project management communication plan

What is Communication Plan in Project Management?

A communications plan, in project management, will guide the messages to a project’s affected stakeholders is a critical part of any project. When working on specific projects, a project communications plan is important to ensure that you meet the milestones essential to attain the goal. The communications planning procedure concerns define who should be given … Read more

Management Interview Questions

Must Know Management Interview Questions for Managers

An interview for a project management or team leader positions will remain some questions about your experience, management style, what you have executed in the past and what your expectations are for the future. Below we have made a list of some commonly asked job interview questions and answers that specifically play a role in … Read more

Best Event Management Colleges in India

Best Event Management Colleges in India

Anyone who wants to explore a career in event management must have many qualities like leadership qualities, public relationship skills, risk management skills, budgeting skills and much more. In India, there are a thriving number of universities and MBA colleges which offer courses in event management, including diplomas and graduate degrees. If you are thinking … Read more

Top ten hotel management institute in the world

Top Ten Hotel Management Institute in the World

Are you looking for the best hotel management institute for yourself but are distracted on which would be the best option for you? In today’s world, Hotel Management has become one of the best career options that can be opted after 12th. The hospitality industry has grown at an exponential rate in the last few … Read more

What make a good hotel manager

What Makes a Good Hotel Manager?

The secret of a large, luxurious and successful hotel lies in its manager! Hotel managers work often tirelessly to solve problems and sustain smooth-running establishments and keep their customers coming back. According to wearehoteliers, it may take up to twenty years to become a successful hotel Manager. A good manager has a vision for moving … Read more