How much Does Uber Pay? Is It Worth the Time?

Uber Technologies mostly known as Uber is a very renowned ride-sharing service provider based in San Francisco, America. Uber has business operations in 72 countries across the world and you will be surprised to know that there are more than 3.9 million Uber drivers around the world. There are approximately 1 million Uber drivers in the USA.

In the USA, Uber drivers can earn $24.77 per hour in passenger fares. Usually, Uber takes a third of all passenger fares, so that would be $8.33. Then the gas and vehicle maintenance cost is about $4.87 per hour in the USA. So, the actual profit of an Uber driver will be ($24.77-$8.33-$4.87) = $11.57 per hour. Now if you drive 7 hours per day for a year then your yearly income from Uber will be $29561.35.          

Yearly Uber Driver’s Income in the USA According to Top Sources

Source NameYearly Average Income$41,000 per year
Indeed$30,000 per year
Glassdoor$40,000–$100,000 per year
The Rideshare Guy$15–$20 per hour$8–$12 per hour
Gridwise$12–$25 per hour
Bureau of Labor Statistics$34k per year, $16.67 per hour

Company Overview: Uber

Founded in March 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, Uber is the world’s largest ride-sharing platform that connects the driver and the passenger. Where Uber is available, you can easily request a ride using the Uber app. All the nearest drivers will see your request and when a driver accepts your request, you will see the approximate time for the ride to arrive. Uber doesn’t have its own vehicles or drivers. Usually, car owners register their car on Uber and Uber receives a commission from each booking. Uber has more than 118 million monthly active users worldwide.

Key Information of Uber

Company NameUber Technologies, Inc.
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, U.S.
Address1455 Market St. Ste 400 San Francisco, CA 94103
Company TypePublic
Revenues ($B)$6.9 billion (1st Quarter 2022)
Market Value ($B)$44.28

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in 2022?

Well, it is very difficult to give the correct answer to this question because Uber doesn’t have a fixed salary or income structure for the drivers. The actual income of an Uber driver depends on quite a few things. Moreover, there are part-time and full-time drivers on Uber. Then there are base fares, tips, driving location, and other incentives. So, considering all the factors, an Uber driver can make about $15 to $22 per hour (according to Salary.Com.) So if an Uber driver works 30 hours a week then his average annual salary would be around $34,164.

List of 32 Cities in the USA where Uber Drivers Earn the Most

Name of the CityEarnings Per Hour MedianEarnings Per Mile MedianEarnings Per Trip Median
Pittsburgh, PALos Angeles, CADallas, TXPhoenix, AZNew York, NYWashington, DCBoston, MAChicago, ILBaltimore, MDAtlanta, GAMiami, FLAustin, TXDetroit, MINew JerseyHouston, TXPhiladelphia, PABay Area, CASan Jose, CASeattle, WASan Diego, CASan Antonio, TXColumbus, OHIndianapolis, INDenver, COJacksonville, FLCharlotte, NCLas Vegas, NVOklahoma City, OKNashville, TNKansas City, MONew Orleans, LATampa, FL$18.80 $17.07 $15.64 $16.78 $20.96 $17.44 $20.88 $17.84 $15.90 $13.79 $12.69 $17.19 $16.60 $18.41 $14.26 $17.22 $21.21 $21.80 $20.35 $17.15 $12.44 $14.46 $14.69 $19.10 $13.87 $13.57 $15.37 $14.05 $15.52 $16.85 $14.33 $12.55$0.96 $0.87 $0.70 $0.71 $1.10 $0.94 $1.07 $0.98 $0.81 $0.66 $0.69 $0.84 $0.68 $0.91 $0.63 $0.99 $1.06 $1.00 $1.14 $0.79 $0.64 $0.76 $0.66 $0.87 $0.64 $0.62 $0.89 $0.62 $0.77 $0.69 $0.90 $0.63$11.28 $9.84 $10.95 $10.00 $13.33 $10.23 $10.95 $10.78 $9.90 $9.67 $8.67 $10.88 $10.65 $10.50 $10.85 $9.71 $11.67 $11.51 $11.47 $9.39 $9.29 $10.05 $9.29 $11.85 $9.09 $9.31 $8.61 $8.29 $10.00 $11.23 $10.31 $9.01

What Factors Affect the Salary of Uber Drivers

There are quite a few important factors that play a vital role in the total income of an Uber driver. Let’s check them out below!

1. Driving Hours

Uber pays the drivers hourly so, how much you will earn from Uber largely depends on the amount of time you are driving your vehicle. So, the more you will drive your vehicle, the more you will earn from Uber. There are part-time and full-time Uber drivers. So, the income of a full-time Uber driver is greater than a part-time driver. On average, an Uber driver’s per hour profit is around $15.

2. Uber Service

The income of an Uber driver also depends on the type of service they are providing. Uber offers various riding services and among them, UberX, Comfort, and UberXL are the economic services and they charge less for the passengers. On the other hand, Uber Premier is more expensive. So, as an Uber driver if you are providing UberX, or Comfort service then your earnings will be less compared to if you provide Uber Premier Service.

3. City Where you are Driving

Earnings from Uber also depend on what city and region you are driving your vehicle. For example, if you are driving in New York City then your earnings will be higher than if you are driving in the cities like Tampa, FL, New Orleans, LA, etc. In fact, the average earnings of a driver in San Francisco are 30% higher than a driver driving the same hours in Kentucky!

4. Tips from the Customers

This is another key earning factor for Uber drivers. Though not every passenger gives tips but it plays a significant role in the total income of an Uber driver. Moreover, the number of tips provided by a passenger also varies from one city to another. Usually, rich cities have a higher tip percentage compared to other cities.

Uber Service Tiers

Uber has six types of service tiers. They are –

UberXAffordable, everyday rides
UberBLACKHigh-end rides with professional drivers
UberSUVLuxury SUVs for groups of up to 6 people
UberPOOLShared rides with a discounted cost for riders
UberXLRide for groups of up to 6 people
UberTAXILocal taxicabs

FAQs about How much Uber Pay

Does Uber pay for gas?

No, Uber doesn’t pay for gas or vehicle maintenance expenses. The Uber driver has to bear this type of cost.

How much do Uber drivers make in Los Angeles?   

The average earnings of an Uber driver driving in Los Angeles are $42,102. However, the actual earnings range between $35,002 and $51,402.

What percentage does Uber take per trip?

Uber takes 25% of the overall earnings of a trip. However, it excludes the tip that you get from the passengers. So, if you earn $10 from a trip then Uber will take $2.50 as commission.

How many active Uber users are there?

Currently, Uber is the largest ride-sharing platform in the world with more than 93 million active riders around the world (June 2022.)


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