Types Of Communication In Organization


For an organization to function properly, communication plays an important role. Communication establishes relationships among business entities and various groups of employees.

An organization requires buyers, sellers, service providers, clients, prospective buyers to function. And, communication takes place among them and ensures they interact with themselves effortlessly.

Therefore, for an organization to work properly, communication is a very important part.

Types Of Communication: Organization & Communication

Types Of Communication Organization & Communication

Types of communication can be divided into multiple sectors. They are as follows:

1. Area of Operation

2. Relationship

3. Direction

4. Means

Each of these sectors is further divided and sub-divided objective-wise. Let’s find out how further they are divided:

Area Of Operation

1. Internal Communication

Internal Communication is a type of communication, made between the superior(s) and subordinate(s) of an organization. Internal Communication can be formal or informal, written or oral.

Internal Communication may according to Direction as well. It may change directions as per requirement, may course horizontal, upward, or downward.

Oral Communication: the oral means of communication are done via verbal discussion, telephone, intercom, meeting, intercom, conference or seminar speech or etc.

Written Communication: the written means of internal communication include circular, notice, memo, report, bulletin, eMail, fax, chart or graph, etc.

2. External Communication

External communication is made between a business organization and external agencies. The external agencies are referred to as suppliers, customers, banks, investors, insurance companies, government offices, etc.

External Communication can also be made by oral or written means.



1. Formal Communication

Formal Communication takes place in a formal organizational structure. It is designed by the management and managed by the chain of command. Formal Communication establishes superior-subordinate relationships.

For example, formal communication takes place when a Manager asks his Deputy Manager to carry out some task.

Formal Communication is usually expressed in handbooks, annual reports, manuals, etc.

2. Informal Communication

Informal Communication

Informal communication takes place on the basis of informal relations and understanding among the different types of people at different levels. The communication can be held among the members of the same group, or members of different groups.

3. Direction

Vertical Communication

Vertical Communication takes place when information is transmitted from the higher authority to the subordinates, and vice versa.

Vertical Communication Can Be Sub-divided Into Two Aspects:

1. Downward Communication

Downward Communication takes place when the transmission of information flows from the persons in higher positions to those at lower levels.

2. Upward Communication

Upward Communication is exactly the opposite of Downward Communication. It takes place when subordinates of an organization transmit messages to the superior managers of an organization.

3. Horizontal Communication

When two managers or subordinates of an organization maintain communication, it’s called Horizontal Communication.

4. Diagonal Communication

Diagonal Communication takes place among the executives and employees of different departments of an organization.


1. Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication is done through spoken words. It may take place between one person and another group through conferences and meetings.

2. Written Communication

Written Communication is established through the means of a circular, report, manual or letter.

3. Gestural Communication

Gestural communication takes place through facial expression, modulation of voice, handshakes, smile, eye-to-eye contact, etc.

Bottom Line

In order for an organization to function properly, the means of communication is vital. This article will offer a concise understanding of various types of communication.


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