How To Become A Marketing Manager – Career Info & Requirements

Marketing manager

Key Takeaways

  • According to Forbes, Marketing Manager is the highest-paying job for people with socializing skills
  • A Marketing Manager can enjoy up to 48.8% high earnings growth potential than other professionals
  • As a marketing manager, you have to negotiate, persuade, lead a team, coordinate efforts and maximize the profits of your business
  • In order to become a marketing manager you must have a Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree for more qualification

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Deciding to become a Marketing Manager is a vital move for anyone’s career. People can enter the marketing field from various careers and professions and at various phases of their lives. Everyone has different reasons why they chose the Marketing Manager occupation.

But, one question that definitely comes when looking to enter the marketing sector: “How can I become a Marketing Manager?”

Being a Marketing Manager for almost a decade, many novices at my firm frequently ask me how can they lead a successful career in marketing management. I’ve watched closely how my superiors managed. I learned skills, earned degrees, and made choices that proved fruitful for myself and my firm.

Being a Marketing Manager offers an exclusive opportunity to work with people from different walks of life. You’ll negotiate, persuade, instruct others, lead a team, coordinate efforts and maximize the profits of your business.

So, how can you pursue a career in marketing management, to begin with?

In this article, I discussed valuable information step-by-step on becoming a successful Marketing Manager.

Article At A Glance

1. What Is a Marketing Manager?

2. What Will You Be Doing as a Marketing Manager?

3. An Overview of How to Enter Marketing Management Sector

How To Become A Marketing Manager: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Become A Marketing Manager

Step #1: Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree

Step #2: Get Qualified

Step #3: Develop Your Career Strategy

Step #4: Gain Work Experience

Step #5: Develop & Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Key Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

Let’s cover each of these topics in detail:

What Is A Marketing Manager?

A Marketing Manager is a professional who manages the activities performed to increase the sales of products, services, or ideas. He/she also has to supervise promotional activities performed to enhance the appeal of such products, services, or ideas.

What Will You Be Doing As A Marketing Manager?

As a Marketing Manager, you’ll have to determine what your consumers need or prefer. You’ll have to take measures to create a demand for your products as well. As a Marketing Manager, you’ll be involved in activities intended to maintain your customer base. A Marketing Manager may also have to handle certain activities, such as product development, packaging, pricing, advertising, and distribution.

An Overview Of How To Enter Marketing Management

Take a look at the following chart describing how to enter this field and important information:

Degree RequiredBachelor’s degree, master’s degree for more qualification
Typical Entry-Level EducationBachelor’s degree
Education Field of StudyAdvertising, business administration, marketing
Main RolesManage promotional activities, supervise activities used to enhance sales, determine customers’ needs, create a market for products and services
2016 Median Pay*$127,560 per year


$61,33 per hour

Number of Jobs, 2014*225,200
Job Growth, 2014-24*9%

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor

How To Become A Marketing Manager: Step-By-Step Guide

To be eligible to become a Marketing Manager, there are a couple of degrees, qualities you need to have. Here’s the Step-by-Step guide covering a typical notice’s journey to becoming a Marketing Manager:

Step #1 — Graduate With A Bachelor’s Degree

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers prefer hiring a person in a marketing management role who has at least earned a Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, you’ll need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to pursue a career in marketing management.

Here are the initiatives you have to take to earn a bachelor’s degree for the Marketing Manager position:

 bachelors degree for the Marketing Manager position

1. Consider Taking Relevant High School Courses – if you think becoming a Marketing Manager is the right correct career choice for you, you’d better start as early as possible. You should consider taking courses concerning economics, statistics, finance, computer science, accounting, etc. right from the high school level.

2. Pursue College Programs – look for accredited colleges and universities with business degrees or business administration and enroll yourself in a reputable one. Prepare pros and cons list of the colleges you’re going to apply to. Make sure your college offers a hands-on internship program.

