contribution to the world of hotel management and it offers diplomas in hotel management programs. It has been ranked among the top 10 according to the survey of the international study of hotel schools.

10. Swiss Hotel Management School

We finish our list of top hospitality management schools in the world with another great hospitality management school in Switzerland. Swiss Hotel Management School is one of the leading institutes in which around 1600 students per year take admission from 80 different countries. It’s a member of ASEH (Swiss Hotel School Association) which recognizes the quality of programs offered and has become one of the top Hospitality Management Schools in the world.

You must have noticed by now that most of the popular hotel management schools are situated in Switzerland. The country is known to have scored exceptionally well in hospitality management. We hope you have enjoyed our collection of top hospitality management schools in the world. We will keep adding more hospitality institutes and resources in future updates. Thanks for being with us!

List Of Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges In Switzerland (And Ranking)

Switzerland has many renowned colleges that offer numerous degrees in hotel management. However, each college offers a different program that provides unique features to meet the needs of students and businesses.

Each college has been given a score based on the quality of its teaching, research, student experience, and international outlook. The list is not exhaustive and it doesn’t represent any preference for any specific institution over another.

For instance, the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne offers a one-year part-time degree program with an intensive English component that prepares students for international certifications or work positions in Europe or North America. The International Hotel School at Lucerne offers two-year full-time professional programs designed for those who want to work and study simultaneously and includes English training as well as internships with local hotels during the summer months.

The following list of top 10 hotel management colleges in Switzerland is compiled from the latest ranking by QS.

1. Hotel Administration Training Institute

2. Swiss HACCP Association (SHAC)

3. Swiss Hotel Management School (HSM)

4. International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (ISHTM)

5. International School of Hospitality Management

6. Alpen-Adria University, Innsbruck, Austria

7. The European College of Hospitality Management – London (ECHM-London)

8. Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne Graduate Business School

9. The International Hotel School at Lucerne

10. Geneva Graduate Business School (GBSH)

5 Tips For Getting Admitted In Hotel Schools

When you’re applying to a hotel school, you need all the help you can get. Many students have found themselves disappointed with their options and unsure of what to do next. Here are 7 tips that will help you get into any hotel school, no matter what your background is.

1. Know the requirements and GPA requirements for the specific school

2. Find out if the school has any entrance scholarships or other financial aid opportunities

3. Don’t forget about your personal statement! They’re looking for something that shows who you are, why you want to work in the hospitality industry, and how your experiences can benefit their program

4. Study up on hotel history! There’s a good chance that they’ll ask questions about famous hotels from around the world and ask about some of your favorite hotels as well

5. Hotel schools provide a wide range of programs, from culinary arts to interior design to management. Admission is competitive and you must have excellent grades and good test scores.

List Of 8 Mistakes People Make When Applying To Hotel Schools

Choosing the wrong school could mean you’re wasting a lot of time and money on your education. To make sure you don’t make these mistakes, here is a list of 8 mistakes that people often make when applying to hotel schools.

1) They do not research schools before applying

2) They apply to the cheapest school without checking their location first

3) They don’t find local contacts when they apply online

4) They do not write an effective personal statement

5) They send applications in bulk instead of individually targeted ones (i.e. 20-40 applications at once)

6) They have no idea what specific questions they should be answering on the application

7) Their resume is sloppy and poorly formatted with typos, grammar errors, and no real attention to detail.

8) A common mistake people make when applying to hotel schools is not putting enough time and effort into their application.


How To Find Out If You Are Eligible For A Scholarship Or Other Funding Options For Your Application Process?

When you are trying to find out if you are eligible for a scholarship or other funding options, you need to identify the different types of sources that offer this type of financial assistance, and then compare them.

There are millions of scholarships available in the United States alone, so it is difficult to know where to start. You can find scholarships by searching on Google or going through your school’s website. There are also online resources that search for scholarships for students with particular talents and interests.

The first step in finding out if you’re eligible is knowing how many different sources there are and what they offer.

For example, there are five main types of scholarship providers:

-Scholarship providers associated with schools

-Scholarship providers associated with organizations such as the International Student Foundation are a good source of funding that helps students to complete their education.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying At A Hotel School?

Some of the hotels’ best schools offer a wide range of flexible learning options, with a focus on hospitality management or tourism.

Here are some reasons why you may wish to study at a hotel school:

– Having a degree in hospitality management helps you find work more easily

– You can get international experience and learning opportunities that are not offered in many other schools.

List Of 10 Schools That Accept International Students And How To Apply And Be Accepted Into These Program

International students may apply and be accepted into U.S. schools without the need to pay expensive tuition fees. Here is a list of 10 schools that accept international students and how to apply and be accepted into these programs:

1) Georgetown University

2) University of Missouri – St. Louis

3) Claremont McKenna College

4) Brown University

5) New York University

6) Columbia University

7) Arizona State University

8) California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO), Pomona College, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Harvard Business School, and George Washington University.

9) Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg U.),

10) Michigan State University (MSU), Montana State University



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