Walmart Point System Chart (All You Need To Know!)

Walmart Point System Chart

Walmart’s point system chart is a system Walmart has put in place as a part of its employee attendance policy. The idea is to ensure a system guiding employee attendance records. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Walmart point system chart ensures that employees are always on time for their shifts
  • According to the Walmart point system, employees get fired if they get up to 5 tardy points within six months
  • As a Walmart employee, you will get ½ point if you are 15 minutes – 2 hours late for a shift
  • If you are late for up to half of the scheduled shift then you will get 1 point
  • If you don’t show up for an entire shift then you will get 2 points

How To Report An Absence in Walmart

Understandably, situations or cases might make people absent from work. And a Walmart associate might find themselves in such a situation and would want to report an absence. 

Therefore, some ways to report an absence at Walmart include:

1. Through Calls: A Walmart associate can report an absence by calling the Walmart Associate Information Line at 1-800-775-5944. Every employee understands that this line is there to help connect them to customer care agents. And these agents will help to ensure that their reports are properly documented. So, if an associate ever has a cause to miss work, it would be appropriate to call this number and make a formal report. It is also important to call this number even if you are late for your shift. Else, you stand the risk of getting deduction points. 

2. By Speaking To The Manager: Every Walmart store has a store manager, and all store employees have to report to that manager. So, if you would ever need to be absent from work, your store manager is the right person to talk to about the situation. It would be out of place to go to someone of lesser authority to report an absence when there is a store manager. We also urge that you are friendly with your store manager and have the person’s number as it would come in handy in an emergency when you cannot report an absence before the said day. For example, you might have to call your store manager if you have to rush a family member to the hospital. 

3. Through The Website: We love that Walmart gives its associates various options when it concerns reporting an absence. And, allow us to tell you that you can report an absence through the OneWalmart website ( It is a website that serves as a support system for all Walmart associates, and they can also report an absence through this website. Once you go on the website, you will see different sections, and the section for reporting an absence is under ‘My Time Tools.’ Other options under that section include the GTA Time Clock and Electronic Time Adjustments (ETA). All these are aimed at easing the working life of all employees.  

Times When Absences Are Not Counted 

There are some cases where a Walmart employee can be absent from work without counting against the person. Some of such unique cases include:

1. FMLA: FMLA stands for Family and Medical Leave Act, and it is one of the ways employees are protected from and allowed to be absent from work at Walmart. So, if a person takes an FMLA leave, you can be sure that it is a serious event, and no absence will be counted for the person. Sadly, people do not follow due procedures to take this leave even when they have to attend to serious cases. Instead, they believe that a word-of-mouth explanation will suffice, which usually doesn’t work out. Thus, if you want to be absent at Walmart without incurring absences, you should follow due procedures in taking an FMLA leave.

2. Pregnancy: Some people might argue that this situation would only work out for women. However, it comes in handy when a pregnant woman can be absent from work without worrying about absences. We see that it gives these women peace of mind as they can attend to their children without worrying about work. And, they can also be sure of still having their job when they are done with their maternity leave. So, we can say that pregnant women are one of the lucky ones who can get away with being absent from work at Walmart as they have adequate backing to get them away from complex situations.

3. Bereaved: If a Walmart employee is involved in a sad situation like losing a close relative, you can be sure that such a person can be absent from work without getting deduction points. In such a case, the employee must ensure proper communication with their store manager to inform them of the situation. However, if the employee does not report the situation, no one will be aware. And if the employee stays away from work without formal information, there would be dire consequences. Therefore, it is best to inform your store manager when you are bereaved to avoid such a situation.  

4. Medical Conditions: If a Walmart employee is involved in any medical condition, such a person can also get away with being absent from work without earning deduction points. For example, an employee woke up feeling feverish and was rushed to the hospital. Of course, it would be impossible for such a person to make it still to work that day. In addition, the physician also decides to keep this employee for observation for some days. Therefore, you can be sure that the employee will be absent for some days. However, the employee will not get deduction points since they were away due to medical conditions.

Benefits Of Having A Clean Attendance Sheet 

Benefits Of Having A Clean Attendance Sheet 

Interestingly, we see that Walmart also concerns itself with the welfare of its workers. Therefore, it would be wrong to think that Walmart only deducts points and gives punishments to workers when they are late and has no rewards for those who constantly show up for their shifts. 

As a Walmart employee, you would notice that those who have a clean attendance record get rewarded for it. If you have always been showing up at the right time for your shifts and have never missed anyone, you would get increased bonuses and incentives. 

These bonuses and incentives serve to motivate employees to stick to having a clean attendance record. 

What Happens IF One Gets Absence Points? 

It would not be shocking if you are curious to know what happens when one gets absence points at Walmart. So, allow us to tell you the different steps and stages that occur:

1. Verbal Communication: The first step that occurs when a person misses work or shows up late for their shift is a verbal communication warning. Here, the store manager might call the person to talk about why they were late or missed work. Then, through verbal communication, the person might get a warning and be cautioned to refrain from such actions.  

2. Written Communication: If such a person defaults again, the person will be given a written warning in addition to the deduction points. At this stage, you can see that the store manager gets more serious as the manager might feel that the person did not take the initial verbal warning seriously, so they have to result to writing.   

3. Final Written Communication: It is believed that defaulters would get the message after a written communication warning, and one would expect that they wouldn’t earn deduction points again. Sadly, we see that some people still default and get to the third stage. Here, such a person will get a final written communication cautioning them against their actions. 

4. Termination: Walmart usually hopes that it doesn’t get to this stage. Getting to this stage means that the defaulter has gotten up to 5 points and kept flaunting the initial warnings. In such a case, Walmart would have no choice but to terminate the appointment of such an association as it does against the company’s attendance policy.  


Some of the frequently asked questions about the Walmart point system chart include:

How Many Points Do You Need To Be Fired At Walmart?

A Walmart associate gets fired once they have incurred up to five absence points, especially if they have worked less than five years. 

How Many Hours Do You Have To Work To Only Get Half A Point At Walmart?

A Walmart associate will get half a point for arriving at work 15 minutes to 2 hours later than the start of the shift. 

Do You Get Points For Calling In Sick At Walmart?

No, you will not get points for calling in sick at Walmart. However, it shouldn’t be after the shift has started.


The Walmart point system chart is Walmart’s guide to discipline its employees against tardiness and lateness. 


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