3. Join Interest Clubs and Build a Network – many larger schools offer interest-based clubs for students to join. Joining an interest club or attending seminars can be an excellent way to create connections. With such connections, you’ll be able to build a network that will come effective in more ways than you can imagine.

Checklist For Step #1

1. Taking courses relative to Marketing Management

2. Applying to college programs

3. Joining career-focused clubs that could look great on a résumé

4. Getting an internship concerning sales, marketing, or business administration

Step #2 — Get Qualified

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, you may acquire a master’s degree as well. Some employers may require a Marketing Manager with a master’s degree. Or professional degree. If you don’t have a master’s or professional degree, you should have a lot of hands-on experience. A tough economy usually sways to people with more experience or more degrees.

Checklist For Step #2

1. Taking additional courses to boost chances of employment

2. Searching online for professional degrees that focus on business administration, marketing or business management

Step #3 — Develop Your Career Strategy

One of the great things about being a Marketing Manager is that you will have a lot of career options to choose from. Your personal interests, your ultimate career goals, and your talents will determine which career option you’ll choose.

Some Career Options Regarding Marketing Management May Include:

1. Market Research and Analysis

2. Brand management

3. Sales and marketing

4. Advertising and promotion

5. Retail marketing

6. Pharmaceutical marketing

7. Marketing consultant

8. Consumer analysis

High-tech marketing (promotion and sales of tech products like software, laptops, desktops, system devices)

Research Potential Firms And Employers In Your Niche

As you can see from the list above, there are many career paths you can take as a Marketing Manager. No matter what career path you choose, there will be companies and employers trying to recruit freshers like you. You may like to build your career with a certain company. So, researching what it usually looks for in a candidate will come highly effective. Reviewing its previous job circulars is a good idea.

Step #4 — Gain Work Experience

As I said above, there will be a multitude of career paths available for you if you choose to become a Marketing Manager. You could start working for any industry that concerns the sales of products, services, or ideas. You may find employment opportunities with firms that deliver marketing services to numerous clients.

Who May Hire You?

1. Advertising, public relations, and other related firms recruit the majority of Marketing Managers.

2. Information Technology (IT), retail and wholesale trade also hire Marketing Managers.

3. Managing companies and enterprises always need highly qualified Marketing Managers.

4. A marketing department of an organization that sells its own goods may hire you.

5. Entertainment, food, and beverage, apparel, healthcare, technology, and hospitality are a few of the industries that are always in need of Marketing Managers.

Step #5 — Develop & Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Working as a Marketing Manager, you’ll be required to perform multiple tasks. No matter what you’re tasked with, make sure you deliver your best. Your employer may ask you to develop a strategic marketing plan. You should develop on that can motivate your employees, maximize your company’s profits and guide the company down a clear path to success. Your marketing plan should also detail how to implement your marketing strategy.

A strong, realistic, and effective marketing strategy should:

1. Assess the company or client’s state in terms of finance and resources.

2. Formulate business plans according to the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

3. Outline marketing objectives and a clear target market/customers.

4. Layout pricing strategy, product message, and required communication methods and channels.

5. Determine limitations (budget/resource limitations) and formulate ways to overcome them.

Key Responsibilities Of A Marketing Manager

There are some important responsibilities a Marketing Manager is required to perform:

1. A Marketing Manager is responsible for laying out initiatives for the marketing team in achieving targeted sales or service.

2. A Marketing Manager may be responsible for managing the training of newcomers, communication, coaching, and mentoring team members.

3. A Marketing Manager has to determine price strategies and discount rates.

4. Preparing budgets and getting budget expenditures approved is a prime responsibility of a Marketing Manager.

5. A Marketing Manager consults with department heads on leading a successful marketing campaign.

6. He/she must develop a strategy on how the firm can maximize profits.

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A Marketing Manager is an essential part of a successful firm. Since Marketing Managers create strategies that help companies reach their sales objectives, this occupation is an important one. Various businesses, companies, and industries always require skilled Marketing Managers. If you’re thinking of becoming a successful Marketing Manager, make sure you follow this guide.


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