Marketing Automation Manager Salary in the USA

Marketing Automation Manager Salary

Marketing Automation Manager Salary in the US Country

  • On average, a Marketing Automation Manager in the United States makes approximately $73,000 yearly.
  • The salary of a Marketing Automation Manager ranges from $48,610 to $95,643 annually.
  • A Marketing Automation Manager is paid approximately $33.50 per hour.
  • The added bonuses could be between $251.68 and $10,161.
  • Total payment received by the average Marketing Automation Manager ranges from $49,957 to $98,245.
  • A Market Automation Manager makes 35% more than a traditional marketer.

The Internet continues to dominate every style of our living. With everything going online, our lives are changing and they are changing for the better. We are now living in a fast-paced world where speed determines your efficiency.

If you ever wondered what would be like living in the future, you’re already witnessing how it would unfold.

Like everything that’s being redefined due to technological advancement, the marketing department is also getting a facelift. Marketing is no longer limited to TV or press. Marketing is now almost Web-centric.

Whether you’re a small to mid-range business or a large enterprise corporation, marketing automation keeps your company afloat in the digital age. A significant rise in marketing automation is observed among B2C and B2B organizations over the past of a couple of years.

A survey conducted by ResearchCorp finds that 53% of the B2B organizations and 43% of B2C and B2B and B2C combined organization’s integrated marketing automation to their companies.

How can Marketing Automation help your organization?

Marketing automation not only helps you get ahead in the competition but also optimizes your resources to realize your organization’s full potential. Automating every layer of the marketing funnel can introduce growth, speed, and productivity to your company.

However, just because you’re automating your marketing campaign, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t need a qualified team for management. An effective team will direct your company to the right path and manage your marketing automation campaign.

At the crux of a successful marketing team lies a Marketing Automation Manager who is able to lead, manage and help your company grasp its full potential.

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Who is a Marketing Automation Manager?

A Marketing Automation Manager is a leader, a mentor — someone who administers a company’s marketing campaigns. He/she will analyze every section of a marketing campaign from lead generation to lead scoring and recognize sectors that need improvement.

A Marketing Automation Manager also possesses the ability to handle customer relationship management software, such as Marketo, Salesforce, and Eloqua. He/she will also be able to handle web development and digital design tasks.

Marketing Automation Manager Jobs

With the advent of inbound marketing, B2B and B2C organizations constantly need a large number of Marketing Automation Managers every year. They recognize that marketing automation plays a very important part in an organization’s overall marketing success.

Reputed companies and firms like JPMorgan Chase, Reach Marketing, the Farmer’s Dog regularly recruits new Marketing Automation Managers to lead their marketing automation function. As a result, a new scope of marketing specialists has been created.

What do companies look for in a Marketing Automation Manager?

Companies and firms hire Marketing Automation Managers to manage their Marketing Automation Campaigns. They seek a Manager who has robust experience in building, analyzing, launching and optimizing Marketing Automation Campaigns.

Companies and firms usually seek professionals who have both technology and marketing savvy. They want someone who is capable of turning business goals into successful multi-channel ventures.

What are the Roles of a Marketing Automation Manager?

As a Marketing Automation Manager, you will need to understand the target audience’s needs across the entire marketing funnel — from awareness to advocacy. You need to value your buyers’ experience more than most.

You will generate leads, nurture them through emails, social media, and content. You will observe a customer’s journey using marketing automation tools. You will build a relationship with your customer and maintain the relationship.

You will manage an automated customer’s journey. You will have to work closely with content marketers to determine content suitable for attracting and retaining customers. A Marketing Automation Manager is required to develop strategies for email and marketing automation programs.

Finally, you will develop updated reports of the current state of the company, and deliver proper consultation and education to the company’s marketing and business partners.

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