Do Amazon Employees Get A Discount On Prime? (Find Out Now!)

Amazon Employees Discount On Prime

No! Employees of the Amazon company do not get a free Prime membership, but they can get a discount in order to save 10% on all purchases (goods and services) made for themselves performed by someone else who can offer this particular service. The annual discount is capped at $100.

Key Takeaways

  • There are currently over 1.3 million employees in Amazon, 950,000 of whom work in the United States
  • Amazon offers a Prime discount to its employees who works in the U.S.
  • You can redeem your employee discount easily from your Amazon account
  • You can apply your discount to any product sold and shipped by Amazon or its subsidiaries
  • The process for applying a discount code may differ depending on the merchant
  • Amazon Extras Program offers additional benefits beyond the discount other employees receive from Walmart

Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime?

Amazon Employees Get Free Prime

Employees of multi-billion dollar corporations usually receive a lot of perks, but one, in particular, seems to be getting a lot of attention lately. No, it’s not free parking that is the biggest perk – although that’s pretty good! – but instead, their employees get access to a different kind of discount. They can get 10% off everything they buy (goods and services) while using someone else who offers these kinds of things as part of their service. Companies who provide this service only show up on Prime days though so you cannot find them at all times or without Amazon Prime membership benefits.

A lot of people don’t know that Amazon offers a Prime discount to its employees. This is only applicable to those who work in the U.S., though! Even if you’re an employee at Amazon, if you’re located outside the States, you probably won’t be able to take advantage of this type of offer.

How Do I Get My Employee Discount On Amazon?

To redeem your employee discount, you will first have to log in to your Amazon account. Go to the Amazon website and select the product that you want to purchase. Make sure you are eligible for a Prime discount on that product by checking the Prime checkbox before checking out. Note that this can only be done if you work at an eligible company. You can apply your discount to any product sold and shipped by Amazon themselves, or one of its subsidiaries (such as Zappos).

The process for applying a discount code may differ depending on the merchant. First, navigate to the page with your desired purchase and add it to your cart as usual. Though no promo code is necessary for this merchant, visit [ merchant’s website ] to locate the link for entering one in order to apply any discounts. Paste that link into the specified field on our payment page and then choose where you copied from so we can verify its authenticity. Once verified, the discount will be applied to eligible products and shipping after you place your order! 

Do Amazon Employees Get A Discount?

Do Amazon Employees Get A Discount

Yes, if an organization offers a discount program, it is generally smart to sign up early in your employment as the offer may change or get discontinued after time goes on. Amazon gives employees the option to purchase items at a 10% discount for professional and personal use. You can save hundreds of dollars annually.

But remember, you won’t be able to utilize these deals from day one. Amazon usually requires about 30 days of regular work before its employees are allowed to begin enjoying these discounts.

Amazon has several promotions in place for specific holidays and events. Amazon will also often offer special discounts for purchases made through their service. Sometimes these offers are called “Amazon rewards” and occasionally they can be used towards other items even if the item was not originally sold by Amazon. However, most of the time these offers are only redeemable for products that were shipped from an Amazon fulfillment center

What Is Amazon Extras Program?

Amazon extras are for employees and offer additional benefits beyond the discount other employees receive. The discount applies to Amazon company products. Employees get special savings on mobile phone plans, vacation plans, and home/car insurance.

Another common question from users is whether their friends and family can also make use of our discounts and benefits. As it turns out, if you place orders and buy items on behalf of your friends and family, you get to enjoy the same benefits as them. This is possible because we simply allow you to quote their emails when placing an order – so what better way to help them find good stuff than by letting them do it the easy way?

How Does Amazon Extras Work?

Amazon is a marketplace that many sellers make use of in order to sell their products to Amazon’s hundreds of millions of customers. It’s not a bad idea for employees themselves to purchase from the marketplace too, especially when considering Amazon offers its employees special discounts and deals. Plus, negotiators from the marketplace often bid for exclusive deals on behalf of their buyers with sellers themselves so you can find much better deals than usual.

It’s often difficult to find good deals on everything related to travel as you plan your next getaway, but you can streamline your vacation bookings by joining Tingo! Travel Rewards membership. You can easily get discounts from us when it comes to flight tickets, theme parks, hotel bookings, and vacation packages. For example, we currently have a promotion with for a flight booking via their platform so if you are planning to go away soon these deals may interest you the most. Through our rewards program members can enjoy additional benefits that give them special access to exclusive sales and unique deals on jewelry and clothing like a 10% discount at JCPenny or Groupon offers in every city.


Does Amazon Give Christmas Bonuses?

Yes! Amazon gives out small bonuses to its employees during December. Full-time employees qualify for $300, and part-time employees get $150 as a holiday bonus from the company. It is a one-day celebration that is purely sociable and devoid of work!

Do Amazon Employees Get Paid Weekly?

Amazon has always paid some of its employees biweekly instead of weekly. This was the case until 2020 when COVID-19 took effect. Prior to the passing of this legislation, monthly payments were on offer for part-time employees and biweekly payments for full-time employees. Since it went into practice, COVID-19 has stuck fast so everyone gets paid weekly.

Is It Easy To Get Hired At Amazon?

Well, there’s really no elaborate process when it comes to becoming an Amazon employee. You apply for the job and you go through some basic screening such as a background check and drug test, but after that, you’re good to go! On your first day of work, you’ll leave with two digital orientation packets which will include all the information regarding pay, shifts, deposits, and other necessary documents or web links. As per many Amazon employees, the qualification required to apply for a job at Amazon is not to necessarily have a high school diploma or GED.

Does Amazon Pay Employees To Quit?

Yes, Amazon bought Zappos in 2009 after first adopting their “Pay to Quit” incentive program from other companies. Originally open only to new hires, Amazon eventually kept the controversial offer for their full-timers as well. The deal is basically a ‘signing away official rights’ policy that makes leaving without a given reason almost impossible, so if you’re looking at this as a way to get out of having to ever work for Amazon again then be aware that it doesn’t really exist!


Amazon Prime is a tremendous service that comes with many valuable perks, such as free 2-day shipping, Instant video, and music streaming, Kindle Ebooks, TV shows, and movies. The thing that makes Amazon Prime such an attractive deal for consumers is that there’s no cost to sign up; it’s only $99 per year! However not all Amazon employees receive these benefits. It can be quite a bummer to employees who don’t happen to have this membership because they’re paying full price when everyone else is receiving theirs for free!


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