Top School Of Tourism And Hospitality Management In The US

Wondering which hospitality college you should enroll in?

Are you looking to build a successful career in the hospitality business?

The sector of hospitality is massive and constantly opens a new door of opportunities, prosperity, and growth. If you have made a career choice that you now regret making, you at least won’t regret choosing a career in the hospitality and management business.

To land your dream job with a handsome salary in the field of hospitality, there’s no alternative to graduating as qualified, skilled, and professional. And, great hospitality management schools can help you become so and achieve your dream job.

In this article, I compiled the list of such schools scattered across the US that excel in delivering high-quality, professional, and world-class hospitality education.

Hospitality and Management

Article at a Glance

1. Why You Should Choose a Career in the Hospitality Business

2. Top 10 Hospitality Colleges in the US

Let’s cover each of these topics in-depth:

Why You Should Choose a Career in the Field of Hospitality

Here are the top benefits of being a hospitality degree holder:

1. A graduate with a hospitality degree finds plenty of opportunities ahead of them. He/she is likely to land in high-paying and exciting careers.

2. Gone are the days when a hospitality degree holder was thought to be capable of working only in hotels and restaurants. Now a graduate finds opportunities to build a strong career in casinos, cruise lines, theme parks, resorts, professional sports teams, and more!

3. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the travel and tourism industry is expected to yield $10 trillion and 328 million jobs worldwide by 2022.

So, if you’re pessimistic about your current career, then choose one in the hospitality business to seal your future.

4. US Department of Labor projects that employment for the convention, event, and meeting planners will grow 33% from 2012 to 2022.

With all this growth, the demand for fresh, well-qualified candidates is always on the rise. And, hospitality employers are also always on their toes to swoop in and bag skilled candidates as well!

Top 10 Hospitality Colleges In The USA

Hospitality Colleges In The USA

An institution plays a vital role in graduating skilled and professional candidates. Before you start spending your education money, have you checked whether the institution you’re trying to enroll in is able to make you skilled and qualified?

For your information, here’s the list of the top 10 hospitality management schools in the US:

1. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), School of Hotel Administration – it’s one of the first schools in the world founded with the mission to deliver professional Hospitality degrees. Cornell is also the US’ first university to offer a hotel management program. Cornell University School of Hotel Administration offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Hotel Administration. The program encompasses all the aspects of hotel management.

Quick Facts On Cornell University

1. Offers Bachelor’s to Ph.D. level education

2. 60 full-time faculty rear students through all aspects of hotel management

3. Hands-on experience and application of concepts are delivered through the on-campus Statler Hotel

4. Engaging facilities on campus include standard classrooms, interview rooms, and a food laboratory

2. Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI), the School of Hospitality Business – the university’s School of Business and Hospitality was founded in 1927. And, now the department has developed into a unique and innovative pioneer in hospitality education. The Kellogg Center of the University offers innovative training experiences for the students.

Quick Facts On Michigan State University

Quick Facts On Michigan State University

1. Class size houses no more than 800 students, thus ample opportunity for individual attention and personalized career choices

2. Offers a study abroad program

3. University of Nevada (Las Vegas) – the University is located in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is home to about 150,000 hotel rooms. The BS in Hotel Administration program caters to several majors, focusing on hospitality management. Students who want to study hospitality have to study a variety of subjects, including hospitality law and operation analysis and purchasing.

Quick Facts On University of Nevada

1. com lists the University of Nevada as one of the top 200 colleges in the Western region

2. Students majoring in Lodging and Resort Management concentrate on front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house hotel skills and human resources management

4. University of Houston (Houston, TX), Conrad N. Hilton College – what’s so extraordinary about the Hilton is that it’s home to the world’s largest Hospitality Industry Archives. The college also contains an innovative unique wine laboratory, a fully functional teaching Hotel with 86 spacious rooms, 7 meeting rooms, 3 ballrooms, and a banqueting hall.

Quick Facts On Conrad N. Hilton College

1. Students participate in a project called Gourmet Night in which all respects of hospitality are put to the test

2. Students on Gourmet Night manage events, including banquet, a reception, silent auction, and entertainment

3. Over 80% of graduates find employment upon or even before graduating

5. University of Wisconsin (Menomonie, WI), Stout School of Hospitality Leadership – Wisconsin Polytechnic University has an amazing 124-acre campus. And, within the campus, one can find the school of hospitality leadership. You’ll learn important attributes, such as service, leadership, and professionalism. They are key.

Quick Facts On Stout School Of Leadership

1. The school offers two unique bases for hands-on experience. They are: III-Cedar Cafe and the Rendezvous Restaurant

2. The Rendezvous Restaurant is a laboratory too, which is the school’s concern for Restaurant Operations Management classes.

3. 90% of students at the school find employment even before completing their degree

6. University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL), College of Human Environmental Sciences – students studying at the school receive a blend of a liberal arts degree and a professional application through all of the school’s departments. The school offers master’s, bachelor’s, and Ph.D. level education. Besides such diverse sets of degrees, students also enjoy distance learning options.

Quick Facts On College Of Human Environmental Sciences

1. The Hospitality Management degree of the college focuses strongly on food and nutrition

2. Experienced faculties in the field deliver hands-on learning to the students

7. Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA), School of Hospitality Management – the university’s School of Hospitality and Management has been delivering high-quality hospitality education for over 75 years. Students are put to a minimum of 1,000 hours of hands-on experience along with their academic credits. The stern curricula of Penn State’s program make it both compelling and appealing to many.

Quick Facts On School Of Hospitality Management

1. The Laura Cafe takes students through the real experience of managing a restaurant, knowledge of food preparation

2. Students learn how to deliver the best customer satisfaction

8. Washington State University (Pullman, WA), School of Hospitality Business Management the school has sophisticated internship programs for granting students relevant experiences to become solid candidates. If you wish to major in Hospitality, you’ll have to complete 1,000 work hours within the field. It offers several studies abroad programs for students who wish to travel to Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, and South Korea.

Quick Facts On The School

1. The school kicked off its new program called Wine Management degree

2. 2 career fairs called the Burtenshaw Hospitality Career Night and the Hospitality Career Previews are held each year

9. University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL), Rosen College of Hospitality Management – the campus is located in the center of Orlando, which is one of the most visited places in the US. The college boasts a 159,000-square-foot, Mediterranean resort-style campus. It is committed to delivering knowledge and skillsets needed for Hospitality management.

Quick Facts On Rosen College of Hospitality

1. The school has two teaching kitchens, a beer, and wine laboratory, and a 200-seat dining room and bar

2. Founded in 2004, the college is already among the best

10. Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK), School of Hotel & Restaurant Administration – the school has two teaching restaurants to offer hands-on experience and skills required to be skilled candidates. Students have to participate in a minimum of 800 hours of hands-on experience.

Quick Facts On School Of Hotel & Restaurant Administration

1. Students receive hands-on and real-life instructions in the historical Atherton Hotel

2. Four events are hosted annually featuring globally acclaimed chefs

3. Students can increase their learning experience through the university’s European partner in Switzerland

Bottom Line – with much growth and changes heralded by the tourism industry across, now’s the good time to be in the hospitality business. The need for well-qualified candidates is constantly becoming intense.

So, if you want to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, then you’re making the correct decision. But, make sure your decision regarding the school is the correct one. In this article, I listed the top 10 Hospitality and Management schools in the US. So, it won’t be hard for you.


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